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E L S E W H E R E   A D U L T

Character Name: Günter Muehlhausen
Gender: male
Age: 23 years old
Blood Status: Pureblood

Eisenstab Hexengymnasium academy '39

Düsseldorf, Germany (temporarily at hogwarts)

Hexenreich member

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My nazi brethren (and hogwarts)

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  • Charms: 8
  • Divination: 6
  • Transfiguration: 6
  • Summoning: 12
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i don't think so, at this moment in time

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Biography: (300 words minimum.)

Günter was a follower since the moment he was born, trailing after his older siblings like a lost pup. Born into a family of extremists, he grew up in a household full of radical beliefs.

The division between him and his family began when he was 17, shortly after his graduation from Eisenstab Hexengymnasium. The Muehlhausen's were a steady flow of carpenters and housewives, but as Nazi influence increased, so did his interests. Günter's parents didn't necessarily disapprove of his path  yet his fear that they'd hate his choice drove him away from his home. He hasn't seen them since.

But he has a new home now. He's found solace in the ranks of Hexenreich with his kind of people.

It always seemed like he was built to be a lady-killer, they were drawn to him like moths to the flames of his passionate stare. Günter was tall, muscular, handsome and very aware of all three facts. He doesn't take himself seriously in the slightest, but everything else is like a battlefield. He is stern, brutal and vicious; not the type of man anybody would want to encounter in the dark of an alley. Raised under a strict regime, he's never been fond of troublemakers. Despite his gruffness, Günter truly is a charismatic man. He loves a good party and any excuse to see pretty ladies.

Between his heavily laced brows and his thick German accent, he can be decent... to allies. The darker side of his persona only reveals itself to those opposed to his beliefs and misbehaving children. He would never dare insult a colleague.

It could be suggested that he's so stern because of his life's lack of love. Yes, he had the adoration of his family and the stares of many love-struck girls, but he's never truly been in love. Part of him is averted to it, repelling it. While another part screams out for the full attention of a pretty young thing.

His cockiness often ruins good things and he truly is the human embodiment of a grunt.[/i]
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Option Two -
The snow had been falling steadily all morning and it didn't look like it was going to stop any time soon. Joshua Campbell scrunched his face up in a frown as he lifted his gaze to look to the sky. Snow. It really was quite a bother.

And it certainly didn't make it better that Diagon Alley seemed to be getting more and more crowded. Joshua sighed and pointed his wand at the large box that was currently placed on the doorstep of his shop. He had to get going. He had an order to deliver.

"Wingardium Leviosa!" The elderly man muttered and watched the box hover in the air for a moment. Honestly, did St. Mungo's really need that much tinsel? And with glitter of all things? He sighed again. If it hadn't been for the rather convincing stamp on the order, he would have been likely to believe it had been a prank by one of those orphaned rascals living up there. 

Oh well, there was no point in waiting. Joshua deftly stirred the box down the doorstep and out onto the street, carefully levitating it above the heads of the crowd.

"Coming through! Coming through!" His voice sounded over the chatter of the crowd. "Keep out! Move ahead! Go on!" This was going way too slow. People were in the way and walking like they had all day! He huffed. Luckily the road was down hill.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!" Joshua let out a loud shout as his feet suddenly slipped in the snow and sent him, the box, and several long strands of tinsel tumbling into the person who had been walking in front of him.

"For Merlin's sake!" Joshua muttered angrily as he hurried to his feet again, red and gold tinsel now decorating his black coat. "I am so sorry! This blasted snow!" He looked apologetic at the person he had crashed into.

Roleplay Response:
Feet pounding on the stone, he grunted gutturally. Flakes of snow dropped onto his face, melting against his toasty skin. Snow had never much bothered him. Growing up surrounded by the cold made it much more welcoming. Snow reminded Günter enough of home to be comforting,

People were everywhere, swarming and racing. Families bickering and children crying. Chaos was such a familiar friend and in his position was never too far away. It was a bit loud though.

"Coming through! Coming th--- arrrgh!"

A man crashed into him, a floating box with him.

"Stiefmütterchen," Günter huffed, glaring down at the little man.  He knew, somehow, that the weasly man-boy had thrown tinsel at him on purpose.

"For Merlin's sake! I am so sorry! This blasted snow!"

"Narr," he grumbled, "beenden heulenden."

These Englishmen were such spineless fools, incapable of even the tiniest semblance of power. They were so reliant on their spells, that they couldn't even muster up the strength to carry a measly box. A lazy bunch, the lot of them.

He noisily cleared his throat. "Just calm down little man," he spoke in broken English, "stop yer warbling and get off the floor. Ye look like a woman, crying on floor."

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