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* Theodora Jalson

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How else was it going to end up? As always, the ways this would have gone had run through her head. And it always seemed to end the same way. Sadly, she had been the first of them to realize it.

"Right, space." She agreed, or her tone suggested as much.

Except, she didn't rightly wish for that. It was hard for her not to look at Joey without feeling something. She just couldn't accurately explain what that something was. If that something was the right thing and if it was worth investing more of themselves into. Her breathing always felt rushed, her cheeks felt warm, and her heart tended to beat faster and faster just looking at him.

If there was only some way to express to him that she still felt those things, that they were important, that they weren't wasted efforts by him to cultivate. In her mind, she only knew that it wouldn't be enough to keep her fulfilled when she wasn't around him; when her mind was at work wondering where they'd be months later or when she'd heard all his stories or when exams took priority or when she didn't really want to be around him if they weren't–

"I could do that."

Even then, she took a few steps back.

"You're a wonderful guy, Joey. I'm sorry I–" A sharp inhale, a deflating sigh, and she turned to leave because she couldn't properly finish her statement. There was a lot she should be apologetic for. She'd never wanted to upset him, even if she could now see just how unfair she had been throughout.

And she didn't want him to see how much it hurt her to do it.

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What are you sorry for?

Theo wasn’t the type of person to apologize, and her attempt to do so only proved it. That was all he would get from her. This was his last chance to ask one more question, point out one more thing, make one more plea…

…but what else could really be said?

It was a relationship as swiftly exited as it was entered. They crossed the threshold into a new stage of their lives, but perhaps it was only ever meant to be a prelude. A step in and a step out. An introduction, not a conclusion.

She showed him the door, and he saw his way out. Now it was her turn.

He let her go.


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