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Author Topic: Request for Application Roleplay Samples!  (Read 146 times)

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Request for Application Roleplay Samples!
Freestyle Roleplaying

Hear ye, hear ye! The staff team is looking to refresh the roleplay samples in the Student, Elsewhere Adults, and Elsewhere Children applications!

It's finally time to let Evangeline find Emma Birch, for Hugh to clear his plugged nose, to tell Amelia that she can get up on her own two feet, and finally (finally!) play with tiny Janey Hurst.

Why do we need them?

Staff members use replies to the roleplay sample to check for adherence to our site rating and site rules, such as no powerplaying.  What better way to keep applications interesting, than by refreshing prompts that have been place for years?

What are we looking for?

We're looking for roleplay samples suitable for applications.  What we are looking for is a roleplay sample that encourages applicants to show some of the character's traits and personality when they reply.  It should be treated like a starter post, leaving the response open-ended so new members to our site applying for the first time have something to reply to.  You can write as your own characters or as NPC characters.  Freestyle!  When ready with a roleplay sample, post it to this thread!

What do I get out of this?

We're happy to award +5 Gringotts points per Roleplay Sample, up to a max of 3 submitted samples per player. You're free to submit more if you have the inspiration! Preferably, we'd love to see one of each (Student, Adult, Children) but whatever you have muse for, go for it!

How do selections happen?

The staff will review all submissions and determine which prompts make it into the new application templates.

We appreciate any and all submissions we get though!  A big thank you in advance for anyone willing to submit a sample!  Please don't feel any sort of way if your submission doesn't get put in.  Believe us, we'd love to put 7+ options in each of the templates, but that might be much!

How long do I have?

These submission requests are open from now until November 15th. Gringotts points will be awarded at the end of the following summer term in December.

I'm ready to submit a sample!

Great! Copy the reply code below and post your response to this thread!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to any member of our staff.

Code: [Select]
[b]Sample Type:[/b] Student / Elsewhere Adult / Elsewhere Child
[b]Characters involved (full name):[/b] Names or N/A
[b]OOC Permissions (if writing about another played character):[/b] Yes or N/A
[b]Body of Sample:[/b]
All the writing goes here.
Must be at least 300 words.

* Tigran Razi

    (11/15/2023 at 00:00)
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Sample Type: Student
Characters involved (full name): Oliver Razi
OOC Permissions (if writing about another played character): Yes ( I'm the original RP'er )
Body of Sample:

Oliver Razi was standing at the edge of the lake practicing tossing his hexes across the great expanse of water.  It was the only place at Hogwarts he could think to practice hexes without the risk of hitting anyone.  The only exception to that was if people decided to race with brooms over the lake, and then he hoped they wanted to practice dodging. 

Squinting he verified he didn’t see anyone on the horizon of the lake acknowledging to himself that someone could near instantly appear if they were flying a broom over the lake fast enough.

Confident he wasn’t going to hit anyone, he pointed his wand over the water and said “Confundus “ with an exaggerated flourish of his wand that he hoped would make the spell work.  His wands just made sparks. 

After that failure of a spell he said “ Petrificus Totalus “ and happily noticed something shooting out of his wand.  Naturally, it hit nothing but air but it was obvious the spell succeeded from both the feeling he had of his wand in his hand and the fact that no sparks came out of his wand.  Petrificus Totalus was the one spell he could confidently cast that slowed others down. 

Thinking of that spell he did during his last duel he pointed his wand at the water and said “Creo Columna Agua” attempting to conjure a column out of water.  His mind focused on visualizing the column he desired do conjure

Unfortunately what he got was a column with a squid tentacle appearing out of it.  Which he nervously he shouted “ Go away you Squid “ waving his wand in his hand that was still pointed over the water.  As the last thing he needed was the squid ruining his only place to send off hexes without having to worry about others.  Or worse the squid attacking him.