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Character name: Able Sorley

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Linc Litch, et all

Character age: 37

Character education: Hogwarts, Slytherin '35

Strength and weaknesses (details please):

Able's strengths lay in his attention to detail and strong work ethic. He thrives in keeping himself busy and organized, in doling out tasks. Having been a manager at the Prophet for roughly ten years, he has no trouble keeping himself and others on track, or dealing out punishments when needed. His weaknesses definitely lay in his social interactions and communications. When he doesn't care he can come off as being cold and rather mean, and when he's in Work Mode some might go so far to say ruthless.

Physical description:

With many strict care routines perfected over the years in place, Able still looks relatively the same well put together young man he was in his twenties-- with some exceptions. Working out in his free time and working around the land of his cabin has kept him fit, though a diet consisting of takeout leftovers and meals from restaurants hasn't necessarily been the kindest to him. His hair is still the thick, shiny coif it's always publicly combed back into, though a touch of grey has started to pick up at his temples and he's been known in the last few years to let the length rest softly without product on his days off. He dresses meticulously in the clean sharp lines of expensive suits, though more often than not the jacket is tossed aside rather quickly and he can be found with his sleeves rolled up and his tie abandoned by mid day. Around the house he has started to favor more comfortable clothes, light tees and slacks in the summer, softer sweaters in the colder months. And his eyes are still their methodically bright shade of blue, though softened by a tired restlessness.

Personality (nice, rude, funny etc. Paragraph please.):

Publicly Able has always been described as being a catty teenage girl, and that has always leaned true. He enjoys being the Queen Bee, having some amount of power over others, not caring if respect isn't in the picture as long as he has some form of upper hand. Gossiping has always been a favorite past time, along with nosing himself where he doesn't belong. He will often meet dumb questions with long silent stares that might catch one on fire, and isn't below verbally tearing into someone when they've annoyed him. Underhanded forms of payback are not out of the question if you've really gotten on his bad side, and he's not afraid of dealing out punishments when things aren't done correctly.

But there's a more private side of Able Sorley, too. One that loyally covets those who have manged to push through his facade and settle in, who have impressed him in some way to gain his respect. Deeper and rarer than that, even, they'd find he is actually capable of trusting and loving another. Those few would find Able on their sides, using his position to mutually benefit one another. Defenses dropped, Able can actually be rather fun, enjoying either a good time out at bars or parties, or a good time in relaxing and ordering food. He likes to talk and vent, and likes when other's do the same with him, and often enjoys a good flirt.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?:

If he was being completely honest-- which for him, as a point, usually hits at Not At All or Too Much and not between-- Able would say that he is not in this for the teaching. In fact, he didn't do all that well his first time around the castle as a student, usually reaching pretty average marks and not caring much to go beyond that. Hell he isn't even much a fan of kids; they're gross, annoying, don't listen, and simply get in your way.

If he was being completely honest, he was doing this because after a rousing eighteen years of being a photographer for the Daily Prophet-- ten of which were spent managing that chaos-- he was bored. He wants to focus whatever time he can be doing photography for the art of it, he's missed that. And he's missed, too, a man who now spends much of his time keeping the grounds and hospital wing of the castle.

Biography (500 words minimum. There is never such a thing as too much.):

The Prophet lay open in front of him on the glass of the coffee table, Able hunched over it from where he sat on the couch, elbows resting heavy on his knees with his forearms dangling uselessly between. In one hand he held one of Arlo’s many pencils found earlier smashed between the cushions, twiddled it back and forth in an anxious rhythm. In his other hand he held his face, the length between the tip of his index finger down to the curl of his thumb rubbing hard across the ache that threatened to spring in his forehead.

Eighteen years he had spent cultivating ever-shifting photographs for this paper, taking them personally and directing the team of photographers he had long been in charge of. In that vein, every single image had been hand selected by Able himself for the better part of ten years, every eye-catching flash of a face that looked up at the countless number of readers the popular news rag proudly held. His name listed there with the higher names of staff: Able L. Sorley, Manager of Photography.

The page he current looked over, bore a hole into with the intensity of his gaze, was the classifieds section, a page he had not needed to look at…. Well, ever.

But it wasn’t like he needed to, now. He had simply been doing the crossword, had gotten bored and was flipping through when a particular Help Wanted caught his eye, the one proclaiming what positions were need this upcoming term. And he’d hesitated, though he hadn’t been sure why. His current job was fine enough, not as exciting and enjoyable as it had been in the beginning, but it was fine, and he made a good amount of money from it.

An hour later he was still staring at the page, having circled some other ads and scribbled out others, but still wondering back to that damned posting for Hogwarts. It haunted him, the possibility of applying there, that if he got it he and Arlo wouldn’t have to schedule weekly date nights and moments when they could see one another for more than a few hours anymore. And it made him realize, too, that he would get to focus his photography more for art than for work, something he had been struggling with for a while.

On the negative, he hated children, had about the same amount of patience with them as he did his team at the Prophet; which is, to say, none at all. And what if-- the thought was an absurd one because they had been together nearly ten years now, but it flitted in nonetheless-- what if Arlo wouldn’t want him there?

Speaking of the devil...

“Arlo?” he called out, almost uncertain in its tone, at the sound of the other man padding in behind him, straightening out his back that had been arched for far to long, “I need your opinion on something...”

(Please respond to to this in third person past tense. Do not write the other characters' reactions. Only your own.)

It was the largest office in Hogwarts and, perhaps to students and newcomers, the most intimidating. The shelves were filled with various odds and ends, with a place of honor for the Sorting Hat, and the walls held all the portraits of past Headmasters and Headmistresses.

In the middle of the room sat a large desk. Everything was in order, for the current occupant had always despised a messy desk. It was the sign of a messy mind, and she had always favored neatness.

A clock sat on the desk, which currently showed the time to be 2:05. The meeting was supposed to begin at 2:00 precisely.

Along with order, Anneka valued punctuality. She was a very busy woman these days. Even during the summer, she had a number of matters to attend to. Interviewing and hiring staff was only of those matters. The newest potential member of her staff wasn't making a good impression.

She paced the room, black heels clicking against the stone floor. When the door finally opened, Anneka turned, her expression reminiscent of a Russian winter. "You are late."

Explain yourself was what her face said.

Roleplay Response:

"Sorry, sorry," Able was quick to apologize, his breath a little short as he pushed in through the doorway, quickly slowing his pace from a trot to stroll in, smoothing down the front of his suit jacket and adjusting the length of his tie. Despite knowing it probably wouldn't work on the Headmistress, he smiled his most beaming and winning smile at her, hoping to thaw the look he stumbled under as he entered.

And suddenly he remembered a time where he and Ciel had come here as reporters not but a handful of years ago, had poked and prodded in the castle's business, in Ivanova's business, to make sure all was up to snuff. Certainly they had not made the best of impressions then, and now here he was.... Begging for a job.

And he was late.

"It's been a while, I forgot how long it takes to walk anywhere around here. Something I won't forget again," he added the promise with a wink, hoping he hadn't completely ruined Arlo's recommendation of him as he smoothly held out his hand, "It's a pleasure to see you again, Headmisstress."

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