Clara Darcy

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Biographical Information
Full nameClara Gwendolyn Artemis Darcy
ResidenceSeyridge manor, St Ives
Blood StatusPureblood
Physical Information
Hair colourblonde
Eye colourgrey
Skin colourporcelain
Family Information
ParentsMarilyn and Alfred Darcy
SiblingsEdward Darcy, Sophia Darcy, Theodore Darcy, Isadora Darcy
Magical Characteristics
Wand11 inches, dragon heartstring, aspen wood, rigid


Clara was born on the 23rd of July to Marilyn Darcy and Alfred Darcy. Looking back, it shouldn't have been a surprise that she entered the world 2 weeks earlier than expected and came out kicking and screaming. She would not be an easy child to raise, and this would be the only warning they would get.

Clara grew up in the Darcy manor in near St Ives, Cornwall. The youngest of four, she had to scream to be heard, and she had no issues with doing just that. After a week of next to no sleep from a baby who wouldn't shut up, Clara was handing to the nanny to be looked after.

Growing up, Clara spent a lot of time with her older siblings. Her two older bothers rubbed off on her to help her become the fighter that she is today(though she'd never admit it), but she was still raised from the beginning to be pretty girly, loving to dress up pretty and to play princesses, just as was expected of her. Of course, her playing princess was really her sitting with her doll advisors and discussing what to do to keep the kingdom safe from attacks and her tea parties often included assassinations, but whatever.

As a pureblood little girl, Clara's parents gave her the proper pureblood education, teaching her embroidery, horse riding, ballet and how to play the piano -- none of which she showed any signs of talent in. Her mother was always around the house, but she was also usually busy with party planning and with Sophia, who was constantly vying for her attention, so Clara took instead to idolising her father, who was often busy at work, but found his precocious youngest daughter who looked up to him so much to be charming.

Alfred Darcy was a member of the Wizengamot, and Clara, just like the rest of her family, was raised to be very competitive, so it shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anyone that at 6 years old she announced she planned to do even better than her father and become Minister. No one liked this, this was the early 50s after all, and the Darcys in particular were quite backwards in their opinions of women, and whether they should be working or not. When Clara announced she planned on becoming Minister of Magic, Marilyn Darcy freaked. A tough love, harsh woman, Marilyn responded in the only way she knew how, yelling at her 6 or so year old daughter and locking her in her room. Their relationship has only worsened over time.

Clara blames her mother for their less than satisfactory relationship, but if she were to take a step back and really look at it, she would realise that for all her mother's faults, the woman has done what she believes is best for her daughter, with good intentions even if the actions are often questionable, and that she is also partly to blame for their relationship in that she's literally impossible to deal with.


First year of Hogwarts. Made many friends. Became rivals with Sandy. Broke an arm during quidditch practice thanks to Sandy. Broke an arm in her final quidditch match. Lost every single quidditch match. Got all Os. Valedictorian in Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration. Had Arthur over to stay the week before Summer Camp.


Second year of Hogwarts. Made many friends. Became rivals with Thomas. Became enemies with Astro. Broke a leg in quidditch practice thanks to David. Won two out of three quidditch matches. Kissed Sandy, avoided him for a couple weeks, hated him even more, and then came to a shaky truce. Hexed Astro and Thomas. Started dating David. Got poisoned by the poisoner. Found out who the poisoner was (Lia Ayres) and revealed it to the whole school. Got all Os. Valedictorian in Muggle Studies and Potions and Salutorian in Conjuring and Summoning. Became enemies with Vesper at camp. David and Sandy got into a fight over her at Camp. Relationship worsened with both boys. Stayed at Arthur's the week after camp. Met Marlene Darwin.


Third year of Hogwarts. Became Quidditch Co Captain with cousin Calliope. Gossip column released an article revealing David and Sandy's fight, and that Clara and Sandy both had a thing for each other (true, though Clara remained unaware of her own feelings because she's dumb). David and Sandy got into another fight. David and Clara broke up. Clara and Sandy became friends. Monster attacked many of Clara's friends. Slytherin won quidditch cup. Got all Os. Valedictorian in Magical Theatre and Charms. Became summer counsellor. Astro, Clara's enemy, died. Marilyn, Clara's mother, died. Sandy says he's leaving Hogwarts. Calliope conjures illusion of Clara's mother (dead for four days) at duel. Clara breaks Calliope's wand and they get into a fight. Youngest sister, Isadora, was born.


Fourth year of Hogwarts. Auror presence at Hogwarts. Quidditch Co Cap again. Best friend Chris struggled with really bad mental health issue, pushing Clara and Sandy away. Lost all three quidditch matches. Sandy and Flick started dating. Won Duelling Tournament. Got all Os. Valedictorian in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration, Salutorian in Charms. Met Charlene Kingston.


Confident and ambitious Slytherin well suited to leadership roles (read: she’s bossy and controlling) and unwilling to take orders. Highly intelligent, hard working and independent, meaning that she’s far ahead of the rest of her year in terms of magical ability and will study extra on her own, but struggles to accept help and can be very prideful which hold her back at times. Possessive and protective of what is hers, which extends to friends so expect an angry Clara to hex you if you upset them. She has grown up in a household that puts emphasis on a strong façade and, though she doesn’t get along with her family, this means that she has never learned how to properly process or understand her emotions, and is terrified of showing weakness. She instead reacts with anger to anything bad and can be quite volatile (and cruel when she doesn’t like you). Bottles up her hurt and doesn’t talk about it. Has issues with authority figures, she’s learned from a young age that the people in charge (like her parents) can’t be trusted just because they’re in charge. Can be obnoxious and difficult but can also be a loyal, supportive friend. Bit of a drama queen. Brave. She's a feminist and strongly against blood purism, mainly because she follows the belief that if her family can be wrong about her, then they're probably wrong about most things.


When Clara isn't working or practicing, you might find her doing one of the below:

  • Quidditch: Plays chaser on the slytherin team and has been co captain since her third year. Clara's slight build lends itself to speed and agility, and her eyes for detail for catches, with her weaker points being passes, throws and working in a team. She's a devil of a co captain, always expecting the best of everybody.
  • Duelling: Unsurprising, considering her violent and competitive nature.
  • Wizarding Chess: A strategic thinker, good at planning ahead. Much prefers wizarding chess to normal chess and the wizarding version requires an authoritive nature to actually get the pieces to do as they're told, which she's good at but her opponent isn't always.