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Shop name: Honeydukes
Shop Type: Candy shop
Location: Hogsmeade
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Short Description (50 words max): Enchanting aromas and magical delights await all who step foot inside this legendary sweet shop. From Fizzing Whizzbees to Pixie Puffs, satisfy your sweet tooth with the world’s most marvelous wizarding confections.

Long Description (200 words min): Founded in 1641, Honeydukes stands as an iconic cornerstone of Hogsmeade. The quaint green doors and faded gold H O N E Y D U K E S nameplate does not properly imbue the vibrancy that awaits shoppers.

Brilliant hues of red, blue, and green explode across the open shelves and inside the hundreds of glass jars neatly stacked upon counters. The rows upon rows of confections are adorned in their elegant packaging, showcasing that Honeydukes boasts a selection from around the world. Of course, it is not the sugar that makes Honeydukes’ wares special, it is the magic infused into each and every treat. Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans offer a whimsical adventure with every bite, from earwax to tutti-frutti. Exploding Bonbons add an element of surprise, while the delicate Sugar Quills promise to satisfy both sweet tooths and intellectual minds alike, to name a few favorites. Stationed beside the front doors of the shop are a stack of metal buckets that allows patrons to fill up with as many sweets as they can carry.

The shop is currently owned by Bernard “Bernie” Thistleberry (NPC), an eccentric man with thick glasses and graying wisps of leftover hair. Bernie is a longtime and proud Hogsmeade community member and an amateur confectioner. Secretly tucked away in the locked back room is Bernie’s personal laboratory, where he (attempts to) make his own enchanted sweets to, at times, disastrous affect. If you are brave enough to taste one of Bernie’s creations, they can be found at the front near the registers.

Easton Warwick, who has been working at the shop since he was fifteen years old has recently been promoted to manager. The added responsibility allowed Bernie to focus more on his creations and his dream of one day being a famous candy maker.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? Honeydukes is one of the most recognizable shops in HP canon and will allow players to immerse themselves into a familiar part of this universe. Additionally, this shop provides a great opportunity for characters to meet up with lots of external magical elements to interact with. There will also be an opportunity for employment for adults and student-aged characters alike.
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