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Author Topic: The Litchfields ▲ purebloods, +div levels (UPDATED)  (Read 4860 times)

Lincoln Litchfield

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The Litchfield family predates the name, but there is pride in age, and no one can deny the Litchfield’s their legacy. Lines traced and ancestors linked, the Litchfield family can successfully be placed to ancient tribes deep within the forests of what is now Brazil. A line of seers; of those who foretold events to come and sought guidance from those long since passed. Renown for skills through their small tribes, it wasn’t until the first Wizard approached, did the family learn their skill was still in need of harnessing.

The Fortsauve School of Magic of Brazil was where the Litchfield’s began their schooling, but it would not be where they ended it. With knowledge always came aspiration, a desire to expand beyond what had been told. It was with this craving that the first Litchfield was born. William Litchfield, a name given when he first made the move to Britain. He entered the world in both a difficult and prosperous time. The Goblin rebellions gave the chance to make a name for an unknown man. Prophesies and premonitions, William’s assistance lead to victories, and his name was no longer unknown. Years passed, and the Litchfield’s became a line of wizard’s synonymous with high skills in divination.

Witches and Wizards attended Hogwarts, and the desire to keep their line pure began just as the Ministry of Magic came to be. The care for pureblood was strongly ingrained, their roots of a desire of knowledge and strength have seen children primarily as Gryffindors, and occasionally Ravenclaws. Always gifted with sight. Whether they practiced astrology, crystal-gazing, dream interpretation, or tessomancy, the Litchfields were known for their accuracy, easily gaining employment at the Ministry.

Lincoln is the only one born into the family without some form of divination power. The powers and strengths vary from person to person, and some find different branches of Divination work better for them than others. A very warm, tight-knit family, secrets aren't kept very well amongst them; some one will know and they will gossip. Whether they outright reveal the knowledge or vaguely drop hints about what it is about, is up to them to decide based on what the vision is about.

The main line includes Grogan Litchfield as the head of the family, with his wife Dahlia, and their 6 children. Grogan's father (the elder Litchfield) and mother live with them. Recently, they are helpers to the Resistance against the Hexenreich, offering money and sanctuary in their home, and a good portion of the children are part of the group.

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Lincoln Litchfield

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Player must have been RPing at this site for at least 1 IC term (3 OOC months) for all of the following, so I know they will be active! Thank you! <3

Grogan Litchfield – OPEN – (FC: Delroy Lindo)
Head of family, oldest of three brothers. Very serious but good natured. Ministry employee; Unspeakable. Happily married to Dahlia, father to Lincoln, Truman, Madison, Theodore, Victoria, and Monroe.

Dahlia Litchfield – OPEN – (FC: Diahann Carroll)
Grogan's wife, from smaller pureblood family, medium (talks to spirits/ghosts). Most of history up to player. Mother to Lincoln, Truman, Madison, Theodore, Victoria, and Monroe.

Franklin Litchfield – OPEN – (FC: Danny Glover)
Grandfather, Unspeakable, retired. Military backgrund. First name, history, and div abilities up to player. Married to Hillary, father to Grogan, Reginald, and Odysseus.

Hilary Litchfield – OPEN – (FC: Ruby Dee)
Grandmother, married in, retired. First name, history, and div specialty up to player. Wife of Franklin, and mother to Grogan, Reginald, and Odysseus. Note: she will not have heightened div powers due to her heritage.

Iris – OPEN – (FC: Whoopi)
Dahlia's younger sister. Pureblood, not a Litchfield, married. Author and socialite. Last name, history, and div specialty up to player. Note: she will not have heightened div powers due to her heritage.

Victoria Litchfield – OPEN – (19yo)
Only daughter to Grogan and Dahlia, and only sister to Lincoln and the other brothers. High class, with an interest in fashion. Previously adopted.

the Extended – OPEN – (all ages)
The family is large, so cousins, aunts, uncles, second cousins, in-laws, nieces, nephews, etc are all needed! Willing to work with siblings to Grogan and Dahlia and how you'd be related. Just ask! <3 Please see the Family Tree (to be edited as needed).

Lincoln Litchfield – OPEN – (33yo)
Oldest sibling, no abilities, Unspeakable & Hogwarts librarian.

Truman Litchfield – OPEN – (around 28yo)
Second oldest, St. Mungos healer - E&T.

Madison Litchfield – OPEN – (around 25yo)
Third eldest, Seer, Unspeakable.

Theodore Litchfield – OPEN – (around 20yo)
Third youngest sibling.

Monroe Litchfield – OPEN – (around 15yo)
Youngest sibling, still at Hogwarts. Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. FC, history, abilities, and presidential name up to player.

Please PM Lincoln Litchfield if interested, or if you have questions!

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Lincoln Litchfield

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The admin have given their blessing on our little family and are working out a system to help us and them keep the extra work involved to a minimum.

We're happy to pre-approve high Div levels within reason (Div level not to exceed 14, total levels not to exceed 36) for the first Litchfield alt of any player. This can be noted in the character application as approved and will not require anything further; it'll be on-file as pre-approved with site staff.

So only one Litchfield that you create can have high Div levels, as stated above, and you do not have to put in a special request for it, just note it in the character app. Any other Litchfield you create after that character will have to have normal Div levels.

Also, it has been noted that no further additional special requests (e.g., lycanthropy, legilimency, Seer, etc.) for Litchfield characters will be approved until a term's worth of activity has been demonstrated with the character/family to make sure that they'll be played actively.

Also, just as a reminder, no one family has a monopoly on special abilities, and it would be highly unrealistic for every member of a single family to manifest a power beyond the affinity for Divination. In a lot of cases, the abilities people are requesting are actually things that can be covered by the abilities granted for regular Divination levels under the magical rules. It just requires a little creativity. If you're not sure of how to do this for the abilities that you want or if you have any questions, feel free to shoot one of us a PM and we'll figure it out together.

Owned now by Lincoln's parents, Grogan and Dahlia Litchfield, Litchfield Place is center for any family gatherings and holiday festivities for the entire clan. Whether they still live there or not, Grogan and Dahlia's children all have rooms here still, and Grogan's parents stay with them in the home as well. No one else lives here. Extended family are welcome to spend a few days at the manor, especially on holidays, but no longer.

New: Open to resistance members; harboring or hosting meetings.

Looks like: Lanhydrock House

Family aesthetic ala The Black Ivy.

Need an FC?: Boyd Alves, Ysham Avdulahi, Jaden Smith, Michael Ealy, Orlando Jones, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Sunjata, Cress Williams, Gaius Charles, Jason George, Taye Diggs, Seal, Gary Carr, Brandon T. Jackson, Conrad Coates, Khylin Rhambo, Nonso Anozie, Edrick Browne, Ozwald Boateng, Frank Ocean, Nathan Stewart Jarrett, Sinqua Walls, Joseph Adamu, Zoe Kravitz, Willow Smith, Janelle Monae, Nicole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood, Amandla Stenberg, Jerrika Hinton, Loretta Devine, Debbie Allen, BEYONCE, Annie Ilonzeh, Viola Davis, Angela Bassett, Pearl Bailey, Nina Simone, Irma P. Hall,....

normal=men, italic=women

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