Lycus Ricardus

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Lycus Ricardus
Biographical Information
Full nameLycus Loxias Ricardus
Born22 July 1949
BirthplaceRicardus Hall [[1]], Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK
ResidenceRicardus Hall [[2]], Freethorpe, Norfolk, UK
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts (1960-1968)
Physical Information
SpeciesHuman, ¼ Veela
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBright blue
Skin colourLight
Family Information
ParentsSalazar Ricardus (Wizard), Pandora Ricardus (Witch)
SiblingsIsolde Ricardus (2 January '48), Levi Xavier Ricardus (February '51), unnamed sister
Other Family MembersThe Ricardus Family
Magical Characteristics
WandZiricote wood; Peacock- & Hippogriff Feather dual core; 11"; Sturdy


The Ricardus Family has proven itself time and time again to be one of the most influential Pureblood Families in wizarding contemporary politics. Their say has been pervasive in the most infamous decisions of the past decades, spelling their importance with every decision they back up or shoot down. They are known for being ruthless, cold and most to themselves.

It is true – most members of the Ricardus Family are what is expected of them, falling into the regime, ready to follow into the footsteps of their ancestors. No matter how big the shoes to fill might be, they are trying to live up to its expectations, are always pushing themselves to be better and breaking their bones to fit the mold. But no matter how hard they strive to be the best version of themselves that their Family wants to see of them, satisfaction is a rare good. It is never good enough, never enough of everything. There is always room for improvement, room to become more and other. Ambition drives them forth and drives them further, annihilating the individual for the sake of the Family. There is no individual when there’s Family, no self when there is the greater good.

And yet, the Family is riddled with inner turmoil and fights over power. For everyone still wants to leave their own mark, everyone wants to stand out on the Family tree and become more than just a footnote to history. Everyone wants to be remembered for something great, something grand. There’s competition in and over everything, and to be born into it, is to be born straight onto the racing track.

Sometimes, the best way to win is not to compete at all.

Lycus Loxias Ricardus is no stranger to the sidelines and to be in the stands rather than racing himself. Seemingly deviant from the rest of his kin whilst the same blood runs through his veins, he doesn’t have a strong innate desire to stand out. He doesn’t have the ambition to outdo everyone else, to be or do something remarkable. He’s perfectly comfortable not being in the spotlight, of being his own person.

However, born as the son of Salazar Ricardus and Pandora Ricardus (née Duke), as the first heir of his Father, he is still expected to one day succeed his Father and his Grandfather before him. He will need to learn about politics and state institutions to one day act in the political sphere, to one day see the world as a trade in interests.

But, aged eleven, he is not yet interested in any of his Father’s or Grandfather’s lessons. He actively avoids them by hiding in the great Ricardus Hall whenever either of them consider it’s time for a lesson. Finding an unoccupied room in a Hall as big as Ricardus Hall is quite an easy feat, and Lycus uses the quiet for either picking up one of his books or playing pretend with his stuffed dragon toy. And so, instead, he marches to the beat of his own drum and only learns the answers to the why’s he’s actually interested in – why are there so many flowers, why does a puffskein sing on boxing day, why can sisters be so annoying sometimes.

Though on generally good terms with his sisters and brother, he interchanges playing with them by spending time alone. He is on the very verge of learning that he's outgrowing playing pretend and running around with his stuffed dragon and, with that, on the verge of finding out new hobbies and pastimes other than reading.

Right now, Lycus is still cut some slack from the expectations that his Family has of him. He still has a lot to learn and has more time to get there where his Family envisions him to be by the time he has graduated Hogwarts. But there is no telling when the pressure to conform to the norm starts to become more apparent in his life, nor how Lycus will cope with it.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

First year

Levels: C1D2T1S0

Classes: Conjuring and Summoning (val – O), Transfiguration (O), History of Magic (O), Magical Theatre (val – O)

Extra Curriculars: Quidditch, Spellbound

Got sorted into Ravenclaw, much to his dismay. Met with Elsbeth Blaine on the roof of the Ravenclaw tower for some stargazing and book-swapping. Started a petty Transfiguration feud with Professor Athanasia Valenti. Dubbed Tawnie Smallweed Cannibal-girl because of how she acted in the first Transfiguration class of term. Met up with Charlotte Pantazis for Magical Theatre homework. Got help from Kyra Tellavin and Dylan Duckheart for Transfiguration. Had tea-parties with Feyre Märchen, Bunny and Lox. Swam in the Great Lake with Edmund Whiteclaw, whom he had previously met bird spotting. Got up to no good with Elias Glass. Let Roo Hopland copy his game transcript for History of Magic. Found and returned the photograph-diary belonging to Victor Carstairs.

Second year

Levels: C3D4T3S2

Classes: Conjuring and Summoning (O), Transfiguration (sal – O), Magical Law (sal – O), Muggle Studies (EE)

Extra Curriculars: Quidditch, Spellbound, Hospital Wing

Was forced by his Family to take Magical Law even though he did not want to. Then, also took Muggle Studies as a petty way to get back to his Family. Continued his childish feud with Anastasia Valenti to try and prove her that he actually is a Slytherin – by dying his hair green, switching robes with Victor Carstairs, transfiguring his own robes, etc. Found a sidewalk surfer with Elias Glass. Had deep conversations about his future with Edmund Whiteclaw. Played dress-up with Charlotte Pantazis and continued their play as Malandrino and Josephine throughout the term. Got dating advice from eternal bachelor and never-been-kissed Victor Carstairs. Managed to get himself in a relationship (December 1961- March 1961) with Elspeth Tilden. Studied with Dylan Duckheart in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Ravenclaw did not manage to win the Quidditch Cup but came close. His friendship with Edmund Whiteclaw became a little bit strained after Edmund came out as gay and Lycus refuses to acknowledge that piece of information about his friend. Skipped stones with Timothy Winchester.

Third year

Levels: C5D6T5S3

Classes: Charms, Transfiguration, Magical Law, Magical Defense

Extra Curriculars: Quidditch, Spellbound, Hospital Wing