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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Sutton Ashbourne
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Blood Status: Pureblood

Hogwarts - Slytherin

Cambridge, England

Auror - Hit Witch

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  • Charms: 12
  • Divination: 6
  • Transfiguration: 7
  • Summoning: 7
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Biography: (300 words minimum.)
Being the middle child came with all sorts of stereotypes. Not as smart, not as capable, not as adjusted. Too many negatives to count on her thin fingers. So many that her family didn’t really pay attention to her and when they did it wasn’t for long.

She didn’t remember a time when her parents looked at her with much more than disdain. Always the disappointing daughter. Hearing her father talk about how lucky they were to have two extra when she messed up.

Her older sister, Winnie, was her father’s favorite and her younger sister, Jade, was her mother’s. That left her with all the breathing room in the world. Part of her resented her siblings growing up, but when she got out of school she learned to appreciate the freedoms. Winnie had been placed under her father’s wing burdened with learning the family business. Jade was married off as soon as their mother found a good match.

She wasn’t the pride of the family -granted they tried to marry her off far too many times.

Too wild, too opinionated, too much were all things that were said as contracts were torn up and wedding plans were paused during her last year of school. She wasn’t about to be married off to some random, so she did everything she could to put a stop to it.

She spent her school years in Gryffindor dueling and playing quidditch. Her favorite classes were charms and potions and these seemed to be where she excelled.

Graduating with top marks she found her way into the ministry as an auror trainee. Finding her niche in external investigations where she worked for the last five years. She loved how the evidence told a story. Figuring out the motives and passions of the unsub. Building a profile that tapped into the person’s psyche. What she loved even more though was being untouchable. It was all a thrill that had her firmly in its grasp.

Recently she put in a request to be placed on the Hit Witch and Wizard Taskforce.

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Option Two -
The snow had been falling steadily all morning and it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. Joshua Campbell scrunched his face up in a frown as he lifted his gaze to look to the sky. Snow. It really was quite a bother.

And it certainly didn't make it better that Diagon Alley seemed to be getting more and more crowded. Joshua sighed and pointed his wand at the large box that was currently placed on the doorstep of his shop. He had to get going. He had an order to deliver.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" The elderly man muttered and watched the box hover in the air for a moment. Honestly, did St. Mungo's really need that much tinsel? And with glitter of all things? He sighed again. If it hadn't been for the rather convincing stamp on the order, he would have been likely to believe it had been a prank by one of those orphaned rascals living up there.

Oh well, there was no point in waiting. Joshua deftly stirred the box down the doorstep and out onto the street, carefully levitating it above the heads of the crowd.

"Coming through! Coming through!" His voice sounded over the chatter of the crowd. "Keep out! Move ahead! Go on!" This was going way too slow. People were in the way and walking like they had all day! He huffed. Luckily the road was down hill.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!" Joshua let out a loud shout as his feet suddenly slipped in the snow and sent him, the box, and several long strands of tinsel tumbling into the person who had been walking in front of him.

"For Merlin's sake!" Joshua muttered angrily as he hurried to his feet again, red and gold tinsel now decorating his black coat. "I am so sorry! This blasted snow!" He looked apologetic at the person he had crashed into.

Roleplay Response:

For a moment she had thought a midday date had sounded fun, but considering the snow that had begun to build up that was now melting through the tip of her favorite heels she was regretting it a bit. Sutton paused in frustration as she looked at her watch. Two minutes late. She hoped the beast of a man that she felt sorry enough to say yes to wouldn't expect a second date.

"Three more minutes." She said to herself as she paced outside of the restaurant.

In her head she chastised herself. A bit of a pessimist, but she didn't have time to waste. She had much better things to be doing. Catching up on the blasted paper work that had seemed to ramp up recently at work, sitting on a beach with a drink in her hand, reading the latest witch weekly. Really anything other than the thing she was doing.

With a sigh she stepped out onto the crowded sidewalk, not paying attention.

One shout later her mouth was left agape as tinsel and glitter crashed into and around her. "Watch where you're going!" She yelled almost instinctually, not bothering to try and help the man up.

As he apologized though she let out a calming breath. "It's fine." She said, peeling tinself off. "It's fine." She repeated this time more for herself. This was just what she needed. With the way this day was going she should have just gone home and slept.

"Who needs this much tinsel anyways?" She questioned as she peeled more off of herself. "This is ridiculous."

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