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Archived Applications / Elijah Lockwood [COMPLETE]
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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Elijah Lockwood

Birthday: February 13th, 1933

Hometown: Biggleswade, Bedfordshire

Bloodline: Halfblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination

Magical Weakness (pick one): Transfiguration

Year (pick two): First (pretty please -sad eyes-) or Second

Elijah's parents had met at Hogwarts, his mother was a shy but beautiful Hufflepuff born of Muggles and his father, a proud Gryffindor born of Purebloods - devout to the cause of keeping thier bloodlines pure.

Despite the two having come from different walks of life, they became good friends. And before long, unable to resist thier feelings for each other, they became closer and closer until finally they entered into a relationship. Jacoby, fearful of his parents reaction decided it best to be kept a secret, but once leaving school in thier final year, things moved quickly, and within a few months Taylor had become pregnant.

With keeping thier relationship a secret, no longer a liable option. Jacoby returned home to tell his family, and as he had expected they were furious and disowned him, cutting all ties to him and his dirty blooded child without so much as a batted eyelash.

Jacoby was distraught, but knowing of his upcoming fatherhood he held himself together and moved with Taylor to Bedfordshire to start thier lives together without judgement. A few years later the time warp happened, claiming the only relatives Elijah had ever known from his mothers side.

As a child Elijah was naturally curious about his fathers family having lost his mothers muggle relatives and would often ask questions about them that never recieved answers, instead his parents would exchange strange looks and change the subject quickly.

The hardships of been a parent or the pressure of his family eventually lead to Jacoby and Taylors seperation and once again with open arms he was welcomed back home, leaving Jacoby and a pregnant Taylor on thier own. This upset Elijah, and with his father gone he took it upon his own shoulders to look after his mother and help raise her second child, and he did so without complaint, like a man of twice his age.

But obviously there was resentment. His father sent them money, more money than they often knew what to do with but Elijah would not forgive his abandonment.

His father offered to take him for days out and wanted to rebuild a connection, with hopes that his Pureblood Family would eventually accept him into the fold but Elijah declined. He didn't hate his father but he didn't trust him either, and after how he had hurt his mother he was in own right, angry and dissapointed.

It was his mother who eventually talked him into giving him another chance.

Eli is about to start Hogwarts after the summer, which he is excited and axious about (because it means leaving his mother on her own) and his mother believes it would be good for them to sort thier differences before he starts, so that it doesn't affect his education. That was the first time he had seen his father in two years.

They met in Diagon Alley shopping for his school supplies, and although it was awkward at first, Elijah gave into his softer side and they began to build the old bonds that they had once shared. As he had admittedly missed having his father around.

No matter what happened between them he would always be loyal to his mother and stay with her. Even if my some miricle his fathers family accepted him at the cost of turning his back on his mother as his father had, he would never do it.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Hufflepuff



Option 1.

Elijah had come to the Great Hall with the other students after the Quidditch game. He had never been a great fan of the sport until he got to Hogwarts, most likely because he had primarily been raised by his muggle mother, and had refused to go to games his father had obtained tickets for.

He sat at the end of the table, big doe eyes scanning the room and passing over victors celebrating thier win. His team had lost, but he tried not to dwell on it too much. It was only a game, after all.

He lifted a fork full of pie to his mouth and began to chew, when someone took the seat opposite and pressed thier face against the table. His eyes blinked at the top of his head in curiosity, and Eli was about to speak when he pulled out his chair out and took his leave with haste.

Elijah's eyes continued to follow and it was only then that he regonised who exactly the boy was; The Chaser who had technically lost them the game. In his sudden clarity it appeared that almost everyone in the room was staring, but Eli thought it his own fault for drawing attention to himself and acting like such a, well, brat.

"WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Ejiah shook his head with a smirk and continued to eat his food. Sore looser's were not worth his time of day, let alone his friendship or support.

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