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Linden Laine

    (27/06/2019 at 21:53)
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Shop name:  Oudh
Shop Type:  Perfume shop
Location:  Diagon Alley
Subforum?  Yes [via gringotts]

Concept: The fragrances produced at Oudh are created using potions techniques and some magical ingredients; this means that while they are mostly ordinary perfumes, and many of them are perfectly ordinary, magical fragrances fix to the wearer according to the fragrance’s purpose and act as low-grade enchantments, similar to magical sweets.
  • In the same way that ordinary perfumes do, they may or may not affect the people around the wearer. This is entirely up to others whether they choose to be affected by a fragrance, and how, keeping in mind the following:
  • The perfume may or may not smell so great on the wearer if the blend isn’t right for them. For mundane perfumes, this is often determined by body chemistry, but a magical perfume’s match to a person has to do with their intention, same as a spell— you can’t cast Protego by performing Expelliarmus, and you can’t properly wear something called Aptitude if you aren’t going to make an effort. Then again, that could also have other effects, couldn’t it?
  • Unlike a spell, a fragrance doesn't require the wearer to know its intention to be used and smell lovely. However, its effects will not manifest with intention if the wearer's disposition is contrary to the fragrance.
  • Fragrances wear off naturally over 8-12 hours, or can be easily washed off. This applies to ordinary fragrances as well.
  • Mostly ordinary blends are still powerful in their ability to spark memory and emotion. Placebo effects based on the name of a blend have been observed.
  • Really special magical fragrances would need to be approved as special requests before ordering from Oudh.

Short Description (50 words max): Enchanting fragrances since 1910.
Long Description (200 words min):
The storefront is unassuming, simplistic and classic with two bay windows on either side of a narrow door. Unique, colorful, and antique bottles and atomizers decorate shelves in both bays. The façade and the hanging sign above the door are made of the fragrant wood after which the shop is named. The sign is carved in relief style, using thin letters painted beige. The planter beneath the shop window bears a variety of seasonal flowers enchanted to disperse the Fragrance of the Day during business hours.

The bottles in the bays cast colored light across the shop throughout the day as the sun streams in, creating rainbows over displays of sample bottles— amber, cobalt, crystal clear— arranged in tall stepped shelves, located centrally in a circle facing outward. There are seven stands with a different fragrance profile to each of six, and a final one presenting blends only. Testing papers and a shot glass of coffee beans to cleanse the scent are offered beneath each selection of samples.

Oudh’s extraction process is entirely on display throughout the shop. Suspended from the ceiling and fastened to the walls, copper and glass tubes in helix spirals transport liquids from one end of the room to another, following (or not) the path around the long workbench that lines the inner walls. Occasionally, one of the tubes detaches and deposits its burden into some glass container or other, and reattaches itself, allowing the next fluid to come along its merry way as vials turn in simple machines, and boilers softly fume. Anyone attempting to cross the counter or touch the tubes will experience a painful spark unless otherwise authorized to do so.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun?
The shop will offer perfume blends (a la wand shops) so folks can do those signups/threads with me or a shop assistant to obtain an interesting thing to write/plot with.
our chemistry is


Calypso Ross

    (05/07/2019 at 18:55)
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