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Author Topic: Von Stein, Harman, and Spellbody Family Adoptables  (Read 699 times)

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Von Stein

Honor above all


always kindness

Delilah Spellbody
 Feburary 16, 1957 | Rowan Blanchard| Hufflepuff | Friendly | Daddy's Girl

Delilah is the youngest child of Phillip and Ellen Spellbody and is just as mischievous as her older brother, Jasper Spellbody. She loves a good prank, but only when it is in good fun. She loves sweets and loves making friends. Her favorite pastime besides pulling pranks is baking with her father whom she adores. Her and Jasper are on good terms mostly, but she is always trying to get a prank pulled on him. She hasn't surprised him yet, but soon maybe. Delilah is also the new cousin to Cordelia Von Stein due to the marriage of thier aunts to each other this past summer. Deliliah thinks it is great as it is another kid her age she can get to know, but Jasper is not so sure about the kind of attention the coupling may bring. Regardless young Delilah is more focused on preparing for all the new friends she will have when she starts at Hogwarts! Back in New York she and her brother had private tutors and there where no kids her age in the apartments. She can't wait to get to know other kids her age, and with her new cousin there she was sure to meet the right ones!


Try try again

Penelope (Penny) Harman
 Janurary 11, 1961 | Peyton List | Playful | Curious | Loyal

Penny is one of the youngest children of Jonathan Harman and Edith (Spellbody) Harman. The other is her twin brother Percy. While Percy is more the adventurous type Penny is usually the kind who will follow along on his ideas of adventures. Penny is fiercly loyal much like her older sister Esmerelda and will do anything for her friends. Penny thinks her new cousin Cordelia is fun and likes to visit her and let her read them stories. She makes the stories come to life! Penny also has a pention for collecting things. From flowers to "pretty rocks" to odd looking twigs anything is game to become a collection for her.
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