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Author Topic: A Tale of Teague | adult adoptables  (Read 1071 times)

Dymphna Teague

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Vince malum bono.

Dymphna Teague
 16 | elle fanning | ravenclaw | app

Dymphna (dimf-nah) and the Teagues were a family that I created in 2016. I've put a lot of thought into them but I haven't opened them up to being adoptables before. They have a long history that I haven't completed yet, but it may or may not work for HS anyway. Does it matter after the Time Warp? Anyway, for now I'll just say that their ancestry can be traced back to Vikings / Norse–Gaels nobility. They come from old money but their wealth has dwindled. The richest person in the family is Eithne. Everyone else is comfortable, not able to keep multiple estates but not living paycheck to paycheck either. Please reach out to me here or on Discord (Rosebud#4327) if you'd like to discuss anything!

Create Your Own
 any age, house and personality

None of these appeal to you? Feel free to message me with ideas for your own characters within the family. I'm pretty open to giving her parents and grandparents siblings. Even Eoghan who was murdered could have a long lost child or something. I'm down for anything!

Conn Teague
 30s-40s | simon baker | huffle alumni | goofball | free-spirited | loyal | pic

Interests: history, antiques, muggle items.
Conn (Kon) is the father of Dymphna. He either works in an antique shop or a museum (whatever there is need for on site). His upbringing was laidback and he lives in the same house as when he was a child - the small bed and breakfast his parents run. He's a cheerful fellow who loves his wife and family. It takes a lot to make him mad but he's also a sensitive soul (ex: cried when Dymphna went to camp). He may act differently around men outside of the family, trying to appear like a "real manly man" as to not "shame the family name." In conclusion, he's a man-child without being disrespectful to his wife or home. *He is currently in St. Mungo's for an illness.
Tidbits: his patronus is a Chestnut Stallion; he's owned various cats over the years. He and his wife were childhood friends then Hogwarts sweethearts, but they had miscarriages and weren't able to have Dymphna until seven years into their marriage.

Orlagh Teague née Sloane
 30s-40s | january jones | raven alumni | empathetic | determined | pic

Interests: gardening, reading, sewing.
Orlagh (or-lah) is the mother of Dymphna. She's a Healer at St. Mungo's (department of your choosing) and will occasionally experience sexism and issues with her Veela heritage while working. She has taken time off from work due to these issues and has considered a different career, up to you if she goes another route. She has a more serious personality than her husband but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have fun. I think of them as balancing one another out. She's organized and meticulous, and extremely family oriented.
Tidbits: Her patronus is a White Mare (to go along with her husbands). She has an owl named Driscoll. She's 1/4 Veela and was raised in a small castle in Malahide. She and her husband were childhood friends (same hometown) and eventually Hogwarts sweethearts before getting married. It took them many miscarriages and seven years of marriage to have Dymphna. *Would love to have some sort of adoption plot so Dymph can have siblings!

Anlon Teague
 60s-70s | michael douglas | gryff alumni | quiet | expressive | pic
NPC, please ask before using

Interests: old cars, travel.
Anlon (an-lon) is Dymphna's paternal grandfather. His ancestors built the house where three generations live. It's also been turned into a small bed and breakfast, only having enough room for a few people at a time. He also works at the Post Office. He and his wife Cao met during their Hogwarts years but he thought of her as an annoyance at first (three year age difference). They slowly became friends but didn't date until after leaving Hogwarts. They had their son out to wed-lock (oopsie baby) and got married sometime during his childhood.
Tidbits: His patronus is a blackbird. While he was once able to speak, he has since lost the ability through it's mysterious as to why (to Dymphna). I don't have the full details plotted out yet but he may have been cursed. Because of my indecisiveness about what happened to him, I don't feel comfortable having him as an adoptable character but he's still an important member of the family.

Caoifhoinn Teague née Burke
 60s-70s | yasmina rossi?? | huffle alumni | laidback | odd (luna lovegood inspired) | pic

Interests: eating (baking), farming.
Caoifhoinn "Cao" (key-lin) is Dymphna's paternal grandmother. Her main job is managing the bed and breakfast where the family live. However, Malahide isn't exactly a bustling town so she also has time to be a farmhand to the neighboring farms. She's a sheepdog animagus (registered unless you have a good reason for her not to be lol). She and her husband met during their Hogwarts years but didn't date until after they left school. They had Conn out of wed-lock and married sometime during his childhood. Her personality is similar to her sons, laidback but a bit odd. She doesn't care about social norms and will do what she wants, doesn't care for being feminine, polite, or following societal rules.
Tidbits: Her patronus is a Sheepdog. 

Dioreann Burke
 60s | daphne guinness  | raven alumni | creative | adventurous | pic

Interests: writing, travel, dating.
Dioreann "Dior" (dirren) is Dymphna's great-aunt and sister of Cao. She introduced Cao to Anlon when they all went to school together. During her time at Hogwarts, she wrote for the school newspaper. During her summers, she would write about her travels for her section of the paper that she called The Roaming Ravenclaw. Due to her consistent work on the paper, she was able to land an entry-level job and worked her way up to being an editor. Due to her work, she hasn't settled down and prefers dating around to having a husband.
Tidbits: Her patronus is a dragonfly. I've always seen her as bisexual lol. She took Dymphna in when she ran away from her grandparents. They travelled to Egypt together for Dior's work before returning to her home in France where Dymphna would attend Beauxbatons, before returning to Hogwarts.

Fergus Sloane
 60s-70s | jeff bridges?? | gryff alumni | jubilant (inspired by fergus from brave) | pic

Interests: winged horses (racing etc etc).
Fergus is Dymphna's maternal grandfather. He and his wife likely met at Hogwarts where he excelled in Care of Magical Creatures. At some point during his marriage, he moved into Malahide Castle (his wifes childhood home) and used the stables there to breed winged horses. He loves all animals though! He's an extremely cheerful person who looks at the world with optimism. While he does acknowledge the personality of his wife, he isn't afraid of her (as in her harpy-like features when angry etc). He believes in true love and thinks his wife is his soulmate, but she married him for his families influence rather than for love. This isn't something he's aware of.
Tidbits: His patronus is a brown bear. 

Eithne Teague née Talbot
 70s | maye musk | slyther alumni | distrustful | serious | pic

Interests: genealogy, dark arts, revenge.
Eithne (en-ya) is Dymphna's 1/2 Veela maternal grandmother (and one of my more fleshed out adoptables). Alongside her brother Eoghan (yo-in), she was given up by her father to be raised by her aunt in Malahide Castle. It's known that her father gave them up because he didn't want to leave his Veela lover. Her aunt raised her to be the "perfect wife" and she grew up feeling restricted, unlike her brother who was free to do as he pleased. Though she herself is marginalized due to being a known Veela, she seeks revenge on the (muggles?) ones who murdered her brother. She's one of the more traditional/elitists in the family and doesn't care who knows it. She married her husband because of his family name and influence rather than for love, and may regret it due to the Teague's dwindled wealth.
Tidbits: Her patronus is a pheasant. She took Dymphna in when her father got sick, and arranged her marriage to Alexander Darcy without her approval.
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