Tallulah Sloe

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Tallulah Sloe
Biographical Information
Full nameTallulah Belle Sloe
Born2 September 1934
BirthplaceSan Francisco, California, USA.
ResidenceCheltenham, England.
Blood StatusHalfblood
Title(s)Prefect, 1952-53; Head Girl, 1953-54
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsLola Sloe and Neil Carroll
SiblingsStella Carroll (half sister), Finn Carroll (half brother)
Magical Characteristics
WandHazel, 11 inches, unicorn hair core, pliant.



a book about tallulah belle sloe

starring: tallulah Belle sloe


My name is Tallulah Belle Sloe...except for when it's not. Here are some times when it isn't.

When I am at my mom's, my name is LULA. Her name is LOLA. Sometimes it gets confusing!!!! Maybe it was silly to make our names so the same, but Mom is basically the boss, so what she says GOES!!! She lives in San Fransisco, in California, in the U. S. of A. I used to live there, also. When I did, I had a baby sitter called Coral. Coral called me LULABELLE. Lulabelle is a name of a cow. I am not a cow!

(I'd be a pretty good cow, though!)

ANYWAY, I moved away because I don't know I guess those were some dumb names or something.


When I am at my dad's house, my name is TULA. His name is Neil. His wife's name is not Lola. I don't think they like the name Lola, so I changed the L to a T, because that's easy and sounds more different. I have a half sister and a half brother. Their names are Stella and Finn. They are younger than me by a lot. I guess Dad had to think about it for a while after I came into the world! When Stella and Finn were smaller, they had a lot of names for me like LULU and TULU. But those are circus girl names. I am not a circus girl! Now they just call me TULA, too, but it sounds more like TWO-LAH because they and Dad and Not Mom all live in Cheltenham (and I do too now) and they have silly accents. I don't. I guess I stick out like a sore thumb!

At least no one thinks my name is SORE THUMB!

When I am by myself, my name is TALLULAH. OR sometimes I think of different names I could have. Like Jezebel. OR Marzipan. But mostly I am JUST TALLULAH, and the other names don't matter. And that's ok. And I'm ok.

the END!!!

Praise for Tallulah, Summer 1946

"Nope, she wasn't doing this again. Not unless she came with Lulah. At least she was brave (or just plain stupid)."

-Emerson Vartan

"To be fair, he wasn't too worried about Lula's outgrowing his. Lula's flower looked almost dead and sometimes Julian secretly watered it because he pitied it."

-Julian Vartan

"At least the girl had stopped talking, vibrating silently as she watched him with the unblinking eyes of a bushbaby. He decided to do what she said, if only because he was hungry and hopeful that if he did, she'd stay silent."

-Ignatius Mallory

"Effy swallowed, and sat up a little straighter, folding her hands in her lap. She looked sidelong at Tallulah (who was grinning maniacally, for some unknown but probably dire reason) and bit her lip, repeating the same mantra over and over again in her mind:

Please don't embarrass me, please don't embarrass me, please don't embarrass me..."

-Euphemia Vane

Praise for Tallulah, Year One [1946-47]

"Tallulah Sloe was a fast talking tornado of enthusiasm, and he couldn't remember when he'd agreed to come with her, but he'd suddenly found himself taking a detour."

-Ignatius Mallory

Praise for Tallulah, Year Two [1947-48]

"Tallulah Sloe was familiar; Tallulah Sloe was raucous noise, and sudden movement, and the way Effy's clenched jaw felt after five minutes spent in the other girl's presence.

Tallulah Sloe was red.

Except she wasn't any of those things right now, and it scared Effy."

-Euphemia Vane

"Tallulah Sloe, whose reputation preceded her like a carnival procession, was decidedly one such roulette wheel. One thing was guaranteed with Miss Tallulah, and that was absolutely nothing. She was all surprises, a wildcard, a 'free spirit.'"

-Icarus Argabright