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Hi Hermes!

Thank you for making the requested changes to your application.

On our site, the Ministry is actually a played institution. We have a forum in Elsewhere and we have several players who fill positions. Just as Speaker of Wizengamot was not open, neither is Junior Undersecretary. You are more than welcome to say Hermes works at the Ministry in a certain department, but please don't say he fills a specific position, because it might already be taken or not open.

Once you are accepted, you can go to the Ministry's forum and apply for the specific position you want (as long as it's available - Junior Undersecretary is not). If you have any questions, please send me a PM, and I'll be happy to help.

For now, please adjust Hermes occupation. Either back to Wizengamot member or something like 'Ministry Employee in the Department of xxxx'. Once you do that, we can accept your application.


- Pryce

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