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Erzulie Saint-Dimanche

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You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: Hotel Illume
Shop Type: Hospitality
Location: London
Subforum? Yes, please replace the Botánica!

Short Description (50 words max): This grand, art deco hotel welcomes all magical folks to a first-class stay, and all manner of trendy events. Please be sure to enjoy everything our guest services have to offer before you go!

Long Description (200 words min):
Built in 1929, the thirteen-story hotel was designed by an anonymous American architect only known by the moniker “Ascian.” It is unique in their works is that it is the only one has not been fully disguised as another variety of structure. Indeed, the Hotel Illume, being the final work of Ascian, did not receive the masterful illusory exterior the designer was known for, the designer having allegedly passed away before the structure's completion. As such, it remains in appearance a typical upscale hotel, repelling Muggles only with the usual charm.

Other rumors have ensorcelled the hotel in place of missing illusions, alleging the presence of hidden rooms, hidden floors, and hidden secrets if one knows where to look. It has perhaps become best known, however, for regular social events, and its luxury penthouse suites.

A number of annual events* may be held by Hotel Illume, corresponding with both pagan and Christian holidays, making it a familiar location for social locals and curious travelers alike. These are hosted at the various service areas** of the hotel, as follows.

Querencia— Upscale comfort food created by [npc] restaurateur Chef Garrett Argabright, known for his gastropub Nox Ales in Diagon Alley. With focus on organic herbology and potions techniques, the menu elevates and reimagines traditional British and familiar international dishes. Reservations are recommended, and room service is available. Querencia can entertain parties of up to 20 at a table or in a private room.

Club Lacuna— A lush and intimate club area for up to 50 guests, the space offers a full bar and multiple seating options. While the drink menu includes both traditional and trendy offerings, some exotic house specialties are available on a seasonal basis. Appetizers can be ordered from the restaurant, and happy hour is from 3-6 p.m. weekdays. This space can be reserved for gatherings.

The Ascian Room— A conference room adjacent to and served by the club and restaurant, it is used for events too big for the others to accommodate. Groups of up to 1500 can book this room, as the walls can widen to fit more than its default maximum occupancy of 300, if needed.

Also featured, the Spa at Illume— This tranquil area boasts a wide complement of therapeutic healing services, from skincare to massage, across a number of disciplines. Services can be booked a la carte or in half-day multi-treatment appointments, for individuals or pairs.

Employment opportunities include: Various hotel staff positions including a hotel manager, concierge, and night auditor, as well as a number of positions for receptionists, bellboys, housekeeping, and maintenance; kitchen staff, dining room staff, two bartenders; a number of aestheticians and masseuses.  Employees may be asked to pass career threads to be promoted to upper management, in order to establish interest and reliability.

*Event ideas to be submitted via PM if accepted.
**The restaurant, club, and spa aren’t intended as additional ventures, but as services of the hotel having physical locations within it (as if a department store).

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?
The hotel would offer characters from around the world a place to land, and can be used as a general sort of social hub. There are also bunches of potential careers in residence. The varied jobs may offer a lot of characters the chance to connect where it may have been difficult or out of place for certain personalities to do otherwise. It would be a useful place to set up group threads for cohort groups such as class reunions, weddings, and so forth.

Let me know if you have any questions, additional specifics, or suggestions/modifications to make this venture as inclusive and collaborative as possible!

[EDIT 4/23] sorry i just changed the name! i figured this was probably easier to remember/spell C:
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Approved! Your shop subforum is here, I've also sent you a PM with further information.
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