Aiden Hazard

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Aiden Hazard
Full nameAiden Zackary Hazard
Born16 September 1957
BirthplaceHampshire, England
ResidenceHampshire, England
Blood StatusPureblood
SchoolSalem Institute
ParentsRichard Hazard, Alyson Gloom
Wand12.5" Oak, Dragon Heartstring


“Just remember to be careful! You don’t want any hippogriff scars, or anything... Oh dear me, I’m not even sure if those flobberworms are safe!“ She pauses for a split-second and gasps softly at the devil incarnate, flobberworms.

“Mom –“

Before Aiden could interject properly, she was back on track, continuing her rant, “I mean, you never know who you’ll meet there! What if you meet a crazed pyromaniac roommate who’s bent on scorching you in your sleep? What if your professor’s a werewolf? What if –“

“Mom, look –“

“I know, I know, it’s not likely you meet situations like these, but frankly, you never know! Now, remember to write home regularly… Or I’ll just [i]DIE[/i] of worry. Your dad will, too, even though his face won’t show it. Remember to brush your teeth every morning and night-“

“Mom…” Aiden said gently, but slightly louder this time, brow furrowed slightly, giving his own mother a look of strained patience. He moved to half-spread his arms, palms outwards and facing up. The simple action worked wonders, however, as Aiden’s mom paused mid-ramble and looked intently at Aiden, awaiting his interruption. “I can totally handle this,” He says, bizarrely calm even though there were dozens of other students undergoing similar conversations with their parents around him – some parents crying on their kids’ shoulders, some kids chattering on and on about how excited they were, some trying desperately to lift their luggage, some looking nervous – of what, Aiden wasn’t sure. Aiden emphasized his point by raising a forefinger and lazily tapping the side of his nose, shooting his mother a knowing gaze. “Relax. I mean… We do this every year,” He added, as if it were an afterthought. At his last five words, there was a slight tinge of amusement to his voice.

But that wasn’t like Aiden, that wasn’t like him at all. Aiden stood there, in front of his parents, feet firmly rooted to the ground, looking every bit the headstrong, laid-back gentlemen he was, nevermind him being still slightly shorter than his own mother. Aiden’s father rolled his delicate blue eyes and looked away at his wife’s display of maternal paranoia from behind her, the simple gesture not escaping Aiden’s eyes. Aiden’s mismatched gaze shifted to his father’s face, took in the information, resulted in a slight twitch of his lips, before his gaze was back on his mother, pretending as if his attention had been on her all along. “Oh look,” He said, pointing at the train as it approached the platform. “The train’s here… I’ll see you around, then?” He asked rhetorically, thinking to himself, Good timing… Convenient, isn’t it?

That was Aiden Hazard – laid-back, serene, charming, even. He grew up with his parents in central Britain the entire duration of his life. His father, the blonde Richard Hazard, worked in the Ministry, while his mother, the redhead Alyson Hazard, lived out her childhood dream as a robes fashion designer. How a bulky hotheaded ministry official and a hyperactive paranoid shopping addict resulted in this cool young man, no one knows. Aiden’s family was filthy, filthy rich, but the boy hardly even noticed.

Still, Aiden’s parents weren’t exactly surprised when one fine day, an owl sailed into their kitchen through their open kitchen window, skidding on the scrambled eggs as it landed straight in it. While little 10-year-old Aiden stopped eating his breakfast and simply stared at the owl impassively, fork still in hand, blonde hair still mussed from sleep, Alyson dropped the frying pan and screamed at the top of her lungs, flailing her arms wildly at the bird and lamenting the loss of her scrambled eggs from the other side of the kitchen. Richard Hazard, however, folded his newspaper neatly, put it down on the kitchen table, and received the envelope from the bird’ beak, before waving a dismissive hand and telling it, “Thank you. Now get off my damn table.” And hence, Aiden was promptly sent off to Hogwarts, mother’s frantic reminders lying in his wake.


Now, five years since that day, Aiden scowls at his trunk before slamming it shut. He didn't even glance at the mirror as he levitated his trunk out of the shared room with his cousin and down the stairs, into the living room. Alyson Hazard stares balefully at him from her spot beside the curtains, although she makes no move to stop him. Her red hair's a fright, fly-aways standing up at all angles. Aiden doesn't notice, though, as he storms to the open door and sets his trunk on the porch unceremoniously. He drops to his knees to tie his shoelaces, while his uncle stops beside him on his way out the door. "Hey, Aiden, listen..." His uncle says, bringing two fingers up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "I know your dad, and I know he wouldn't have sent you all the way to Salem on purpo-"

"Yeah, whatever," Aiden sneered, before standing up and moving gracefully to the open trunk of the car. He swishes his wand and sends his trunk flying into the boot of the car with a soft thunk!

Alyson blinks and watches timidly from the curtains, peeking out through the windows. Aiden knew somewhere deep inside that it really wasn't her fault, but nowadays, he just couldn't bring himself to find the strength to bother. It was so much easier to just be a twat.

Aiden's father hadn't been around for almost four months now, sending owls and dropping what gold he had into their Gringott's account whenever he can. Ever since his stupid business deal went awry and they lost the house, Aiden had been sulking around. Aiden's father then suggested he move Aiden to Salem because it was nearer to where he currently worked, at least until he earned enough to buy back the house.

Aiden waves half-heartedly at his mother, before moving to sit himself in the backseat of his uncle's sedan. His uncle then enters the driver's seat, making no further attempt to engage Aiden in conversation. He revs the engine, before waving at Alyson and pulling out of the garage leading to the house that Aiden's family now shared with his.

Somehow, Aiden felt that Salem wouldn't be much better than the state of life he currently lived.


Aiden Hazard is 5.9 feet tall, weighing 149 lb. He's a natural blonde, with high cheek bones, pale skin, and an impassive default facial expression. Aiden also has heterochromia - his right eye is blue, while his left eye is green. Aiden is often caught with a slight slouch, his weight typically on one leg while standing, with his hands almost always shoved into his robe pockets.


Aiden’s very laid-back, often coming across as a serene character, even more often hard to read. He takes his time with most things, and takes life as it comes. He’s quiet, quick to think, but sometimes fails to react appropriately in situations, causing drama between him and others. He’s almost never stressed out, or impatient, although when the time calls for it, he’s able to be quick on his feet and aggressive as well.

Aiden’s generally snarky, and can be sharp-tongued on occasions. He can be sarcastic and subtle, although he usually doesn’t intend to hurt anyone on purpose. However, he also has a way with words, and can be very persuasive. Coupled with his calm demeanor, he comes across as a charming young man who’s easy-going.

Some trademark behaviour/habits of his include smirking, drawling his speech, making eccentric analogies, rolling his eyes and staring at people purposely, mostly to evict a certain reaction from them. He also speaks to himself sometimes, especially when solving particularly difficult ancient runes exam questions.

Now that his father has shaken up the family situation, Aiden's even more reserved than usual - he borders on introverted, and isn't quite as sociable or talkative as before. He snaps at people easily, and can be rude when he doesn't quite mean to be. Aiden likes plushies, hugs, his blue pygmy puff (Rufus), fried chicken, tea, dragons, sarcasm, feeling the wind in his hair, having a home to go back to, and although not many people know it, cloud-gazing.

The banes of Aiden’s existence include large crowds, homework, superficial behaviour, transfiguration, and chocolate. (Both dark and milk.)

Aiden’s also always comfortable with conversation – even if his conversation partner is being less than friendly, but the one thing that really gets under his skin is when people mention his family’s financial status. Aiden’s well dressed and gets whatever a 16-year old boy needs, but he’s never been one to spend excessively or go for branded goods. Similarly, he hates it when people find out who his parents are, and realize that he is actually rich. He tends to skirt around the topic if raised, or talk and charm his way out of it.