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Victoria Jackson (née Randall)
Biographical Information
Full nameVictoria Nicole Jackson (née Randall)
BornMay 12th 1916
BirthplaceLondon, England
ResidenceOttery St. Catchpole, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts (1930-1934)
Physical Information
Family Information
SpouseRiley Jackson
ParentsMark Randall (father) and Sylvia Mayer (mother)
SiblingsChristian Randall
Magical Characteristics
Wand12", rosewood wood, phoenix tail feather core
OccupationAuror, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Ministry of Magic
Former Occupation(s)Private Investigator / Business Owner, Baroness Investigations, Hogsmeade


There is a muggle expression that says: an apple does not fall far from its tree. That is indeed the case with Victoria 'Vicky' Nicole Randall. In this case, she has fallen quite close to the tree that is her mother. But let us start with the beginning of the story.

Sylvia Mayer was studying at Durmstrang when she was forced to transfer to Hogwarts, due to a issue with one of the staff members of the illustrious institution of magical education. To be more precise, the girl had flat out accused her Conjuring/Summoning professor of favoritism towards a few select students. Being non-too-subtle and all verbal in her approach, Sylvia was more than happy to leave the school where she felt that she wouldn't be able to achieve her goal to be an excellent witch.

At Hogwarts, she was all ambitious and eager to prove herself quite quickly. The red-haired girl was on the professors' list, but not just as a student to watch grade-wise, but also as a troublemaker. She was getting herself into detentions quite often, mostly due to the fact that she couldn't stand being put down since she was a girl and an outsider. Her verbal skills and fists were her response weapons.

But she also caught the attention of a soft-spoken young man from Hufflepuff. Despite the obvious difference between the two (except blood-wise, both being purebloods), slowly but surely, a relationship began to develop between the two. Mark Randall was two years older than Sylvia, but that wasn't stopping her from giving him a jab or two whenever he was stepping on her toes. From a rather feisty friendship, it evolved to snog-based relationship. After Mark graduated, the two kept in touch and, as soon as Sylvia graduated in 1905, he proposed to her. She accepted, but the wedding was made about 2 years later, at her request not to go overly quickly.

The same request applied to kids as well. Sylvia wanted to get some sort of a career starting first. After more studies in London, she got into the Ministry of Magic, Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, while Mark worked in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Starting in a low position, she began advancing through the ranks rapidly, mostly thanks to her ambition and very good Charms and Conjuring/Summoning skills.

After becoming the Head of a Reversal Squad, Sylvia finally gave in to her husband's requests and, in the fall of 1912, she got pregnant for the first time. On June 3rd, 1913, a baby boy was born in the Randall household: Christian Zachary.

Almost 3 years later, the same scenario occurred, with the birth of Victoria Nicole (or Vicky for short) on May 12th, 1916. One would think Sylvia would've started to take it easier on the job, in order to raise her two children properly. However, due to her ambition to keep a steady level of performance at work, that responsibility got dropped in Mark's lap. Much to his disappointment. Many arguments ensued but without a change in what was going on in the Randall home. He was still the one spending more time with the kids, who didn't quite understand what was going on between their parents.

As it was expected from two pureblooded children, as they grew up, they became interested in magic. And various accidents started happening around the house, especially due to Vicky being rather klutzy or overly curious about the magical items in the house. Christian was taking the blame on himself most of the time but, when their mother was admonishing a bit too much, his sister would jump in and take the blame back on herself, sometimes shouting rather loudly. Like said above ... an apple does not fall far from its tree.

As she grew older, Vicky started to be curious, at first, and then quite interested to learn about Potions, being rather fascinated about the large variety of uses that they had. Therefore her father took it upon himself to teach her how to make a few easy concoctions. Her mother, on the other hand, insisted on trying to get her kids to work with the wand. However, while Christian was starting to slowly get the hang of it, Vicky preferred to stay with her potions. One day, her mother got overly impatient with her daughter and the two got into an argument. At one point, Vicky swiped the wand that her mother was gesturing in her face and made a rather snappy gesture to the side, blowing up a plate on the table next to her. Surprised and upset, the girl dropped the wand and took off, refusing to touch a wand for a long while.

Sylvia's problems with the kids and the issues between the two Randalls made Mark's patience reach the limit one day and he spilled in his wife's face something he had been hiding for years: that a few months that after Christian was born, facing the fact that Sylvia was letting him pretty much do all the work taking care of a newborn, he had a brief affair. And that there was a result of the said affair: a child. The entire discussion took place away from the kids' ears, who were spending the day with their aunt Josephine.

A few days later, Sylvia filed for divorce and left Mark to handle their two kids. Not that it had been any different while she had been his wife.

Christian and Vicky were upset of the turn of events but their father didn't reveal to them the real reason for which their mother had left them. He had merely told them that they had had a fight and she had decided it was for the best to live separate lives from that point forward. It took the two kids about 6 months to get over the fact that they only had one parent now with them. Their father spent countless hours with them, trying to make the situation as easy as possible.

At the same time, he continued to teach them about magic, each with their own preferences: Christian with the wand and Vicky with the potions. When the boy reached the age at which he could go to Hogwarts, Christian decided that he would rather be homeschooled than go to the school where their parents had gone to. He had said to his father that perhaps avoiding Hogwarts would stop him from remembering the chaos that their childhood had been until that point. Mark did not interfere with his son's decision, wanting to let him make his own choices. The same happened with Vicky, who also preferred to be homeschooled with her brother.

Slowly but surely, Vicky turned into a pretty young lady. At least, some of the boys in the neighborhood thought so. Unfortunately, she wasn't the smiling or the talking type, which was probably why she didn't have many friends. Her blonde hair was coming down to her shoulders and she had a slender built. Her blue eyes were rather cold most of the time. Especially after going through the emotional turmoil of seeing her mother leave. The only people that managed to pull any words off her were the tutors and some of her family members. That was pretty much it.

Despite her chilly demeanor, she did develop though a liking for a sport: Quidditch. Mostly the beater position, which she felt to be suitable for her, because she had quite a powerful swing. One couldn't really imagine that kind of power from such a slender-looking girl. She wasn't saying it but it was the emotional issues that were pretty much fueling her arms when hitting a practice bludger. Perhaps her mother had done something right, without even knowing.

As said above, Mark had let his kids to decide about their education and deal with the decision when choosing to be homeschooled. However that approach came to a sudden halt when he chose to send Vicky to Hogwarts in the summer of 1930, just as she was about to turn 14. He justified his choice through the fact that she deserved better education than the one she was getting at home. Vicky protested in a loud manner, as it was usually the case, however her father did not give way. Even Christian thought that it was a good decision and, more listening to her brother than to her father, the girl accepted to go to Hogwarts.

Vicky graduated in 1934 and, to complete a couple of years of preparations during school, she started off a private detective agency in Hogsmeade on Lakeside Walk, an agency named Baroness Investigations. The agency opened on October 2nd 1934 and she is already off to work, solving cases left and right, while also performing Krav Maga training in Israel. Her current residence is actually in London, sharing a house with two of her best friends and former classmates, Penelope Wynovain and Naomi Lombardi.

And she is also looking for love from an intriguing handsome Texan. Maybe the third time is the charm? Well, it certainly was ... Vicky and Riley (that's the name of the Texan man) clicked off slowly but surely and, after a long while of fidgeting back and forth, they moved in together after purchasing a house at Ottery St. Catchpole. There was drama when he got called into the Merlin Order of Defense (wizarding army), despite Vicky's very loud protests. But he returned safe and sound and now there are plans of making things official ... If you know what I mean. While Vicky decided to close her business and become an Auror.

And then ... she got married. Three guesses who the lucky man is.

So ... what will happen next? Only time will tell.