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One of the oldest Harry Potter-centric RPGs out there, Hogwarts was formed in June of 2000 by a group of individuals seeking to create an intelligent, fun place to play out their characters. Since then it has grown, gaining momentum to become one of the largest and most dedicated groups of players out there.

Some past board plots include: tri-wizard tournaments, ministry spy plots, Quidditch World Cup, professors de-aging to be students again, assassination of the MoM and many more over the years. To add excitement to RPs, we also have a resident group of pranksters who have pulled some large pranks on the citizens of Hogwarts. Some past examples include: potions in the pumpkin juice to make people think they are in a fairytale, a prefect/professor body switching, and other things to spice up everyone's existence at Hogwarts. Just look for the D-Squad if you're interested in pranks, though they may be in hiding until term.

During our school term--an average year lasts four months; three in school, one in summer--there are actual classes, Quidditch matches, and a dueling club. During our summer term, students, faculty, and alumni are found residing in any of the surrounding magical areas, from Diagon Alley to our Summer Campus (for students only).

Right now, it is the 1940s in our universe, and most students are staying at our residential Summer Campus right outside of Hogsmeade. We are accepting applications in all of August, April, and December where the summer break will end and everyone will return to the castle.