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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Zailey (Pavlova) Zsofka
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Blood Status: Pureblood

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry | 1944-1951 | Slytherin

Residential London


Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the Ministry, Shrieking Shack) or to take over an existing shop in need of new management?

Requested Magic Levels:
  • Charms: 8
  • Divination: 12
  • Transfiguration: 5
  • Summoning: 6

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Keziah Zsofka

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
Born of a heated exchange between two strangers, Zailey has lived a life atypical of her fellow witches. Abandoned at an orphanage at birth, raised by a crumbling couple, and eventually adopted by a charming couple; there is nothing about Zailey or her upbringing that would have ever indicated she was destined for great things in her short lifetime.

At the age of three, Zailey was whisked away to London by Boris and Anya Petrova. Ex-pats of Russia, they had merely returned in the search for a child of their own; a daunting yet fulfilling task. Growing up in a seemingly normal community, Zailey was a stranger to the magical world until the sudden departure of her beloved adopted parents. Unbeknownst to her, she had a magic-laden pedigree and was the only Petrova survivor of the Time Warp.

With her entire world gone and only the briefest of fuzzy memories to serve as snippets of her family; Zailey wandered for a brief period of time (scavenging to get by) until she was taken in by a lovely (magical) family that had endured their own slew of losses (mainly fostered children). It was in their home that she was welcomed, nurtured, and eventually forgot the life she had once had with Boris and Anya. It was there that she received her letter and a whole new world opened up to her.

In 1944, Zailey began attending school at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Sorted into Slytherin, she became active in Spellbound and Quidditch. In 1946, her biological mother, Izolda, came into her life as a Professor. By 1947, Zailey had gained both a biological father, Ivan, and a twin, Zander. She graduated from Hogwarts in 1951 where she was neither a prefect nor Head Girl.

After spending her first three year's post-education abroad in Hungary, Zailey returned to London with her daughter, Keziah. Living in a small flat, she has raised the young girl entirely on her own working both muggle and magical jobs alike. Her husband, Sandor, was killed shortly after Keziah's second birthday. She has never remarried.

You come across one of these posts on the site. Please select one & reply as your character:

Option One -
Amelia Nixon was many things, but she was never a pushover reporter that people could just usher away with a busy shuffle past. She was dedicated and eager to cut to the very middle of the current political tensions because she was Amelia Nixon and her articles would most certainly become front page material.

“Sir, please! It’s for the Prophet, how do you feel-“

Another one brushed passed her, the shuffling busy masses making their way through Diagon Alley for the lunchtime rush. This had been the best possible time to get people, but none of them were giving her anything to go with.

Only momentarily discouraged, the short red headed lady took a seat on a nearby bench. Her quill resting in her left hand and her notepad ready in the opposite hand. Amelia pouted, tapping the quill against her leg as she scanned the waves of people for somebody - anybody - who looked like they had something to say.

She had been dreaming of her name in bold print, Amelia Nixon: The Source of Today’s Tomorrow. She had been dreaming of the larger office and the secretaries that would fetch her the morning coffee and fetch her anything she needed. The VIP interviews and the most exclusive press passes. But all Amelia had was a page seventeen piece on the rising number of frogs in London.

Hardened by a day of no success, the reporter stood up and started to trod off down the alley. A loose stone on the cobble path caught her heel, sending the distraught girl toppling down to the ground.

“Merlin’s fog watch, my heel is broken! Help!” she yelled as she tried desperately to recover her shoe frantically in the middle of the Diagon Alley moving crowds.

Option Two -
The snow had been falling steadily all morning and it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. Joshua Campbell scrunched his face up in a frown as he lifted his gaze to look to the sky. Snow. It really was quite a bother.

And it certainly didn't make it better that Diagon Alley seemed to be getting more and more crowded. Joshua sighed and pointed his wand at the large box that was currently placed on the doorstep of his shop. He had to get going. He had an order to deliver.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" The elderly man muttered and watched the box hover in the air for a moment. Honestly, did St. Mungo's really need that much tinsel? And with glitter of all things? He sighed again. If it hadn't been for the rather convincing stamp on the order, he would have been likely to believe it had been a prank by one of those orphaned rascals living up there.

Oh well, there was no point in waiting. Joshua deftly stirred the box down the doorstep and out onto the street, carefully levitating it above the heads of the crowd.

"Coming through! Coming through!" His voice sounded over the chatter of the crowd. "Keep out! Move ahead! Go on!" This was going way too slow. People were in the way and walking like they had all day! He huffed. Luckily the road was down hill.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!" Joshua let out a loud shout as his feet suddenly slipped in the snow and sent him, the box, and several long strands of tinsel tumbling into the person who had been walking in front of him.

"For Merlin's sake!" Joshua muttered angrily as he hurried to his feet again, red and gold tinsel now decorating his black coat. "I am so sorry! This blasted snow!" He looked apologetic at the person he had crashed into.

Roleplay Response:
The piece of paper had been crumpled and ran through, what looked like, a pile of dirt. The brunette female slowly meandered down the street of Diagon Alley, eyeing the different buildings as she tried to relocate the club she had visited weeks before. "Was it here?" she muttered to herself, standing doubtfully in front of a blacked out window.

As quickly as she had made up her mind to enter, Zailey could hear the cries of a woman in distress and her eyes quickly moved to locate the source. Pushing her way past the crowd, she spotted Amelia on the cobblestones and gestured for her to grab onto her open hand. "Is your heel alright?" she inquired before stuffing the paper into her pocket and offering a smile.

Zailey had only been back a few years but she could've sworn she recognized her face. As people shuffled past them she lamented how London had changed so drastically and yet it also felt like it had never changed at all. "Maybe we can fix that!" She exclaimed, withdrawing her wand from the pocket of the velvet robe she wore. It would be worth the try.
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I've updated your title for you -- however, given that you have a previous accepted Elsewhere application from July 2019 (here) and Zailey earned her levels as a played student, you won't be able to claim the 32 levels reserved for new Elsewhere characters, so these will stay the same.

You are welcome to buy levels with your Gringotts points and/or earn levels through Elsewhere threads. Information on earning Elsewhere levels can be found here.

Hope that makes sense, but let me know if you have any further questions about earning levels as an Elsewhere adults.
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