Jasper Spellbody

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Jasper Spellbody
Biographical Information
Full nameJasper Neil Spellbody
BornApril 15, 1954
BirthplaceNew York
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Family Information
ParentsPhillip Spellbody and Ellen Spellbody
SiblingsDelilah Spellbody
Other Family MembersJanice Spellbody (Aunt), Aggitha Von Stein (Aunt by marriage), Cordelia Von Stein (Cousin), Jonathan Harman (Uncle), Edith Harman (Aunt), Esmerelda Harman (Cousin), Penelope Harman (Cousin), Percival Harman (Cousin)
Magical Characteristics


Jasper is the eldest son born to Phillip and Ellen Spellbody. Jasper, his parents, and his little sister have been up until now living in the States. Jasper has mostly looked after his sister on his own since he was 10 and she was 8 and he is very protective of her. Their parents would always leave them with different babysitters as they were much too busy with the business of being an adult. Jasper and Delilah loved to play pranks on their dutiful watchers until they left the house screaming leaving their parents to have to stay home until they could find a replacement. Jasper and his sister Delilah were both also home-schooled in magical studies leaving them both longing to meet other kids their age.

Then in Jasper's 15th year, it all changed. Then Jasper's parents were called upon by his father's sister, Janice, to help in running the Spellbody Apothecary in Bristol. It seemed she was getting married and would need to spend less time at the shop than she usually did. As the Apothecary is the family business it was set for them to head to London to help. When they arrived they found that London was not all that different from New York, and yet was completely different. The first thing they had to prepare for was their Aunt’s wedding.

Jasper was taken by surprise to see that his Aunt Janice was indeed marrying a woman. The woman’s name was Aggitha Von Stein and she had a niece who was her ward so in the marriage Jasper and his sister Delilah had gained young Cordelia as a cousin. Cordelia was the same age as Delilah and they got on great and Jasper longed to connect with other kids his age as well. His mother noticing this saw the move as the opportunity for Jasper and his sister to get some proper schooling and maybe even meet some kids their own age. So with that, she enrolled them in Hogwarts and sent them off after the wedding with their new cousin Cordelia to Camp Loki to get to know some other kids.