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Archived Applications / Athanasia Valenti
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Character name: Athanasia Valenti-Rose (soon to be Athanasia Valenti)

Current Characters: Charlotte Pantazis, Chelsea Chái

Character age: 20 (November 11th, 1939)

Character education: Hogwarts, Slytherin, Class of ‘58

Strength and weaknesses:
Her biggest strength—her family—has always been her biggest weakness, as well. She grew up loving them intensely and unwaveringly. The stories she’d heard of her great ancestors inspired her to always do her best, to be determined and decisive in her actions. This made her a clever witch who was well-read, witty, and good with her wand, but it also blinded her, caused her to act foolishly, and in the end, trapped her in a life she soon-learned she was never built for. It made her arrogant, too, for she’d always seen her family (and thus, herself) as superior to the rest of the world, Wizarding or otherwise.

Athanasia knows how to get what she wants, whether that be through her charm or through flat-out manipulation. She has high expectations, for herself and for others, which sometimes ends in her being inevitably let down. She gives most tasks her all, and can grow frustrated when others don’t want to do the same. She is not good at being exceptionally warm and fuzzy, especially to strangers, but she has a strong desire to see herself, and by extension, her students, succeed.

Physical description: Athanasia is tall for the time period, standing at exactly 5’6”. Her limbs are long and, due to the numerous hours she spends by the pool or on the beach, evenly tanned. Her features remain elegant and feminine, even in their sharpness. Most striking are her eyes; they’re a captivating green, with an almost snake-like quality.

Over the years, Sia has become skilled at styling her own hair. She transfigures it to be long, short, curly, straight, etc., but however it’s done, you can be sure there won’t be a strand out of place. She takes pride in always looking presentable.

When she moves, it’s with purpose, especially now that she feels she is finally finding her footing again. Her steps are long and confident. There is a presence about her that she has spent years perfecting; the idea of being ignored or forgotten frightens her, and so she has done everything in her power to avoid it.

Personality: Sia was a rather unproblematic child. She preferred history lessons and magical theories to causing a fuss, and she was good at following instructions, so long as they came from the right person. Unless she was spending time with her family, she’d rather be left alone.

During her teenage years, she could be unnecessarily cruel. Sia has always known what she wanted from life, and anyone in her path was at risk of being run right over. She liked to get her way, and she wouldn’t hesitate to beat down any opposers, whether it be by her sharp tongue or her equally as lethal skills with a wand. Since her time in semi-isolation she has mellowed a bit, but her mean-streak still remains (though much more expertly hidden), and she has more than enough anger left in her to create quite the formidable enemy.

Currently on the edge of a divorce, she is seen at her worst—when she is unsure. Her edges dull, and she becomes more gentle, more dependent. When she is vulnerable and weak she is always at her kindest.

She truly shines when she is certain in herself and in her actions. She is a force to be reckoned with, and she shows it. She is a strong-willed, intelligent, determined young woman who, once she makes up her mind, becomes nearly unstoppable. She is frustratingly stubborn—a blessing or a curse, depending on whether you’re working with or against her—and not above resorting to dirtier tactics to get her way. Manipulation is an art she excels in, especially now that she’s found herself with a seat at the Pantazis-Valenti table that, as a woman, she must constantly battle to keep.

When she loves something, it is with her whole heart, though it takes a great deal to earn her respect, for she has always had to fight hard to earn that of her family members.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: Sia spent most of her years at Hogwarts hating the school and most of the people inside it. She couldn’t wait to get to her perfectly planned future, to start building a family with her betrothed and finally make her relatives proud. But in all her excitement to achieve this goal, she forgot to look past it, to the sixty or seventy or eighty years that stretched beyond her wedding. She wasn’t prepared for the boredom or the loneliness that came with living alone while her husband worked in London, isolated in Greece, with only a few family members and close friends to keep her company.

After many long, isolated months (months that only served to lead her and her husband closer to the inevitable: divorce), Sia decided that she wanted to do something more with herself. A career seemed like her best option, but she couldn’t see herself clawing her way up the ladder at St.Mungo’s or the Ministry or any other establishment, so she turned to academia. Her resume wasn’t extensive, but she knew she was a smart girl, and with three younger siblings beneath her, she knew she wasn’t completely useless with kids, either (those she liked, anyway). On top of that, she enjoyed the idea of having influence again. It had been too long since she’d made a substantial impact on anything other than her monotonous day-to-day schedule.

Hogwarts, while it had never been her favorite growing up, was familiar. For the girl who never thought she’d spend a day working, a job sounded intimidating. If Hogwarts, her alma mater, was able to offer her just a few homely comforts, she was sure it would help ease the transition. Additionally, given she had never been too thrilled with the Professors at Hogwarts, she figured that this was her chance to be the teacher she always wished she’d had herself.

from the desk of athanasia valenti
a collection of letters, sent and unsent

saturday, june 2nd, 1945


Mom says yur sad Grandfather deid.

Mom says yur lonly bi yurself.

Mom's writing this letter for me now because she says my spelling isn’t very good yet. I'm telling her what to say though so you can pretend it's straight from me.

Did you know that I've got two new siblings? They're twin girls and their names are Antonia and Cesare. Mom says they're going to be a handful.

Did you also know that I'm going to live with you for a little bit? I'm so excited. I love Greece and I love the ocean and I love spending time with you. We can keep each other company and sit on the beach together and read books and you can teach me magic.

Ignore all the ink stains! It's not because I'm messy. Mom just kept making me start over.

I love you!

athanasia imelda pantazis valenti

sunday, january 7th, 1951


I like being home with my siblings, but I miss you a ton. I miss waking up early and going down to the beach to learn. No one wants to learn with me here. Simone says it's boring, and the twins are too young to be any use.

Do you promise you'll never stop writing me, even when I'm away at school and I can't come to your house on the weekends?

When I get out of school, I think I'd like to come live with you forever. I'll be the smartest and strongest witch in the world.


friday, april 16th, 1954


I adore the book you sent me. I'm halfway through it already; I’ve been spending too much time reading these days. Mom would be upset if she knew, but I’m not great at making big groups of friends, and you understand that. Most of these people have nothing to offer me, anyway.

Do you have any other recommendations?

School is going alright. The classes are boring as always, but you'll be pleased to know that I still excel in them. I know you'd expect nothing less.

Dueling is fun. I quite like participating in the tournaments, and I’m good at it, too. Your advice has proved useful, not that I ever doubted it wouldn’t. I’ll be good enough to win the whole thing soon, I bet. I wish you could come and watch me.


thursday, february 20th, 1958


I'm doing really well. I've got a good life planned out for me (you should know; you helped plan it), and I know he'll make me happy in the ways that matter.

But I keep running into problems. I hope you can forgive that. It must be because I've been away from you for so long. I wish you could've homeschooled me all seven years. You probably would've done a better job teaching, anyway.

Have you ever had something blow up in your face? And still not learn your lesson? I'm going to fix this, eventually. Everything’s just so difficult right now. I need your advice, but I'm having trouble putting it into words.

Easter break can't come quick enough.

athanasia valenti

friday, september 5th, 1958


We've just moved into our new home. You're the first person I'm writing. You're the first person who gets to see my signature written out like that.

It's not odd that I'm keeping Valenti, right?

I hope you enjoyed the ceremony. You were in on most of the decisions, after all. The honeymoon was amazing, almost better than being in Greece. It feels good to be back where I belong.

I hope you don't mind, but now that we're in the same country again, I was counting on us getting to see one another more often. I treasure our letters, but they can't measure up to sitting on the beach with you.

See you soon.

athanasia valenti rose

friday, july 17th, 1959


I'm sorry that I can't tell you that he meant nothing and mean it.

You weren't here.

And you’ve always had her, so what's the difference?

Can we talk about it, please? I miss you, and I mean that. Dinner tonight?

athanasia valenti rose

thursday, march 31st, 1960


You're going to be a great-grandmother, soon. Isn't that wonderful?

I’ll admit that I’m scared, though. I know that I’m ready to be a mother, but what if I'm no good?

I'm counting on you to help me narrow down the names. I want it to have meaning, like my own. I can't wait for you to meet him/her.

Bryson will be at the office all of this upcoming week just like this week, and last week, too. I'd love some company. Tea on Monday?

athanasia valenti rose

wednesday, may 25th, 1960


Sometimes, I wish I could make you hate London. I know you're busy with work, but if you could spend this weekend with me, it'd mean a lot.

Her case is going to consume you if you let it, you know. I am a little afraid that it already has.

Greece was never for you, was it?

athanasia valenti rosee

tuesday, july 19th, 1960


I hope this summer has been treating you well. I regret that I cannot wish the same upon myself, but I'd rather not entertain such foolish fantasies. I know exactly how this summer will treat me—the same as the last.

Things at my house remain boring and a bit lonely. Camilla's quite good at keeping me company, at least. How was the party last weekend? Do you ever think it's ironic that of the two of us, you've got the busier schedule?

I've been thinking about what you told me. I don't know if you'll remember it, I was a little older than ten, but I think about that day often. You gave me your Grandmother's wand; you told me that you thought I'd leave my mark on the world someday.

I think it's time I start living up to that. I'm planning on applying for a job. I hope that makes you proud.

I'll see you for brunch next Tuesday. Don't forget. I miss you.

(Don't forget that, either.)

athanasia valenti rose

saturday, august 27th, 1960


I think we've lost both our minds—mine to loneliness, and yours to Artemis.

They're not going to let her out. It's her fault she's in there, anyway. You keep wasting your time on things and people you can't change. When do you give up? When do I get to matter, more?

Are you happy? I'm not.

athanasia valenti rose

sunday, august 28th, 1960


I think I want to get a divorce.

Are you free tomorrow evening for dinner?

athanasia valenti

Roleplay Response:

Athanasia Valenti had never been good at being on time. She was used to moving as fast or as slow as she wanted to, with the assurance that she would get to her destination eventually, and that her tardiness would be of no issue. It was one of the few luxuries that came with living mostly on your own and having your plans consist only of visiting your singular friend or your grandmother.

In the two years she'd been gone from Hogwarts, she'd almost forgotten what it felt like to rush up and down the winding staircases. She got a healthy reminder, now, as she raced to the Headmistress's office, five minutes late and counting.

The office door swung open to reveal Anneka Ivanova in all her intimidating glory. Athanasia's eyes widened just marginally; she'd expected the woman to be waiting at her desk, not pacing the floors.

"You are late."

Green eyes darted briefly to the clock to confirm this statement.

"I am."

When she spoke, it was in short, neat syllables. It didn't show in her face, but in her voice there was a hint of uncertainty, indistinguishable to anything other than a skilled ear or an attentive listener. She knew that she was young, perhaps the youngest candidate that year, and thus, already at a disadvantage. A part of her was worried that the Headmistress would throw her out immediately and swiftly move along to another potential employee, someone older, someone with more experience, someone who had been on time. It was what her father would've done.

In her family, all it took was one mistake, not three, to strikeout.

She took a steadying breath.

"But that doesn't change the fact that I'm the best candidate for the job."

There was a confidence to her words, one she wished she could compel herself to believe in completely, instead of hovering somewhere in between certain and unsure.

Archived Applications / Charlotte Pantazis
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Charlotte Angelika Jae Pantazis

Birthday: March 10th, 1947

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Divination

Magical Weakness (pick one): Charms

Year: First, Second

sunday, july 18th, 1954
3:36 pm

Delia told her what to do a lot.

Charlotte let her, mostly because she didn’t mind but partly because it had always been that way. As she went to select the doll she wanted to play with, she made sure to hand her sister one, her favorite and the best one, first.

Delia was still mad. She'd been glowering ever since they'd gotten back from their trip to the market, where Charlotte had let the pretty woman on the corner 'try on' her gold necklace only to have it stolen.

Charlotte knew Delia was mad. She felt the rage coming off her in unsettling waves. She noticed the way her fingers strangled the handle of the brush and the harsh strokes of the bristles through the doll’s hair. She watched with worried eyes as the suppressed irritation finally bubbled to the surface.

Delia put down the doll slowly, eye’s lifting to meet her sister’s before she spoke. “You’re so gullible, Lottie. You’ll just listen to anybody.”

Charlotte chomped down on her bottom lip, working her face into a pout. She wasn’t planning on doing anything about it—she never said anything when Delia was mean—but when older girl continued, “You can’t just let people tell you what to do,” it gave her an idea. Arms crossed proudly over her chest, Charlotte pointed out, “But you’re always telling me what to do.”

Delia was smart, smarter than Zacharias (a hard thing to be) and way smarter than herself (a much less hard thing to be). Charlotte figured Delia would’ve appreciated the chance to argue and prove her general correctness, something she did well and often. She waited, eyes closed in anticipation, for the impassioned response that never came. Delia, it seemed, had not appreciated her comment as much as she’d predicted, and had stormed off, probably to rant to Zacharias—he didn’t talk to Charlie very much, which was okay because Delia liked to talk to her a lot, enough for the both of them—or to bury herself in her sketchbooks.

Charlotte hadn’t learned the lesson Delia had intended. She had learned, however, that disagreeing with people resulted in shortened play time, a lot of sadness, and zero fun. None of those were things she wanted, not now and not ever. Determined to set things right, she rose from her pile of dolls and accessories, stumbling through the mess—a mess she’d leave there, doomed to be the responsibility of whatever unlucky maid stumbled upon it first—until she reached the arching doorway. Down the large hallway, her whining echoed. “I’m sorry! Please come play with me.” Again, when she got no response. “Dee, please!” This time, the sound of a pad of paper smacking the floor rang out above her. If she knew anything about her sister, it wasn’t an accident.

“Delia, I’m coming!”

Charlotte was throwing herself up the stairs before the 'G' had left her mouth.


House Request: n/a

It's obvious that Charlotte Pantazis has always been the baby of the family. Her father spoiled and protected her, to the point where she's a little clueless as to how the real world works, and thanks to her older sister whose more than happy to tell her what to do, she's never needed to figure it out. Now that she's entering school, she relies on her friends to let her know what's right and wrong. She doesn't mind getting told what to do, or even being snapped at a bit (though it might make her sad that they're sad); she's really just happy to be there. Having been cooped up in her house with the same people for most of her life, any and all activities seem like they could be the highlight of her life.

When it comes to appearance, Charlotte is definitely her mother's daughter. She's all long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. When standing next to her father's side of the family, with their dark hair and tanned skin, the result of spending years by the Mediterranean Sea, they look more unrelated than they do a family. Right now, her limbs are lanky and a little too long for her to have complete control over them. She's tall for her age, something her mother claims is a blessing but she sees as a curse. It's rare to find her without a smile on her face, the perfect accessory to her typical wide-eyed look of childhood innocence (which Delia swears makes her look even more clueless than she already does). 

Option 2:

Charlotte had been on her way—the long way, of course—to meet her friends in the dining hall when something had caught her eye. She was going to be late, and she could only assume that she’d get an earful about it when she finally arrived, but in her defense, her friends should’ve known better than to let her walk alone.

Charlotte Pantazis was, per usual, distracted.

The scene had been hard to miss, what with all the yelling and sneezing and the squashing of things. She couldn’t help but wander over, and once she was there, she couldn’t help but stand and watch.

Her attention was drawn first to the trampled flowers, a frown promptly gracing her features as she thought of all the pretty bouquets and crowns she could’ve made if they hadn’t been ruined. Then, she looked at the boy, and though he appeared much older than she was—and older people knew everything, or at least that was what Delia had told her when she’d asked why she always got to be right—he seemed like he was in dire need of some assistance.

“Can I help you with something?”

As she eyed the snot currently smeared across his sleeve, she got an idea. “I might have a tissue!” She immediately thrust both of her hands into the pockets of her robe. Inside, she found many things—a couple of old candy wrappers, a hair clip, a couple of carrots she’d been meaning to take with her down to the stables, notably not her wand, though she could’ve sworn she’d tucked it in there before she’d let her common room—but unfortunately, nothing that the boy could use to blow his nose. As she stood in front of him so obviously empty-handed, the look she gave him was very apologetic.

“Do ya want me to go get you one?”


Please list any characters you have  on the site: Athanasia Valenti

How did you find us?: already here!

Character Classifieds / Re: pantazis | adoptables
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Zacharias and Alina Pantazis

odelia pantazis
july 18th, 1943 | martha hunt | 3rd year

clever, bossy (but only because she knows and wants what's best), responsible, organized in her behavior but with a messy brain, future fashion designer (the best the wizarding world has ever seen), name translates to little wealthy one

zacharias II pantazis
 april 27th, 1945 | colin ford | 1st year

realist, grounded, practical, stubborn in his ways, sandwiched between two girls that never stop talking, often finding himself drowned out by the large personalities that surround him

charlotte pantazis
march 1st, 1947 | alyvia alyn lind | child

spoiled daddy's girl, sheltered and very naive because of it, lacks common sense but makes up for it in empathy, aspires to be a friend to the world, fairy tales have turned her into a hopeless romantic

Character Classifieds / Re: pantazis | adoptables
« on: 29/06/2019 at 02:01 »

Xerxes and Melina Laskaris

mathias laskaris
may 8th, 1937 | daniel illescas | adult

charming, arrogant, playboy, devoted to his goals, taste for expensive things, epitome of an only child, tutored privately at home, arranged to be betrothed to pilar reina

Character Classifieds / Re: pantazis | adoptables
« on: 29/06/2019 at 02:01 »

Emilio and Maia Valenti

athanasia valenti
 november 9th, 1939 | adelaide kane | 6th year

judgemental with a severe superiority complex, addicted to her lavish lifestyle, loyal to her family above all else, seems to live in a constant state of annoyance (but feels too strongly for this to be true), currently spending her sixth year as a slytherin at hogwarts

simone valenti
september 4th, 1942 | elizabeth gilles | 3rd year

practical, analytical, prefers working alone to the company of other's (unless she's in charge), enjoyed filling the role of oldest sister while athanasia was in greece but has since discovered that being a middle child suits her far better, currently attending beauxbatons academy in france 

antonia valenti
 may 29th, 1945 | kalani hiliker | 1st year

competitive, intense ambitions but lacking an aim, homeschooled so she could develop her passions (her mother's words), resentful of the fact she's stuck in italy, spends most of her time outdoors in the garden or wandering the fields

cesare valenti
 may 29th, 1945 | kalani hiliker | 1st year

unlimited energy, easily excitable but easily bored, attached to her twin at the hip, prefers homeschooling to hogwarts (athanasia says its the worst), can be found releasing her pets into the garden or clearing a path for atonia with her mighty (wooden) sword 

Character Classifieds / Re: pantazis | adoptables
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Aleksander and Thalia Pantazis

xenia pantazis
january 4th, 1938 | sonia ben ammar | adult

independent, devout fixer of problems, despises her parents but loves her siblings (even if it is tough love), fed up with the patriarchial pureblood traditions, moved to london when she turned 18 to study law, homeschooled her entire life

nicodemus pantazis
august 12th, 1941 | tye sheridan | 4th year

lazy, clinging to childhood recklessness, moody, knows he's set to inherit the pantazis family fortune (and know's xenia would be a much better manager, though he won't admit it), a bit of an entitled brat

aegeus pantazis
february 2nd, 1944 | ethan cutkosky | 2rd year

cocky, class clown, impulsive, looks up to nico and attempts to imitate him (though agnes says he shouldn’t), fiercely loyal, only goes by his middle name

agnes pantazis
february 2nd, 1944 | mika abdalla | 2nd year

bookish, bad with her words, uses art as a form of expression, tendency to get lost in her own thoughts, pessimistic dreamer (seeing the worst while fantasizing of the best)

cyanea pantazis
 tba | iris law | 1st year

coming soon!

Character Classifieds / pantazis | adoptables
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Η οικογένεια δεν είναι ένα σημαντικό πράγμα. Είναι τα πάντα.

The Pantazis are an extremely wealthy, pureblooded elitist family with deep roots in Greece.

Ioanna Pantazis, the now widowed matriarch of the family, had four children; Aleksander, twins Maia and Melina, and Zacharias. Aleksander and Melina married Greek and still live along the Mediterranean with their mother. Maia moved to Italy with her husband and Zacharias later followed his wife to Austria.

Though separated by distance, they stay true to the Pantazis motto. Family isn't an important thing. It is everything.

Flexible on names, birthdays, FCs, personalities, etc. Please PM Athanasia Valenti if interested.

family tree

Archived Applications / Athanasia Pantazis-Valenti
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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Athanasia Imelda Pantazis-Valenti

Birthday: November 9th, 1939

Hometown: Tuscany, Italy & Attic Peninsula, Greece


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): Sixth, Fifth

Athanasia: Immortality
   It is rumored that Athanasia’s mother, Maia, went into labor during one of the most terrifyingly destructive storms Italy had experienced in five years.  Her husband Emilio Valenti, her two brothers and their wives, her twin sister and her husband, her mother, and a portrait of her late father were all present for the occasion. It was a ridiculous amount of people to keep in a delivery room, but Ioanna, the residing matriarch, insisted that all prominent members be present for the birth of the first girl of generation twenty-seven of the Pantazis clan.
   It is also said that when Athanasia was finally born, the storms subsided and the clouds parted to reveal a crystal blue sky and the most vibrantly shining sun. A birth fit for the little goddess she was destined to be, Ioanna would often reminisce. According to Ioanna, her grandmother, she was delivered with a golden glow about her; the most beautiful stunning baby ever to be born.
   The story of her birth was one told many times, perhaps because of how strikingly it suited her name. If her claim was to a never-ending presence, it was only fitting that her birth, the start of fore-mentioned presence, be just as remarkable as the rest of her life was surely destined to be. Admittedly, the idea of such an occurrence was quite unbelievable. For this reason, when Athanasia later found out from Ioanna that she was right to be suspicious of her fabled origin story, she was the least bit surprised. However, she was in no rush to share this news. In fact, Athanasia decided quite quickly that she was happier with a lie, for when a girl is given such a powerful name as Athanasia, a simple birth in a hospital room is simply unsuitable.

Imelda: Warrior Woman, All-Consuming Fight
   When Vasilios Pantazis, Athanasia’s grandfather, died, Ioanna was heartbroken. While their marriage, like that of most purebloods she knew, had been arranged, their relationship, built on years of loyalty and understanding, had fostered a deep love. In his absence, Ioanna found herself lonely for the first time in her life.
   On May 23rd, 1945, Ioanna was presented with the most perfectly exploitable opportunity to gain the company she so desired. On this day, 5 years, 6 months, and 4 days since the birth of Athanasia, Maia gave birth to twins, making them the 3rd and 4th children to join the Valenti family.
   Ioanna firmly expressed her concern that the eldest Valenti child, Athanasia, would fail to receive the much-needed attention and structured instilling of morals due to the heavy burden the twin babies and young toddler would place upon Maia and Emilio. In the interest of lightening their load, Ioanna offered to keep the girl at her house.
   Two weeks later, Athanasia left her home in Tuscany, Italy to move in with her grandmother in Greece. Life at her grandmother’s house varied greatly from her old way of life in Italy, but Athanasia took it like how she did all challenges and adapted in stride. While the situation may have sounded suffocating to some, she found she thrived under her grandmother’s demanding pressure and guiding hand. The idea of a rigorous structure at such a young age might be unfathomable for most —weak minded individuals that they tended to be— but Athanasia thrived.
   She spent her first few years along the shore, learning about the Pantazis’ family tree and hearing stories from her grandmother’s past. She was quizzed or given anything ridiculously school-like, but Athanasia quickly understood that when her grandmother talked, she was meant to listen, and what she said was meant to be remembered.
   Once Athanasia reached the age of 8 1/2, she began a more formal lesson plan. Instead of spending countless hours on the beach, aimlessly chatting and relaxing, her grandmother had pushed them towards a set schedule, slowly easing them into the routine until it ran smooth like clockwork. Monday through Friday, Athanasia was expected to awaken by 7:30 am at the latest. Breakfast was served promptly at 8:00 am. If it was sunny, which in Greece it often was, she would sit with Ioanna in the dining room that opened up to the ocean, enjoying the morning breeze and faintly salty scent that would cling to her hair for the rest of the day. After that were lessons in whatever her grandmother felt compelled to teach, most often skills she deemed would bring Athanasia success or happiness in life. Then she was free from lunch til dinner, although, much to Ioanna’s delight, Athanasia often choose to take up reading in the library or by the shore, educating herself on Pureblood customs, Greek culture, and magic. It was in these years that she developed an intense love for all things magical, diving deep into its history and hungrily absorbing all the information she could find in her grandmother’s seemingly endless library.

Pantazis: Live Forever
   Two more years passed before Maia began to insist that Athanasia return to Italy. What had been little hints dropped at the beginning of the year had turned to determined requests by early June. Ioanna, with the promise that her grandchildren would come to visit her each summer, agreed. Athanasia dared not resist the change, despite having becoming heavily attached to her grandmother. Either way, she’d reasoned, she’d end up surrounded by family, which was never a bad place to be.
   The day before Athanasia was set to leave, Ioanna sat her down to commend her for how much she had grown in the past few years. She’d gone from a little girl to a promising young lady, refined and primed to carefully reflect cherished Pantazis’ ideals. Ioanna then presented her with an old silver box. Inside was a brilliant ring —a large amethyst gem encircled by shiny stones, perhaps diamonds, set on a gold band— that she’d often seen her grandmother wear and a most elegantly crafted walnut wand. Ioanna explained that the ring was a gift from her husband, Vasilios and that the wand was a Pantazis’ family treasure, passed down from generations and last wielded by Athanasia’s Great-Great-Grandmother. Ioanna said she’d always knew Athanasia would go far in life and leave a mark on the magical world. It was in her blood— practically spelled out in every aspect of her name.
   Athanasia had never felt more joyous or proud. She was one of the family now, officially inducted into the Pantazis’ family history books she’d spent so many years hearing stories from. Her grandmother’s approval, which was hard to come by, was hers for the taking.
   However, when the initial glee faded, she was left with the grave realization that she’d just been handed a deeply burdensome responsibility and a sinking feeling that she’d never adequately live up to her grandmother’s newest set of expectations.

Valenti: Strong, Healthy
   Adjusting from life in Greece to Italy was rockier than she’d expected. Suddenly she was sharing the available space and attention with 5 other siblings, each with their own individual wants and demands. It wasn’t so much that she needed constant attention —though she does function best when being fed a steady stream of compliments and praise— but rather that she didn’t know what to do with all the free time that came with being supervised on a far less intense level.
   At first, it was odd between her and her siblings. Simone, who was 8 when Athanasia moved back to Tuscany, was used to being the oldest girl in the house, and originally rejected Athanasia’s new unfamiliar authority. Soon, however, the 4 Valenti girls fell into an easy rhythm. Every morning they’d eat together, split for a couple of hours, and then reconvene for lunch. Athanasia found the sudden abundance of free time odd. Her parents weren’t too invested in what she was doing as long as she was happy and keeping out of trouble. Even without her grandmother, Athanasia continued her studies in history and magic, occasionally involving her younger siblings if she could get them to sit still long enough.
   Soon, she received her letter from Hogwarts and was forced to say goodbye the familiarities and comforts of home. From the moment she arrived, she knew that Hogwarts was not for her. Unfortunately, her parents insisted on her attendance, her mother especially adamant that Athanasia “bond” with other children her age. The school has still yet to grow on her, though she does manage to tolerate it. In her eyes, it’s just another small stepping stone on a path that will lead to greatness.


House Request: n/a

Athanasia is a wealth of unnecessary luxuries, products of an insatiable need to constantly acquire the best and most extravagant. She grew up surrounded by opulence and grandeur, living the most excessive, lavish lifestyle her family could afford. Thus, she has developed a taste for life’s finer things.
Athanasia is carefully crafted decisions made in fluid succession with elegant ease. Each movement — a soft twinkling laugh, the coy bat of an eyelash, a seemingly absentminded gesture— is calculated, but played off as effortless. It is rare for her emotions to take control of her actions.
Athanasia is burning passions masked by a desire to retain an air of indifference and superiority. She is fiercely loyal to her family, both the people and the name. She is in love with magic and its rich history. She is addicted to the feeling of standing on the edge of rocky peaks overlooking Grecian waters and riding bareback across acres of lush Italian grass. She is terrified of never living up to the expectations of the family she is so hopelessly devoted to. She knows emotions are messy and create exploitable weaknesses, so she keeps her cards close to her chest.
Athanasia is the product of years of refinement. She has practiced each and every one of her grandmother’s lessons to perfection and strives each day to execute them brilliantly as if it were an art form. She is regal poise and grace with her back straight and head held high. She has learned that real class and true greatness are a state of being. It’s a way of life, not something to be declared, and so she lets her presence speak for her.

Athanasia is the walking dictionary-definition of class. Her hair is always styled to perfection, shiny brunette locks usually worn straight or in loose curls, framing her expertly crafted eyebrows and sharp jaw. Her eyes are an intense brown, appearing endlessly deep in their harsh, judgmental stares. She stands at exactly 5’6”, made up of long, slightly-toned limbs. Over the summer she acquires a soft, dewy tan. It fades during her months locked away in the icy Scottish spires, though luckily just slowly enough to barely last her until the next June. Her gait is elegantly smooth and would come across as aimless if she didn’t retain just enough direction and purpose so that her presence still seems significant. She moves like she’s got somewhere important to be, but she’s in no hurry to get there.


Option I:

The dungeons. A place eleven-year-old Evangeline had not yet travelled since her arrival at Hogwarts.

A place she really was just fine with not knowing; but it was too late. The dare had been accepted, even if it had been done in fear of being kicked out of Gryffindor, like the older girls had said she would because Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.

The air changed instantly when she hit the main corridor of the dungeons. The dampness was almost too much for her and she instinctively took a deep breath to avoid the sensation of being suffocated. There was also a sour burning smell which Evangeline assumed was from many, many Potions lessons.

Further and further she walked, her steps so slow and gentle they made no noise against the stone walls and floor. The feeling that she wasn't alone crept up her spine and raised the tiny hair on the back of her neck. Shivering, Evangeline wrapped her arms around herself. Suddenly, she missed the warmth and comfort of the Gryffindor common room. The fire was always going and it made her feel at ease.

Why had she let those girls talk her into this? She was only eleven, she didn't have to be brave. Surely the Headmistress would not kick her out of Hogwarts for not being brave.

If only she had these thoughts while being dared to search for the ghost of one Emma Birch, whom supposedly haunted the dungeons. It was not, Evangeline had learned, the place where the sixteen-year-old girl's life had ended but as she had been from the house with a snake as its mascot, it was the place her spirit had returned to. That common room was down here somewhere, she'd been told.

Something - the small blonde girl wasn't quite sure what - but something made her stop in her tracks suddenly. There was a low, dull thumping noise. Or maybe that was her heart beating so loudly she thought it was coming from outside her body.

"H-h-hello?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Remembering that she was supposed to be brave, Evangeline tried again.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The sound of her own words bouncing back at her off the walls made her jump.


Athanasia had never enjoyed the dungeons. They were dark and damp and so radically different from everything she’d grown up surrounded by. Even after years at Hogwarts, she had yet to grow used to the confined, morbid feeling of the old tunnels. For the most part, Nasia tried not to dwell on feelings like this for long. It only stirred up deep feelings of homesickness, thus setting off her mood for the rest of the day and making it that much more difficult to sit through classes that barely interested her surrounded by people she often found boring or obnoxious. Luckily, before her train of thought could barrel further down tunnels of self-pity, she was interrupted by a quiet, then loud, call of what seemed to be a young girl. From the sound of it, she was quite terrified.

Had it been one of her little sisters, Athanasia would have immediately moved to comfort her, scooping her up in her arms before leading her far away from the cramped dungeon and its putrid smells. If a stranger had passed by, she would’ve wanted them to comfort her sister, to tell them the nonsensical stories about Emma Birch were just pointless lore meant to scare the first years. She would’ve hoped that the bystander would have found pity and compassion in their hearts to help a young girl out who was so clearly in need.

But this girl was not family.

Athanasia pushed down the sympathy that had begun to form in her stomach, threw her head back, and strode around the corner and into view.

“If you’re looking for Emma Birch I’m afraid you’ll be searching a while. I hear she doesn’t like to make appearances til late in the night.”

Her eyes, now willed into a bored, put-out, and all-together completely over-it stare, properly registered the child’s face. Though a little deterred by the dim lighting, she was able to make out enough features to spark a bit of recognition. Mostly, she remembered the blonde hair from the sorting ceremony. She remembered thinking it was pretty. Not prettier than hers, but not a bad set of locks to have.

“Athanasia Pantazis-Valenti.”

It was a simply stated fact. She didn’t extend her hand or offer any other form of greeting; it wasn’t needed. In fact, it was hardly important that she give the girl her full name in the first place. Anyone who needed to know it probably already knew. Still, Athanasia insisted on giving out the information, if for nothing but her own enjoyment, for she eagerly accepted any chance to announce her place in the Pantazis-Valenti clan.


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