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Ophelie Lecuyier

    (14/08/2013 at 02:41)

subscriptions . . . . .

what are they, how do you buy them, & how do they work?

What is a subscription?
A subscription is a paid membership to HS.net that gives your account special perks. Presently, it increases the number of subaccounts you can link to your main account. The basic account - what you create when you join - allows you two free, linked subaccounts. You can have as many of these as you wish, but that means you won't have access to all of your characters in one place. By subscribing, you have the option to link your subaccounts to one main, or parent account. This means that you won't have to log in and out of your account to post with any of your characters - instead, you can switch with the dropdown (to check a different character's PMs or to utilize access privileges if they're different) or post from any character by use the dropdown menu on the post editor.

Where does the money go?
The money we earn from subscriptions helps us maintain HS.net - it pays for server costs, upgrades for things like the chat system, and allows us to purchase extra server space to accommodate our rapidly growing archives.

What does a subscription get me?
We have four different levels of subscriptions. They're available to view from the profile of your parent account (your first account, and the one that lists your subaccounts on its main page) by hovering over Actions > Paid Subscriptions. However, for ease of reference, the levels are:
  • Knut - $6 for six months. Allows two additional subaccounts (total of 4 + parent account).
  • Sickle - $10 for 12 months. Allows two additional subaccounts (total of 4 + parent account).
  • Galleon - $15 for 12 months. Allows seven additional subaccounts (total of 9 + parent account).
  • Platinum - $25 for 12 months. Allows seventeen additional subaccounts (total of 19 + parent account).
  • Shopkeeper - $2 for 12 months. Allows a forum for your shop.

You can also earn Gringotts' points by subscribing!

How do I sign up?
You can find detailed instructions for how to purchase and activate your subscription right here!

What happens when my subscription expires?
That depends. If you've set your PayPal to renew automatically, we'll get notified of your recurring payment and we'll be able to set your subscription to renew.

If you haven't, your subscription period will end. The admins keep track of when each subscription is up, and we'll send you a PM letting you know it's expired. You can either send us a new payment to keep your subscription, or let us know that you don't want to continue.

If I don't continue, can I keep my subaccounts?
Yes and no. We won't delete any of your characters unless you request a retirement, so don't worry about that! However, the subscription price entitles you to linked accounts as long as you're paying for the subscription. If there's a point where you don't wish to renew your subscription, we'll separate your subaccounts back into basics: one parent account with two subaccounts. If you have a Platinum subscription, for example, with fourteen subaccounts (15 total, including the parent), you would wind up with five basic accounts.

How do you decide which accounts are the parents?
We'll ask you! When you decline to renew, we'll ask you to indicate which subaccounts you'd like us to set as parents for your new basic accounts.

How long do I have to decide?
You'll have 1 OOC week (7 days) to decide whether you want to renew your account and, if not, which accounts you'd like to set as parents. After 1 OOC week (7 days), if we've received no response, admins will assume you're not interested in renewing and we'll separate your accounts into as many basics as we need to.

Can my accounts be relinked if I subscribe again later?
Yes, they can! You can link existing accounts (provided you have the space) by doing the following:
  • Go the Profile of the parent account you want to link to.
  • Hover over Modify Profile > Manage Subaccounts
  • Click on Create/Link as you would if you were creating a new subaccount.
  • Enter the username and password of the existing account you wish to link.

If you have any additional questions about subaccounts or subscriptions, please PM an admin and we'll see what we can do to help!
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