Luca Salvatores

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Luca Salvatores
Biographical Information
Full nameLuca Cassian Salvatores
BornDecember 27th, 1923
BirthplaceVenice, Italy
ResidenceLondon, England
NationalityItalian, English, Russian somewhere
Blood StatusPureblood
EducationHogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Gryffindor
Physical Information
Hair colourDirty Blonde
Eye colourIcy Blue
Skin colourFair olive
Family Information
SiblingsChristian Salvatores, Valentine Salvatores
Other Family MembersSalvatores Family
Magical Characteristics
OccupationCrime Boss


Born and raised on the grounds of Venice, Italy, Luca Salvatores lived a life of luxury and high pureblood class. Being born the middle child, Luca often could go and do things by easily slipping out or under radar. With two absent parents and nannies to watch them, the Salvatores brothers often got into some sneaky trouble. The close bond between the trio was something unbreakable.

The Eldest Salvatores brother was Christian Salvatores. Both him and Valentine always were compared in appearance. Their features were more from their father, the two brother's almost copy and pastes with their dark almost black hair and buff build. Luca took more after their mother with soft dirty blonde hair, with more of a taller built appearance. But the one thing that made you know they were a Salvatores were their crystal blue eyes. Each brother had a certain shade, Christian with a deeper color, Valentine with a greenish blue mixture and Luca having an icy lighter appearance.

Christian was the first to get his letter from Hogwarts. Pride clogged the air and Luca could still remember the utter chaos, his father quickly grooming his eldest into a successful line to the Ministry to take after him. His family was not surprised when they got a letter from Christian saying he had been sorted into Ravenclaw. Out of the three brothers, Christian was always the brains of the group. Studying was something Christian seemed to do for fun. You would have to bride Luca to try and read something, his eyes only ever reading those modeling magazines his mother collected. Three years later and Luca had gotten his letter to Hogwarts. There was also no surprise when Luca got into Gryffindor. His spontaneous attitude and brave heart made him the defender of all his brothers, always one to quickly jump into a fight.

Three years later and his little brother Valentine joined the two brother's at Hogwarts. With his timid personality, Luca had teased that Val should have ended in Hufflepuff. But it didn't take long before Valentine warmed up in his Slytherin home and instead Luca spent many years smacking the kid upside the head for his cocky exterior with academics. A real painfully annoying mix of both eldest brothers.

Luca had a notorious reputation of being the biggest flirt in Gryffindor, always getting caught past curfew snogging a girl or two. Most professors found him to be more of a royal pain with his way of words and manipulative charm. He quickly became interested in being on the quidditch team and known for his wicked curve balls as beater.

Eventually it all came and went quickly, as most things do. Luca graduated (barely) and had sought his sights on possibly being like his older brother and father at the Ministry. But Luca didn't enjoy that idea, all the paper work and stuck up small talk, working in an office for hours upon hours.

No, Luca Salvatores wanted a thrill. For a while, he worked as a bartender at a questionable club. He wrote to his family and talked big game of working with dragons instead to keep their society pureblood brags fresh, while privately helping out at the club. It was because of that club, Luca was introduced to the hidden world of underground trade and illegal work.

Slowly and with good ties, Luca started to climb his way up. From being his boss's errand boy, hitman and eventually right hand, Luca Salvatores was a common name and not because of his rich italian bloodline anymore.

Luca made himself a name and when his boss died, all the club, it's business and title went into his name. Overnight, Luca went from an employee to the boss. Everyone responded to him and him only. His family still believes that Luca often is away in foreign countries studying dragons, the thought of their son being a criminal boss completely floated over their heads.