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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Alysiana Edwina Wynovain   

Birthday: 6th of February 1939

Hometown: Wingburrow   


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 1st preferably, the second if not


“Pleaaaase. Please? Come oooon” she whined. She had just spotted a girl exiting the wand shop clutching a leather bound box, face beaming up at her father who lead her by the hand. “Please can I have a wand. PLEASE!” she begged. “No, you're too young. Next year!” chuckled Penelope. “You get ahead of yourself too much, enjoy this next year, it will never be the same again. Believe me, you will soon be at Hogwarts”.

Alysiana crossed her arms and huffed. “No I wont, Ill never get there. Its aaaages away”. There was no use though. She knew that. She had been asking for a wand every year since her 7th birthday. She wanted one so much. She had already devoured the content of every magical instruction book she could lay her hands on at Nan and Grandad's house. They were a wealth of magical knowledge, and before Granadad died, he had let her help with the potions. She had loved that. She wanted to do potions.

And care of magical creatures, and Transfiguration. All of the subjects. She couldnt wait. Nan (Edwina) was always telling her the same as Mum. “Don't wish your life away”. But life was so boring! Life at Hogwarts was bound to be so much cooler.

“Come on munchkin, lets go find you a nice book, how about that?”. Alysiana pouted. “Don't call me munchkin mum! Im not a baby anymore” but she smiled anyhow. If she couldnt have a wand, she would certainly settle for a new book. Hopefully she would get that new one on Divination!

Alysiana had been born in Wingburrow, right in the kitchen of Edwina and Kethin Moorkent. Penelope had fallen pregnant with her, accidentally. Alysiana wasn't planned. That was ok though, she was certainly wanted. Penelope had been overjoyed, and even though -he- wanted nothing to do with either of them, Penelope didn't think for a second about not having her.

She had been named Alysiana after Penelope's mother, Alice. Edwina after Nana Edwina and took her mothers last name, Wynovain, instead of the family name Moorkent. Aly liked Wynovain. It was a bit different and she didn't like to be boring and like everyone else.

She was a well adjusted little one all things considered. There was no father figure to speak of, unless you counted Great uncle Tonne (Winston) or Grandad Kethin. They were the closest thing she had to father, and she was happy with that thankyou very much. She loved them dearly. The other children at school (as Penelope was keen for Aly to socialise before she went to Hogwarts) had teased her about not having a Dad, but she just told them to go away. Sometimes in more colourful language that usually got her into trouble with the teachers, should they overhear.

She had spent her School months in London, living with Penelope and their cat Salem, and Owl Roo, (Named such as he liked to hop around the house, rather than fly, he was a bit useless like that). Roo and Aly were the best of friends and went everywhere together growing up. He was a scruffy looking Tawny owl, and Aly doted on him. He was getting rather rotund of late, as she would -not- be told about feeding him treats.

Aly spent the summers in Wingburrow at Nan and Grandads, running through the woods, collecting bugs, climbing trees and generally making trouble. However, later on when Aly was 9, Kethin became sick, and Penelope had made the decision to move their little family unit back to Wingburrow permanently, to help Edwina with the running of the house, the business and to take care of Grandad. He had passed a year later, and the family were still dealing with the blow. The house seemed … less bright somehow. There were no clinking sounds and dreadful tuneless hummings whenever he made a cup of tea. There were no sudden shouts of mild profanity whenever he had clumsily spilt a potion. No outburts of “THAT RUDDY CAT” whenever the household moggie, Indigo, had tripped him up.

It was Edwina that took it the hardest. Once a house-proud and bull of a woman, she was now weary, and a little lost. Having Aly around certainly cheered things up a lot. There was never a quiet moment when she was awake, but in the evenings, and at night. It was lonely, and everyone could see the change.


A year later, and Aly was 11 years old. She skipped along in between Edwina and Penelope, holding a hand each in hers, almost vibrating with excitement. “COME ON!” she wailed. A sharp tug on her right arm, Aly looked up to see a severe look on her mothers face. “Sorry” she almost trilled. She knew that Nan couldnt walk that fast, but she was just so -impatient!- She needed to get her wand so she could FINALLY go to Hogwarts.

“Then I will be trouble” she thought to herself, grinning as the bell above the door in the wand shop tinkled.

If you are applying to be a first, second, or third year, your biography must be at least one hundred words long.
If you are applying to be a fourth year or above, your biography must be at least three hundred words long.


Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Ravenclaw!

Personality: Alysiana is a rather head strong young girl. Very particular and a little eccentric like her mother. She likes pink, and blue at a pinch. While she would like to be neat, she often fails, and is rather clumsy. She can come off a little bossy, and a little like a know it all, but doesn't speak confidently unless she is very sure of what she is saying. Inquisitive and explorative. She loves animals and would like to work with them in later life.

Appearance: Long, deeply red slightly scruffy hair. Never as neat as she would like it. Average height, blue eyes, and slightly knobbly knees.


It would have been alright if they had just left her alone. That was all she wanted. But no, they had to push it. Why did people always push? ”Come and swim, its fun! Swim, swim....”. They were imbeciles. It was too cold to swim and she didnt have her suit with her. Nope. They didn't want her to swim after all it seemed, they just wanted to tease her. Boys were horrid.

So, here she was, lying in the middle of a flowerbed, dripping wet and quite sure that when she stood up, her back would be caked in moist earth. Eurgh. She wouldn't think about that now. “In through the nose” she murmered to herself as she took a deep breath in through flared nostrils. “And out through the mouth” she exhaled forcefully, lips pursed.

Beads of water ran tauntingly down the sides of her face from her hairline, eyelashes covered in lake water dew drops. There were some tears mingled in with the murky water, not that she would ever admit it.

They had thrown her in of course with taunts of “You like magical creatures! Go play with the squid!”. It wasn't then of course, it was when she had drawn her wand, brand new, 10 ¾ inches, yew, with a phoenix feather core, and threatened to jinx them. Not that she knew any really good jinx's yet. She would soon, and then they would be sorry!

She sniffed loudly and wrinkled her nose.

Covering her eyes with her hands, trying to quell the sting of angry tears, she heard a voice somewhere over her head ”You blasted rat! Where are you?”. Oh great. They were back.

Sitting up abruptly, wand out once more, she readied herself to hurl whatever spells could come to mind, when....”Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

“Oh” she breathed out, her voice coming out in more a tone of petulant huffiness than surprise. “I thought you were someone else coming to dump me in the bins or whatever else you foul gits can come up with” she scowled at the boy.

“Lost a rat?” she asked, albeit somewhat redundantly.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Penelope Wynovain, Elidir, Jenay, Isabelle Oliveroot, Evander Ellux.....you know the list :P

How did you find us?: Google....like....8 years ago!

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