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Julia Cole
Biographical Information
Full nameJulia Rose Cole
Born12 December 1937
BirthplaceLondon, UK
Blood StatusHalf-blood
EducationHomeschool until 1949, Hogwarts 1949-1956
Title(s)Quidditch Captain 1952-1956, Hufflepuff Prefect 1953-1955, Head Girl 1955-1956, Summer Counselor 1953-1954
Physical Information
Hair colourRed
Eye colourBlue
Skin colourPale
Family Information
ParentsAsher Cole & Vera Cole
SiblingsMiranda Cole, Ren Cole, Dahlia Cole, Mara Cole
Magical Characteristics
WandChesnut-Fwooper & Phoenix Feather-10 inches-Springy
PatronusEuropean Pine Marten
Special AbilityAnimagus (Horse)


  • Head Girl 1955-1956
  • Hufflepuff Prefect 1953-1955
  • Quidditch Captain 1952-1956
  • Duelling Champion 1954


Student Years

Julia Cole is the first-born child of Asher and Vera Cole, who are a pureblood and muggle-born respectively. Julia’s parents moved to the magical community when Julia was two to escape from the bombings, and stayed. Julia has been taught about the muggle world, but has seen very little of it. When Julia was 5, her parents welcomed another daughter, Rose, into the family. When the British Force came about, her parents highly considered moving again, but wanted to stay in the magical community and couldn't find a safer place. Her mother has always been over protective of her and her younger siblings.

Upon arrival to Hogwarts in 1949, Julia had a new-found freedom she had never had before and quickly spent her time exploring the grounds. She even befriended a thestral named Chanceux, despite not being able to see him, thanks to Serena McCormick. Her first year, she also met her roommate, Rebecca Silvers, and the two nearly instantly disliked each other over small, dumb things. Over the next couple of years, the two reconciled and became close friends.

At the end of her 2nd year, she was in the Music Room playing piano when Brick Dumay entered. Due to Brick's language savant ability, he was able to quickly pick up on playing the piano, and after playing back and forth for a bit, Julia had her first kiss. It was very confusing for her, since she had never really had much of an interest in boys before.

During the summer, the two ignored each other, both unsure of what to make of things. Then, in a game of Truth or Dare, someone asked Brick who he'd kiss out of everyone playing, and he lied and said Rebecca, as to not embarrass Julia. Julia, of course, was hurt by this, and was quite rude to Brick for the rest of the summer.

At the beginning of her 3rd year, after the Opening Feast, she made her way back to the Music Room to work on a sad song she'd been trying to write over the summer. Brick once more found her there, and the two of them managed to settle their differences, and after a romantic whirlwind of an evening, started dating.

Also near the beginning of the year, Pax Fellwater in her Herbology class had talked about wanting to explore the Forbidden Forest, and she had been wanting to go again, so in late September, the two of them trekked through the forest. Whilst there, they came across a troll, so she dove in a brush of branches to hide, which turned out to be a type of Devil's Snare, crushing and piercing her leg when she tried to escape. Pax helped her get back to the Hospital Wing, where Brick was not all too happy that Julia had gotten hurt. This experience has led Julia to have a fear of entering the forest alone.

As Julia and Brick dated, it quickly got stale, mostly in part due to "The Game" which only allowed Brick certain rules, such as the inability to say more than 5 words at a time. However, the two of them did go to the Room of Requirement once, and found themselves inside Brick's head, with the ability to hear all his thoughts. It was around this time Julia realized how differently Brick thought than most people.

In March, during one of Julia and Pax's adventures, they decided to explore the haunted storage room in Ravenclaw Tower. Upon entry, they found a Boggart, who had turned into an attacking Bludger for Pax, and the Devil's Snare from the forest for Julia. Julia managed to dispel it, and after a talk with Pax about fears and feelings, they kissed. Julia felt guilty for cheating on Brick, but Pax was new and exciting. She continued snogging Pax for the remainder of the school year while dating Brick.

During the end of her 3rd year, her father sent her a letter saying her mother's current pregnancy had left her bed-ridden, and Julia needed to be home for the summer to help take care of her three younger siblings. Though unhappy to miss out on summer camp, Julia obliged. In early-mid July, Pax came to Hogsmeade to spend a day with Julia, where they snogged of course, and Julia unknowingly caught Magical Mono.

A few days later, her mother went into labor and wound up dying from childbirth. However, she instantly became a ghost, which led to an odd dynamic for the family. Julia spent her time trying to care for her now four younger siblings, with Miranda's help, who was 10 at the time. And also with her mother's help, telling the two oldest girls how to do things for the newborn, Mara.

About a week or so after the event, the blue spots appeared on Julia's face, which her mother immediately recognized as the primary symptom of Mono. The blue spots, of course, meant she had caught it from a Ravenclaw. A couple days later, much to Julia's protest, Brick came to visit to see how she was doing with the passing of her mother. Ashamed by her blue spots, Julia came clean about having cheated on Brick with Pax and told him he deserved to find someone better.

At the beginning of her fourth year, she met a new student, Orion Alriccson, and the two immediately got along. It started off with Julia tutoring him. She was still snogging Pax at this time. In October, there was another Truth or Dare party. She danced with Pax for a little bit, but otherwise spent her time with Orion, hoping to make Pax jealous. When Jeremiah and Felicity snogged, it spurred anger in Orion (who had liked Felicity), Rebecca (who had been snogging Jeremiah) and Julia (for Jeremiah and Felicity hurting Rebecca). In Orion's anger and jealousy, he passionately snogged Julia. Shortly after, Julia dared Zak Weiland to snog her.

A couple weeks after the party, Lecia Dorset came to the Hospital Wing with signs of mono, and told Julia about her dislike of her. Julia had been oblivious to this, and found out that at the end of the previous year, Lecia and Pax had a thing, but she had been the reason Pax was holding back. After a brief argument, the two came to a bit of a truce.

Julia now found herself regularly snogging Pax and Orion, but also developing romantic feelings for Pax. In late November, on the Hufflepuff cruise event, she tried to tell Pax her feelings when the boat became stuck and everyone started panicking. A couple days later, Julia signed up to have a romantic Carol-gram sent to Pax, along with a Quaffle with "Reasons you're such a Keeper" written on it.

However, a few days after this, Pax told Julia that he had asked Corrina Buzolic to the Yule Ball, and that he didn't want to snog her anymore. Julia was very upset, but didn't let him know her feelings. However, she had forgotten to cancel her Carol-gram. The next week, when the three of them were working their Menagerie hours together, 'Jingle Jam' showed up and delivered the gift to Pax, much to Julia's embarrassment.

Julia ignored Pax and Corrina for the next week, absolutely horrified by everything. She went alone to the Yule Ball, and while in the Powder Room to refresh her makeup, Corrina came in and started berating her and Lecia Dorset, who had been smoking and may have flicked her ash in Corrina's direction. Corrina referred to Lecia as “the help,” which was a final straw for Julia, and she cast Furnunculus on her. Corrina then informed Julia that her and Pax were an official item before leaving.

After Christmas break, Julia ignored all of Pax’s attempts to talk to her, only being around him if others were around. And never if he had Corrina with him. She signed herself up for the Date Auction, in which Noah Arcilla won a date with her. The two of them went on their Valentine’s date, which sparked a jealous outrage from one of Julia’s smoking buddies, Ace Fratelli. After a discussion, she started dating him, as he had a bad reputation with dating as well.

Of course, they both frequently cheated on each other, but stayed together because it was nice to have someone who wanted them for more than snogs. In April, Julia and Pax wound up having to work a Quidditch game infirmary together, in which Pax demanded they talk. After an argument about them being terrible friends, they reached an understanding. She continued to stay away from Pax after that, but he understood better that she needed space.

Right before the school year ended, Julia broke up with Ace, wanting to be free and single for the summer. She became a counselor for Camp Loki that summer. Amid all her snogging, she came across Brick again, who had been gone from school for the past year. The two of them made up, and decided to try to be friends.

Towards the end of camp, she heard a rumor that Brick and Lecia had snogged, and felt a bit jealous and wanted to snog Brick as well. Though there were some feelings, she knew that dating didn’t work for her. The two of them had a long and frustrating conversation, realizing they don’t think on the same wavelength and have trouble communicating with each other.

However once school started, there were feelings there Julia couldn't deny. After a few weeks of snogging, Julia discovered there had been some feelings towards Lecia that Brick had hidden from her. She stopped snogging him, talking to him, everything, and went on with her life.

In early October, Julia, feeling inadequate as a Quidditch captain and needing to prove to herself she was good, decided to use the Whomping Willow as dodging practice. Needless to say, it did not end well, and Julia spent a night in the Infirmary. She doesn't have much memory from the night of the event, but the next day Brick visited her and admitted to loving her... and Lecia. Julia kicked him out.

A couple months later, right before Christmas break, Julia ran into Brick again, and though the conversation seemed to be going in a good direction at first, as with most of their conversations, it soon turned sour. As she was yelling at him, he grabbed her and snogged her, and she bit through his lip. She ran off, summoning Orion to their smoking spot. Unbeknownst to her, Felicity had recently rejected Orion, so he lacked in sympathy, and took his anger at Felicity out on her, saying she was "only good for a snog," which hit her hard.

During the Dueling Final that year, Julia had managed to put Orion in a rather helpless position, making it clear she was the better dueler. She then let him down and helped him out, only for him to cast an Obliviate on her, which only hurt their already rocky friendship.

A few days from the end of term, while flying Chanceux through the forest, she came across Brick being attacked by trolls. She dove in and rescued him, and after some talking, and some snogging, things seemed to be better. A week or so into term, Julia decided to give him another chance and they started dating, which immediately felt wrong to her. But she decided to give it a chance, and by the end of summer, she realized it wasn't working out and broke up with him.

Julia stayed pretty focused on her studies 6th and 7th year, achieving her goal of becoming an Animagus (horse) the summer before her 7th year. Near the end of her 7th year, there was a werewolf attack on Hogwarts, in which Julia was sent to the front lines. However, she wasn't able to stop the beast and blames herself for her friends' injuries.


After graduating from Hogwarts, Julia began working at St. George's Research & Rehabilitation and The Hag's Head. Any free time between her jobs were spent with strangers she met at the Hag's Head or travelling around the world.

In Summer 1961, she devised a plan to kidnap a prized Fwooper from Cosima Amberghast, a powerful pureblood who, in Julia's opinion, had no business raising a Fwooper in the first place. They were not prizes and she treated the bird cruelly. However, Julia was caught and sentenced to a few months in Azkaban, which increased to a total of 10 months due to an escape attempt.

The event, of course, left her shaken, and while she tried to go back to her normal ways, it just didn't feel right. She felt like she needed to do something new, more meaningful with her life.

Hogwarts Part II

In 1965, Julia started a position as the Groundskeeper at Hogwarts. It was a far different life than what she'd been used to, but the change was good for her. She was able to focus not only on herself more, but she was making a difference for the younger generation, and trying to mold them to have a better life outside of Hogwarts than she had. In 1966, she was promoted to Care of Magical Creatures professor.

Course Listing


  • Charms
  • Transfiguration
  • Potions
  • Sonomancy


  • Charms
  • Transfiguration (Val)
  • Potions
  • Magical Defense (Val)


  • Charms (Sal)
  • Transfiguration
  • Herbology
  • Muggle Studies (Val)
  • Wizarding History


  • Charms (Sal)
  • Transfiguration (Val)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (Sal)
  • Magical Defense
  • Potions


  • Charms (Sal)
  • Transfiguration (Sal)
  • Magical Art (NPC)
  • Care of Magical Creatures (Val)
  • Herbology


  • Charms
  • Transfiguration
  • Astronomy (NPC)
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Magical Games & Sports


  • Conjuring & Summoning
  • Transfiguration
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Muggle Studies
  • Astronomy (NPC)


  • Quidditch 1950-1956
  • Duelling Referee 1952-1956
  • Duelling 1949-1955
  • Hospital Wing Nurse 1951-1953
  • Hospital Wing Senior Nurse 1953-1954
  • Lead Apothecary 1954-1956
  • Spellbound Reporter 1951-1953
  • Spellbound Editor 1953-1956

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