Marius Ellwood-Luxe

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Marius Ellwood-Luxe
Biographical Information
Full nameMarius Wolfram Ellwood-Luxe
Born23 September 1917
BirthplaceDŵrffynnonplas,Pembrey Forest, Wales, UK
ResidenceLondon, England
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts, Slytherin 1928-1935
Physical Information
Hair colourBlack-brown
Eye colourHazel-grey
Skin colourDark-complexioned
Family Information
ParentsDemetrius and Virginia Ellwood-Luxe
SiblingsEvander, Xavius (deceased), and Lynn.
Magical Characteristics
WandCypress and phoenix tailfeather, 11 in. Swishy.
PatronusRed fox
OccupationHead of the Second Cadet of The Ellwood-Luxe Family, Con Artist



It was brass, giving the hazy indication that its surface had once caught the light with ease, and had glinted as such to hold one’s eye. Now tarnished and dull, however, Marius peered through and realized that it was not, in fact, a spyglass, but a kaleidoscope: though the outside was dust-covered and aged, the colored glass and ribbons within had somehow retained their luminous qualities, and their collective colorful fractals glowed warm in the light as he turned, filled with wonder, toward the pale light from the window.

The kaleidoscope had always lived in the library wing, but never had he been allowed to touch it. He had often as a child visited his uncle’s manor by the sea, and he had explored the library more times than he could actually remember; more than once he had reached for the kaleidoscope, tucked up and away upon a shelf just beyond the reach of his little fingers, only to have his hand slapped away by someone or another—Cassius always had said that Aunt Aderyn had eyes in the walls, that every old portrait was her spy—and reprimanded with the same words: “Haven’t you any idea how old this is? It’s a precious heirloom, Marius; you mustn’t fuss with it.”

But everything in the manor by the sea was an heirloom, falling through time centuries and centuries and back and back—he used to wonder how Cassius could have felt about living in a house good as a museum, stuffy and dusted with ghosts.

If he had once resented Cassius for his position, those days had long since passed; because, indeed, if his uncle had never had children and those children had never had children, then Cassius would not exist and it would be Marius in line to inherit. A tall order, perhaps, but god or gods had favored him in the past: the things Marius wished for had an uncanny way of coming true.

But it would not happen. It the one wish that they would never have completed in his favor.

It wasn't a responsibility he any longer wanted. He was older than Cassius, and taller, and thought Lysander a fool for sticking his grubby fingers into the line of inheritance and wrenching-- he'd spend the rest of his days answering for whining relatives and writing arduous letters, granting complacency and asylum to greedy cousins, ignoring his wife and praising his ungrateful son, who would never learn to appreciate his status.

Politics were a fool's game. All Marius wanted was to do whatever he pleased, whenever he pleased.

His gaze broke from the swirling colored patterns and he squinted into the daylight, beyond the panes of the windows and into the distance, skimming the sea.

Other Information

Other family includes his siblings, Rosamund "Lynn" Carlisle (née Ellwood-Luxe), Evander Ellwood-Luxe, and Xavius Ellwood-Luxe (deceased); his cousins: Marcellus Ellwood-Luxe, Adelia Chaucer, Nehemius Ellwood-Luxe, Aurelion Ellwood-Luxe, and Scipio Ellwood-Luxe; his second cousins: Cassius Ellwood-Luxe, Kathleen Ellwood-Luxe, Aleda Ellwood-Luxe, Lysander and Perseus Ellwood-Luxe, Dacian Ellwood-Luxe, Lucien Chaucer, Lucretius Chaucer, Lotharius Chaucer, and Camille Chaucer; his uncles and aunts: Apollinarius and Aderyn Ellwood-Luxe; and his grandparents, Atellus and Sylva Ellwood-Luxe.

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