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Author Topic: Social Reconstruction Committee: All You Need To Know!  (Read 2836 times)

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social reconstruction

committee . . . . . . . . . .

The Story So Far

Creation & Background
When the magical barriers separating Wizarding and Muggle Britain fell in September 1948, repairing them became the Ministry of Magic's primary concern. Jean-Claude Ouellet, Head of the Department of Magical Social Affairs, soon saw the opportunity to create a community project that would not only rebuild the barriers but also rebuild the whole of Wizarding Britain, so that it could finally recover from the aftermath of the war and of the Hexenreich presence (which was fading fast since the fall of the barriers).

His solution was a new committee: the Social Reconstruction Committee, a charitable organisation branching off from the Ministry and helping all those in need. Jean-Claude worked tirelessly behind the scenes from 1949 through until the official introduction of the SRC in September 1950, gathering initial members to aid him in what was going to be the largest Ministry project that Britain had ever seen. Altair was taken on as the Deputy Head of the committee, Jean-Claude's second-in-command, and leadership roles over the three subcommittees were filled by Ella Galanis (Social Events and Fundraisers), Margaret Harkiss (Community Liaisons), and Juniper Steele (Hogwarts Outreach Programme).

For the next two years, up until August 1952, the SRC flourished, growing increasingly bigger and providing help to everybody: students, parents, orphans, business owners, Purebloods, Halfbloods, Muggleborns. After the oppressive rule of the Hexenreich, the SRC's inclusive approach appealed to pretty much everyone.

Change In Leadership
In mid-August 1952, both Jean-Claude Oullet and Altair suddenly vanished without warning. Ella Galanis promptly stepped in to cover for both parties and was left to field the hundreds of requests from newspapers and reporters about what was going on. By September, Altair had been discovered to be residing in St. Mungo's hospital; by October, he was back in his position as Deputy Head of SRC and Hogwarts Librarian. Jean-Claude had yet to be found.

Several months passed, during which the SRC Head's absence only became more and more noticeable. Without any clear leadership, the network that Jean-Claude had worked so hard to create gradually began to fall apart, with Margaret Harkiss and Juniper Steele eventually leaving their positions as subcommittee leaders. During this time, the SRC was managed by Altair and Ella Galanis, and the charity continued to be able to provide for British citizens.  In January 1953, the pair decided that they needed to find a replacement for Jean-Claude. He clearly had no intention of returning.

The search for the new SRC Head promptly began, but despite the initial quick start, it was only in June 1953, almost an entire year after Jean-Claude's disappearance that a new leadership was established. In a move supported by Pryce Hir, Minister of Magic, a board of five SRC directors was created: it consisted of Altair, Ella Galanis, Cordelia Grey, Joshua Mulligan, and Wisdom Willows. Jacob Scarborough was elected to manage the Hogwarts Outreach Programme. The Community Liaisons subcommittee was merged with the Social Events & Fundraisers subcommittee, to be overseen by Milo Kingsley.

Jean-Claude Oullet's whereabouts are still unknown, but it seems that his brainchild has moved on without him. Only time will tell where it ends up.

The Reaction

The Ministry
The SRC is officially a part of the Ministry, falling under the Department of Magical Social Affairs. For the most part, Ministry workers feel positively towards the Social Reconstruction Committee. However, it has been rumoured that Minister Pryce Hir did not personally support the SRC's initial creation.

The Members
SRC members were excited by the idea originally, which was why they joined in the first place. However, since Jean-Claude's sudden and unexplained departure, the Committee has been struggling to stay afloat. It has always had the the support of the people and is financially stable, but the lack of a clear leadership meant that events and meetings became a little less regular and ordinary members were unsure about to whom they should report. The structure of the SRC has become more blurred, with many members left floundering as to how they can best help out. While Altair and Ella Galanis have done their best to provide clear information, it has not always worked out as it should. Following the announcement of new leadership, these problems are quickly becoming resolved once more.

The Average Citizen
The general public support and encourage the growth of the Social Reconstruction Committee. The Committee has aided all members of society, particularly targeting the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable. Hogwarts students have been offered a number of opportunities, including student apprenticeships, financial assistance, and mentoring programmes. Wealthier individuals have been encouraged to sign up for the SRC to aid those less fortunate. The SRC is generally well-respected and has been successful in its charitable giving and rebuilding of Wizarding Britain.