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Frequently Asked Questions
Student Applications

Who reviews and processes my application?

Administrators and global moderators (GMods) are responsible for reviewing and processing applications. If you have any queries or concerns about submitting an application, please contact one of these members of staff. You can view the staff listing here if you are unsure who the administrators and GMods are.

How long does it take for my application to be reviewed and processed?

This depends on a number of factors, and therefore we cannot guarantee a set timeframe for reviewing and processing applications. Some applications will be reviewed and processed immediately, others may be waiting for several weeks. The following factors will affect the time it takes for us to review applications:
  • Shifting priorities and responsibilities of site staff, both on site and IRL. Our staff work hard to keep this site running and sometimes this means prioritising other responsibilities over accepting applications. We will always look at applications as soon as we have the time and capacity to do so.
  • Concerning or confusing content within the application, particularly in regards to the site rules, site rating, and magical rules. Sometimes, the admin team will need to review an application as a team to decide whether it needs to be edited to adhere to our rules before we can accept it. Discussing the application can take time, especially given that the admin team are in different timezones.
  • Special requests, including exceptional levels requests. If you make a special request alongside your application, this is very likely to affect the time it takes to accept your application. The admin team review all special requests and make a decision as a team, and discussing this can take time, especially given that the admin team are in different timezones.
  • Time of year. In the summer months (April, August, and December), student applications will always take priority over Elsewhere applications. This is because student applications can only be accepted within a limited timeframe (one month). Please also bear in mind that the admin team also have to prepare for the new school term during these months, which takes up a lot of our time.
Please do not 'bump' your application by replying to it to push it to the top of the board again. Bumping your application does not mean that it will be looked at sooner. Staff are well aware of which applications have been responded to and which still require a response; some applications inevitably require more time to review than others, and this is something that cannot be helped.

If your application appears to have been ignored, this is not the case. It is likely that an element of your application is being queried by the staff member looking at your application, and we will resolve this as soon as possible. Please note that this does not necessarily mean your application has broken the rules or the site rating; sometimes, staff ask each other for second opinions on unusual content that is well within our rules, rating, and canon, and this is a normal part of the application review process.

The deadline for student applications is always 23:59 (GMT) of the last day of the summer month (30 April, 31 August, 31 December). Generally, student applications will always be reviewed and processed before the school term begins, so please do not worry that you will miss the deadline for student applications. However, please note that if you submit an application very close to the deadline (e.g. only a few hours before the deadline), we have other responsibilities that will take priority over your application. You may have to wait until after we have opened the castle board for the start of term before we can review and process your application. If you are concerned about missing the deadline, please contact an administrator directly.

If you have any questions about your application, feel free to contact an administrator, but please do not constantly ask us when we will be getting to your application. This is a waste of everyone's time. Harassing anyone about when you will be responded to will result in the immediate denial of your application.

I think an application breaks the site rules or rating. What should I do?

If you have concerns about an application, there are several options available to you:
  • Report the post. The report button looks like a quill with a yellow warning sign beside it. It can be found under the account name and avatar. When reporting a post, you should always enter a comment to explain the reason for your report. Please be aware that the reporting function is not anonymous and all staff (admins and GMods) will receive a notification of the report.
  • Submit your concern via the Suggestion Box. Please note that this Suggestion Box is not monitored 24/7 and the response may not be immediate. Please also be aware that if you are submitting a concern that relates to a specific player or thread, rather than a general concern, we will not answer you on the general boards. If you would like a response to this type of suggestion, you must provide contact details.
  • Contact an administrator directly. If you have any concerns about a player or post breaking the rules or the rating, you should always contact an administrator (not a GMod). Administrators have the final say on whether or a post breaks the rules or rating and will decide whether a post should be removed or edited. Please see the staff listing if you are unsure who the administrators are.
The administrators will always aim to respond to members' concerns as soon as possible. However, please be aware that we are not available 24/7 and that we often discuss these concerns as a team to determine the best course of action; therefore, our response to you may be delayed.

There may be some instances where the administrators make a decision that you do not agree with in relation to applications and the site rules and/or rating. If it is clear that an administrator has reviewed an application and come to a decision, please do not post anonymous comments about the decision in the Suggestion Box, regardless of how you feel about the decision. Anonymous comments are useful to us when flagging content of potential concern. However, they are no longer useful when we have already reviewed and resolved the issue raised; posting these comments anonymously is a waste of both your time and ours.

If you are genuinely concerned or confused about a decision we have made in relation to an application, please contact us in a way that gives us the opportunity to respond to your concerns.
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