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Felicia Navarro

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Application for Hogwarts School


Felicia Navarro

December 21st 1935

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada- recently moved to Cork, Ireland.


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):
Fourth (preferably) or Third

Felicia’s birth was surrounded by tragedy, her mother dying within minutes of bringing her only child to the world. Her father then, certain that his daughter would need all of the luck and happiness in the world, chose her name, and raised her to be a carefree, if not often excitable and reckless girl.

Being the daughter of Francisco Navarro, an enthusiastic dragonologist, Felicia not only grew up with a highly inquisitive mind, but also with a certain sense of fearlessness for the big, wild things with sharp teeth, a behaviour encouraged by her curious nature, and a devastatingly strong need to understand things. While her father doesn’t want his only child to get hurt, he still encourages her instinct to discover and know the world around her, to the point of having taken her to work near dragons several times- with all of the necessary safety precautions, of course.

While she was born and spent most of her life in Canada, her father recently accepted a position in Ireland, prompting their small family to leave friends and connections behind to start anew in a whole other continent, with new people and a new school.

Her extended family consists of a lot of loud, male cousins and uncles, and a few fussing aunts- who are absolutely horrified every time she appears wearing trousers and covered in dirt- who she sees roughly once a year; it was during one of these family reunions that she dressed as a boy to be able to go swimming with her cousins, much to her father’s baffled amusement- and her aunts’ horrified surprise- when they found out. After the incident, her cousins still introduce her as “our cousin Félix” to this day, a nickname she eventually grew to love, but is only comfortable by being called so by either family or a very close friend.

The lack of reprimands from her father on this incident caused a quiet, unspoken rejection towards the both of them from the more conservative members of the family, a fact that she’s painfully aware of, and tries not to think about often, otherwise she gets vaguely frustrated and certainly gloomy.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:

Described as either as brilliant or absolutely insane, Felicia is cheerful, friendly, and a bit clumsy at occasions. If anything catches her attention, she tends to focus a hundred percent on the object of her curiosity, to the point of ignoring everything else around her- and that’s a big point on her personality, a strong sense of curiosity, that’s it, often going on tangents in conversations or possessing an almost nonexistent sense of self-preservation in front of her desire to know.

(This is a girl who allowed herself to be bitten several times by a poisonous snake just so she could experience firsthand the symptoms. She spent the whole summer in the hospital afterwards, keeping a journal on her reactions and progress. Her desire to acquire knowledge and understanding on whatever her object of study happens to be is just too strong. Please, someone do save this girl from herself.

While knowing she can come out a bit too intense to people who don’t know her, she doesn’t particularly mind- actually, she’s not the most self-conscious person you will meet, embarrassment? Shame? Who has time for that? Certainly not this girl, she’s too busy for feeling humiliated, she’s already out there, doing great things- or probably getting maimed in the name of research.

Regarding other people, she’s self-aware enough to try and avoid bothering them too much if she knows they’re not particularly interested into whatever she’s saying or doing, but enjoys nevertheless being social, even joking around- her particular brand of humor tends to include several puns and word plays that only she finds funny-; in general, as long as she likes the person, she’ll like spending time with them or help them- while being mindful not to neglect her research that much.

Short, slim, with a very expressive face- she cannot lie to save her life, nor she feels inclined to do so- and a handful of small scars acquired over the course of her ‘experiments’; the most noticeable being a short one on the corner of her lips.

Her light blue eyes are always round and alert, either blinking too much or too less, and her hair used to be dark brown- until, while being the test subject for one of her cousin’s transfiguration exploring on Summer, it was turned an odd shade of silvery-white. She laughed it out and stuck with it all summer, and when someone asked if she wanted it fixed, she just shrugged and said she would roll with it.

While Felicia doesn’t particularly rebel against traditional feminine clothing, the fact remains that there’s a certain lack of female role models in her life, and, well, pants are just a more sensible option for hiking than skirts, aren’t they? This comes at odds with her taste for make-up, in which she finds a (safe) outlet for creativity and experimenting with colors- a couple of times, she could be seen wearing her cousins’ clothes, while still wearing dramatic eyeliner, trying to define which one of two plants was the poisonous one, and which one was the one who reacted by exploding if exposed to water.

Word on the street maintains that she looks better than some boys in a suit.

Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.
Option I:
“Emma Birch?” Felicia answered distractedly, walking down the halls “No, I’m Felicia.”

Potions class had been proving intense, and while the professor had answered more of her questions, she still had a ton more- mostly about the effects of polyjuice potion when used with a hair sample from an animal, but, as the professor had informed her, that was a peculiar tangent and not quite the topic for the class. Felicia still hoped she could make an appointment with the professor out of class hours, and have her questions answered- either that or find a good book or article on the subject- and was still writing her questions on the margins of her parchment while she walked.

Eventually- barely avoiding tripping over her own robes in her focus on the paper- she rose her head, looking at the younger girl in the eye. It was a bit late, and as far as she knew none of the first or second years had potions class at this hour- but well, maybe she was visiting a friend or… exploring the dungeons. Or something.

Vaguely aware of the ink stains on her hands and face, she offered the girl a smile, “Who’s Emma Birch? A friend of yours?” and then, without missing a beat, “also, you won’t happen to know how to get to the Great Hall, do you? I’ve been walking around for ten minutes, I always manage to get lost in the dungeons…”


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Dear Miss Navarro,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 January. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,

Calypso Ross

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