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shops and subforums
Frequently Asked Questions

what does it mean to own a shop?
Basically, it just means that you're creating a location that's available for other people to reference when they RP. Each shop lives in one of the districts of Elsewhere: Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, or London.

why don't all shops get subforums?
There are two reasons: one is cut down on clutter and unused forums on the Elsewhere boards. In our experience, a lot of shop forums are requested and rarely - if ever - used, which makes the Elsewhere board look very intimidating to new players. The second reason is that, by charging a nominal fee for shop subforums, you're helping to support the costs of keeping the site running. Anyone who owned a shop with a subforum prior to March 2014 will be grandfathered in and will not be required to purchase a subscription to keep their shop running.

what does a Shopkeeper subscription get me?
Shopkeeper subscriptions cost $2.00 USD, and are valid for one year from date of purchase. They are separate from account subscriptions in that they don't affect the number of subaccounts that you can have. However, they do allow you to have a dedicated shop subforum on the Elsewhere board, which will remain for as long as you choose to renew your Shopkeeper subscription. Your shop will also be linked from the Marketplace directory for each district. Additionally, you are not limited to one Shopkeeper subscription - feel free to purchase as many as you'd like!

what happens if I don't renew my subscription, or if I want a shop without buying one?
You can still own and RP your shop without a dedicated forum! All shops, regardless of subscription status, will be listed in the Marketplace directory for each district. Everyone is free to RP any applied/played shop; you'll just need to indicate the setting in your post so others know where you are, just as you would in any other post without a dedicated subforum. All shops without subforums can be played inside the Marketplace forums!

how do I sign up for a Shopkeeper subscription?
The same way you would for any other subscription! Just head over to the subscription-ordering page, select the Shopkeeper subscription, and follow the instructions here. When you've made your payment, go ahead and submit a helpdesk ticket letting us know - be sure to tell us the name of your shop, what district it belongs in, and a short description!
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