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Freya Aphrodite Hawkins
January 24th 1956
Greenwich, England

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Freya was born in Greenwich England in a fairly large mansion. Her parents did not believe in going to st.mungos to deliver their third child nor did they see any reason to they had the best healers around when Freya’s mother Athena Hawkins Nee Rosario. It was a frigid chilly night when Freya was born. The youngest of three children. Freya has an older brother name Odysseus and an older sister named Elanor. Both of her sibling were fairly older then her Odysseus was seven years older than Freya while Elanor was only five years older than the young girl. Freya’s parents Athena Hawkins Nee Rosario is married to Freya’s father Leonardo Hawkins.
Freya’s mother was a stay-at-home mother, she rarely worked and if she ever needed to which was very rare she would find a house elf to do it for her. Freya’s father worked in the ministry though he never told his family what part of the ministry he worked for. Freya grew up peacefully under the rules of her parents they believed that pure-bloods were better than others especially muggles. Freya on the other hand seemed to think differently though she always had to keep a front up for her parents the young girl was caring way to caring that it often gotten her in trouble if she got caught.
Growing up Freya would sneak off towards the muggle town of Greenwich to try and conversate and make friends with the muggle kids that lived there, but each time the young girl always got caught. After many escapes Freya’s parents decided to put a magical barrier around their property to alert them if the young girl ever tried to sneak out and eventually Freya decided to stop trying. Though the young girl did grow up rather sheltered though her family would throw parties inviting other pureblood families the young girl always felt like she never fitted in. Freya was never close to her family the only one she may be relatively close to would be her sister Elanor even still she seemed to look down on Freya.
The young girl never understood why her family seemed to not be fond of her maybe it was because Freya was fairly intelligent for her age, that she was also careless and ditzy and tended to do things on accident. Freya’s parents seemed to put Freya on a pedestal as if she was the child, they knew would either disappoint them greatly or be one to prove that she was greater than they imagined. Though her family never even really bothered with Freya. Freya ended up staying hidden in the shelter of books at least ones she was allowed to read though they were mainly old schoolbooks or books on wizarding history. Though Freya craved attention to have friends or even someone to listen to the young girl she learned to be quite at her family gathers or even the parties that her family would host. Freya felt it was better she stayed left in the shadows then being front and center.
When Freya showed her first sign of magic it was completely by mistake the young girl was utterly upset that her father had taken her favorite book from her, she was only about the age of seven when this happened. While Freya ended up crying by herself in her room when she rubbed her eyes she noticed said book was on her bed no idea how it appeared the young girl paid no mind to it she was just glad she had a book to read.
As Freya got older the more she stayed to herself the young girl yearned for friendships also yearned for a caring hand to guide her. Freya always wanted someone to be her friend and also show her the ropes though she never felt like she belonged. Freya learned from attending her family parties that many pure-bloods seemed to have standards and her family always tried to bore those standards into the young girls mind. Though Freya rather fit in with her kind and make friends with everyone even muggles.
Though her childhood seemed a bit harsh due to her parents’ ways of raising the young girl. Freya always wondered what it would be like if her family actually seemed to love or even care for her. Though the young girl ended up enjoying the peace of quiet just herself after all Freya learned to only rely on herself sense nobody else in her family seemed to care about her. When Freya received her Hogwarts letter the young girl was ecstatic though she had to control her emotions sense her family always forbade any emotion being shown. Once Freya alerted her mother that her letter arrived her mother had taken Freya to get her school belonging. Thus, Freya’s journey is just beginning.


House Request: Gryffindor/Slytherin

Freya is a kind bubbly girl, though she tends to hide her emotions due to her upbringing making the girl seem rather shy or cold depending on how one looks at it. Freya tends to spend most of her time reading though she yearns for friends and company. Freya tends to see the light in the darkest of people and tends to be very dunce and ditzy on many occasions though she tends to seem shy once she opens up Freya is very talkative and enjoys rambling about anything and everything. Though Freya can also seem distant and out of it on some occasions especially with her family. Freya on a good day tends to be slightly talkative,  bubbly, sweet, caring and overall a gentle soul. When Freya has a bad day, she tends to be rather upset and tends to stay by herself and rather not speak to anyone at all besides being by herself at all times really.

Freya is a small individual standing about four feet three inches tall, she has a soft heart shaped face that tends to redden easily in embarrassment if the situation deems it worthy. Freya has a button shaped nose that pops out her cute shy features on her fair skin tone which is slightly tan. She has long flowy gold blonde hair with highlights of dark caramel brown highlights. Freya has chocolate brown almond shaped eyes. Freya also has soft heart shaped light natural pink skin tone. Freya if she is not wearing her normal school uniform tends to wear long sleeved outfits unless it sweltering hot outside. Freya prefers more of a cottage core type of wardrobe.

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