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* Viktoria Borovsky

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Shop name: Séance
Shop Type: Nightclub
Location: Knockturn Alley
Subforum? Yes

Short Description (50 words max): An opulent underground nightclub operating under the premise of a simple hotel.
Long Description (200 words min):  There is nothing special about the outside of Séance, aside from the flashy sign that decorates the small space above a black wooden door. To the common rambler, Séance is just another place for the weary to rest their heads. A blip on the map of Knockturn Alley. Like most things, however, Séance is more than meets the eye.

Upon entering the establishment, patrons will be greeted by the front desk clerk. The small foyer consists of two emerald velvet armchairs and a black wooden desk; behind the desk a large board with various keys, notes, and slots for guests' mail. On the immediate left is a small kitchenette that offers pastries and beverages for guests between seven and nine in the morning. To the right, steep wooden stairs that curl up into the second floor and play host to six rooms, another set of stairs on the second floor leads up the the third floor where the owner resides.

Each room in Séance is decorated to reflect the personal style of its owner, Viktoria Borovsky. Large black four-poster beds dressed with crisp white linens and luxurious emerald green accents are found in each room; windows are treated with flowing satin curtains reminiscent of her Durmstrang days and a large chandelier illuminates the space. Each room has its own private bathroom and a private entrance into the heart of Séance, where the real fun is.

When guests are ready to indulge themselves in all Séance has to offer, they simply flourish their wand and utter the words 'primum non nocere' and a door, leading to a spiral staircase, will emerge and the festivities truly begin.

The heart of Séance is actually located beneath the foyer of the first floor; the walls have been painted black so that the acts appear to pop off the stage (some of them actually do!). In the middle of the large room, a round stage that allows viewing from a full 360-degree angle; the stage itself plays host to a variety of props and scenes. Around the stage, strategically placed tables that hold anywhere from 2-6 patrons.

Each table is lined with deep emerald linens and illuminated by clusters of candles that remain suspended in the air. In the back of the room, a full-service bar. Séance is Knockturn's best kept secret and most exclusive club; shows occur nightly and they are always looking for more talent.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? It can serve as a safe haven for those want all the dark and mystery without the dangers other locations have to offer.

Calypso Ross

    (10/06/2022 at 20:34)
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Your subforum is here and you should have moderator privileges on Viktoria's account, so you should be able to sticky/lock threads. 

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