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Archived Applications / Lucian Grey Student Application
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Application for Hogwarts School


Lucian Elias Grey

5th Nov 1935 (or 1934 if 5th year)

Lucian grew up on the sprawling grounds of the Grey manor in Surry, where he was born and where is mother died when he was five. A couple of years ago however, Lucian’s father bought more property and moved the family base to London. While home is still the Grey Manor, in many ways, London is becoming a second home to Lucian. 


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):
4th (preferred) or 5th year

Lucian was born to one of the oldest and most proud pureblood families. Despite being independently wealthy, Lucian’s father, Malcom Grey, is an ambitious and shrewd wizard who spends most of his adult life trading old (and sometimes dangerous) magical artefacts – a business that he has been grooming Lucian to take over someday. Lucian’s mother, Primeveire Grey was a fashionable and graceful socialite who had been arranged to be married by her parents at a young age. Due to her frail health after Lucian was born, she eventually died when Lucian was five years old of some unknown disease.

As an only son and raised by his father and grandmother, Lucian had a childhood predominantly isolated from other children his age. His childhood was mostly spent at the Grey manor, or spent standing in his father’s shadow during his often shady business trips across Europe and Asia.

Very early, he found his love for reading and flying, though he mostly stayed away from Quiddich after the sons of his father’s associates released bludgers on him as a prank when he was seven. The incident resulted in an accident with multiple broken bones in his hand and arm and a fractured cheek. Ever since that day, Lucian learnt to retaliate against his bullies, because revenge can be justified and it is best served cold. 

When he was nine, the same two boys pushed him down an unused well as part of another prank and left him all through the night. Due to this, Lucian still gets bouts of claustrophobia today, especially when he gets overly stressed or anxious or when he’s in a physically confining space. At the time, while his father’s reaction had been natural sympathy and outrage for his son, today Lucian’s father despises any form of weakness or ineptitude from Lucian, especially with regard to the “the well incident”. 

When Lucian turned eleven and got his letter, he was more than excited to go to Hogwarts. Like the rest of his family before him, he expected to get into Slytherin (The only non-Slytherin in his family was estranged aunt Annora, his father’s crazy sister who had been a Ravenclaw. She eventually married a muggle, and who has since had her name blasted off the family tree by Lucian’s grandmother).

As a bright and conscientious student, Lucian tends to do well in school. He knows that studying hard is highly important and he also does want to do well for himself. He’s been groomed since birth to take over his Father’s business eventually, but sometimes when he thinks of his future, he can’t help but wonder the what-ifs of taking a different path from what his family want him to do – marry a pureblood wife as early as possible and take over the family business. With a bit more studying, he knows he could get the grades needed to do anything else he wanted vocationally, and this curiosity and desire is one that he finds impossible to admit to his family.


House Request:

Lucian is comfortable spending much of his time alone, and having a few close friends instead of many. Due to being bullied as a young child, he tends to be, by nature, distrustful of other people and can come across as cynical through he likes to think of himself as a realist. More often than not, Lucian is guarded and unable to show any form of vulnerability. He is also not known for his patience. In many ways, he is his father’s son, and has adopted a slightly subtler version of his father’s proud demeanour. He does not suffer fools gladly and possesses a sharp tongue and enough wit to make sure that the foolish, naive and idiotic don’t constantly cross his path.

While he isn’t going to go out of his way to be malicious, he’s certainly not one to stick his neck out for anyone else either, unless he has something to gain of course. His view is that people tended to walk right over you if you let them, and if you did, then it’s your own bloody fault.

While Lucian follows rules, like the rest of his family, Lucian’s moral compass doesn’t exactly point north, and he is willing to break rules and stoop towards unsanctioned behaviour in his own defence or when his personal interests call for it. 
When it comes to learning, Lucian is intelligent and curious, through like many curious teenage boys, the darker theoretical aspects and hypothetical applications of magic are the most intriguing to him.

Lucian’s pastimes include flying whenever he can and wizard chess. When out of school during the holidays, he travels a lot with his father. Lucian is somewhat of a perfectionist and a neat freak. His fears include dark and tight spaces from which there is no escape, dark pools of water, and being disowned or causing disgrace to his family.

Lucian is tall for his age, with a lean and lanky build. He has blonde hair, sky blue eyes and pale skin that doesn’t freckle. Despite the delicate features that he got from his mother, he tends to have an overly serious and or guarded demeanour most of the time that makes him seem aloof. Being somewhat of a perfectionist, Lucian tends to dress well and is always neat and properly attired.

It was barely the first week back and Lucian Grey had homework already. He had known this year was going to be tough, but he hadn’t expected a transfiguration essay this early. And twenty inches long to boot! The crazy old bat of a teacher was clearly trying to kill them.

As he pondered on what the rest of this year had in store for him homework-wise, Lucian decided to head back to the Slytherin dormitory to pick up his barely started essay. He planned on going to the library after dinner and hopefully getting most of it done.

Turning towards the familiar direction of the dungeons, Lucian couldn’t help but feel somewhat relived to be back at Hogwarts. Not that he didn’t like touring Europe all summer in search of magical artefacts with his father, but there were times during the months away when he missed the relative independence of school life and his dormitory in the dungeons.

At Hogwarts, he could at least pretend that his future might possibly entail something other than staring at magical antiques with his father all day. Or listening to his grandmother go on and on about another accomplished pureblood girl whom she wanted to introduce him to.

It was sometimes odd, but he was most at peace at school, he realised as he proceeded to walk down the stone steps that lead into the lower levels of the dungeon. It was then when he heard the small voice echoing over the dark stone walls. Cold blue eyes looked around for the source of the sound until they finally landed on the small, blonde girl who stood several yards away from the entrance of the Slytherin common room, looking very much like a frightened rabbit.

A Gryffindor first year from the looks of it, and Lucian suppressed a groan, rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

Merlin. Did they have to do this bloody ritual every year?

Inevitably each year, some moronic Gryffindor senior would embrace total originality by daring their most gullible and naïve first year students to come down to the dungeons as some hopeless test of bravery. And every year several came.

Whoever said Gryffindors couldn’t be cruel?

Lucian expression was held somewhere between amusement and boredom as he eyed the little teacup Gryffindor before him, the innocent tribute someone had been mean enough to sacrifice.

“Emma Birch?” The name was unfamiliar to him. But he decided to have a little fun anyway.

“Surely you don’t mean Emma the Enraged? The Slytherin ghost who’s been said to put an irremovable curse of death on any Gryffindors who wander this far into the dungeons?”

Feeling like a cat with a mouse in its paws, Lucian’s smirk slowly spread into a smile. “We try to stop you lot from coming down, but inevitably a few always die.”

He didn’t know if she was gullible enough to believe him, but who knew, maybe she would? He himself had been pretty naïve once upon a time. 


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):
None! He’ll be my first.

How did you find us?:
Internet search!

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