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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an avatar?

    An avatar is the picture beneath your username. It is used as a picture of your character, and can be a photograph or a drawing.

    Most people use a specific actor, singer, model, or other celebrity as their character's 'face'. This is known as a Face Claim (FC). Make sure you look at the FC list to check that your desired FC has not already been taken! You can claim a face here.

    Avatar Rules

    All pictures and any text on them must adhere to the PG-13 rating.
    • Avatars displaying nudity and/or explicit images are not permitted.
    • Shirtless avatars are not permitted, regardless of gender.
    • Avatars in which the FC is only wearing underwear (or the equivalent, e.g. a bikini) are not permitted.

    Avatars should be a height of 300px and a width of 200px.

    How do I make an avatar?

    Find an image you would like to use. Some images may require cropping to meet our sizing guidelines (see above).

    If you need to crop your avatar, you can sign up for Adobe Spark here, a free cropping tool. Many players use more advanced software, such as Photoshop.

    If you're using Adobe Spark, here are some step-by-step guidelines for using the tool:
    • Sign up using the link above.
    • Select 'Custom' when it asks you to select a size.
    • Enter '200' as the width and '300' as the height, and ensure that 'px' is selected from the dropdown menu.
    • Click 'Upload' and upload the image you want to make into an avatar. You will need to have saved it to your computer first.
    • Click 'Next'. There's your avatar! Click 'Download' (top right corner) to save your avatar to your computer.

    How do I set up my avatar?

    • Upload your avatar to a website, such as Imgur.
    • Hover over the 'Profile' button at the top of this page. Click 'Forum Profile' from the dropdown menu.
    • Under 'Personalised Picture', select 'Specify avatar by URL'.
    • Paste the direct link to the avatar in the space provided. The direct link will be one that starts with http://i. (if your link reads https://i. you will need to delete the 's'!) and links only to your avatar.

    How do I fix my avatar?

    The biggest problem our members usually face is that their avatar won't show up. When you paste your image URL into the space provided, be sure that the link starts with http://i and not https://i. You need to delete the extra 's', otherwise your avatar won't show up!

    If this doesn't solve the problem or you are having other problems with your avatar, it's best to ask a staff member for help, either via Discord or via PM. Alternatively, you can post in the Testing & Graphics forum to request help from staff or another site member.

    Avatar Resources

    Most players find avatar images using one of the following:
    • Google Images
    • Instagram
    • Tumblr
    • Modelling agency sites

    Some players enjoy making avatars and will offer to make them for other members. You can find avatar 'shops' in the Summer Testing & Graphics forum and the Elsewhere Graphics & Testing forum, so feel free to make a request in one of those! Each shop/player has their individual rules, so please respect them.

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