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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Jasper Kedding

Birthday: January 6th, 1929

Hometown: Carlisle, England, United Kingdom


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Second (preferred) or Third (alternative)

Son of General Shepard Tiberius and Sonja Kedding, Jasper (or Zeke, as he prefers to be called) was born into life as the sixth child and fourth son, along with his sister, Yvette, who he has been very close to despite their opposite personalities. From birth, Jasper was, much to his comfort and happiness, surrounded by the noise of his parents and his other siblings, up to the extent where it has contributed to his loud personality.

Out of all his siblings besides Yvette, he is closest to his older brother, Vincenzo. To the younger boy, Vincenzo was the cool older brother who seemed detached and impassive, seemingly unconcerned with trying to grab the spotlight and impress his parents, cementing his status as an idol and role model for Jasper. From thereon, Jasper would act as Vincenzo’s Number One Henchman, gladly participating in the older boy’s plots and schemes.

In sharp contrast of his adoration towards Vincenzo, Zeke is embarrassed of his parents and is gradually growing more averse to them as he is growing older due to his developing self-consciousness. In his mind, he thinks that his mother coddles him too much and is set out to embarrass him by acting motherly and that his father is too old and strict, along with being ‘uncool’.

Zeke, who is currently being homeschool as of now, is most definitely not looking forward to Hogwarts...

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: No specific house request. Although, Jasper would extremely hate to be sorted into Ravenclaw. It would be interesting and fun to see how he would fit in as he is not a traditional Ravenclaw... hint.

Personality: Rather than trying to improve his character, he prefers to focus on his looks and maintain the ‘cool’ and ‘bad boy’ image that he always strive towards. Quick to follow the latest trends in everything, he hates to stand out and is always willing to blend in with the crowd out of need for acceptance and popularity. One of the biggest obstacles -- in Zeke’s mind -- to his popularity is his family, in particular his parents. In addition to finding his family name somewhat embarrassing, he doesn’t want his parents to interfere in his social life and tries to discourage them from meeting his friends, out of fear of humiliation.

Zeke can easily be described as a “motormouth”, having no brain-to-mouth filter whatsoever. He says what is on his mind, without giving much thought to the feelings, opinions, or people in the the current conversation or situation at hand. Tact is non-existent when dealing with Jasper Kedding.  To accentuate his talkative nature and tactlessness, he’s a large ham, often dramatizing and exaggerating certain events especially when he finds himself in a sticky situation or hoping to get something from someone, exhibiting something of a cunning streak. (His cunning is also apparent when he cooks up a scheme of his or is under the influence of his cool brother, Vincenzo, since he procures things for him as his henchman.)

Given Zeke’s bold and brash nature he, to no one’s surprise, is a prankster. His pranks are one of his primary ways of enjoying himself and are motivated by the curiosity and excitement of seeing others’ reactions and his own need for personal satisfaction. Whether he enjoys seeing others in a bind or just wants to have fun is not clear.

While ignorant about world issues and common facts and not enthusiastic about going to school, a person who is close to Jasper would know that he has a fair dose of intelligence and has a real desire to learn new things. 

His unusual gift in Divination is something that not many people are aware of, due to his fear of being seen as intelligent or worse - being called a ‘brain’.  In order to avoid being considered intelligent, he represses his talent by feigning stupidity and trying hard to fail the subject (the latter of which fails often, as one’s talent Divination is inherent). Another sign of his intelligence is his ability to perceive emotions in those closest to him to a certain degree, sometimes correctly predicting their next reaction. If his ability and talent in Divination is to grow, then Jasper will have a strong understanding in the emotions of others.

His desire to learn things is dependent on what he finds interesting and practical. For example, he considers most standard Hogwarts subjects to be boring and of little use in the real world. He heavily dislikes the classroom method of teaching, considering it to be very restrictive and dull compared to having hands-on experience, which he heavily prefers. Jasper is under the impression that the idea of a professor teaching students is hypocritical, as he considers most professors are ignorant and short-sighted when it comes to areas outside of their subject (or even in their own subject).

Activities with many real world applications (such as carpentry and learning how to use a rifle) and ones that have him move about (Quidditch or running) are of interest to him. He is both eager and willing to learn and develop his skills in those areas.

Appearance: Jasper is of an average height and build for his age with sandy-colored hair that is on the darker side and dark brown eyes.

“Oh, come now!"

Astrid Bixby’s voice carried down the corridor, the tall blonde girl not far behind. Her interviewee – or victim, depending on perspective – turned a corner and she frowned. They were always soelusive when she needed them. Sure, they would talk as if there was no tomorrow during class, but once she actually needed them to say something, they were nowhere to be found. Gryffindors.

Flustered, Astrid stopped in the middle of the corridor and stared, her parchment hanging limply from her hand. She was a good reporter, really, and she always did her best to make sure that everything she wrote was accurate. She glanced down to the quill, eyeing it with disdain. It wasn’t her fault if her quill misquoted. How was she supposed to know? It made for interesting articles, at least, and if she had misquoted the Head Boy last term as saying he had a love for stuffed animals, then that gave him personality. Astrid sighed.

A pout formed on her lips as she turned away, discouraged. The corridor was mercifully empty, though the doors to The Spellbound – the school newspaper – were ominously closed. Corbridge was a mercifully sweet editor, but Astrid was terrified of disappointing her all the same. She hadto come back with quotes.
Her eyes, blue, trailed her surroundings before choosing a new path, and she turned down a new corridor. A figure was ahead, and her eyes lit up, an impossibly rosy smile blossoming across her lips.

“Hey!” Astrid called, her voice light and singsong. She trotted to catch the person, her shoes clicking on the stone floor. “Wait up! It’s for the paper!” Her legs aided her admittedly poor running, and Astrid gasped as she came closer. “What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

This whole place was stupid. Its students were ugly and lame (except for his brother, who was as cool as a cucumber), the professors were weird, and the castle was just a dump. Couldn't they have at least hired contemporary interior designers?

(He could feel grossly exaggerated bile rise in his throat at all of the thoughts of grotesqueness.)

"Think of Vin, think of myself, think of myself!" he exclaimed without the slightest sign of restraint, pumping a fist in the air. He always believed that he and Vin were telephone-atic, their thoughts and needs in synchronization. Whenever he was in trouble, he could rely on Big Brother to help him.


"Ahh! Have you been rolling with the pigs? Look at yo--"

“Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

The paper? His brown eyes twinkled like a magpy's.

"Ohhh! It's about time that someone was interested in me, you know?" bragged Zeke shamelessly, foolishly thinking that the girl was interested and listening keenly.

They were probably writing an article about Hogwarts' most popular and he was going to be the first to be featured heavily. He could not wait to--

“What do you think about serving frog legs at lunch? Some say it’s a delicacy, but others think it’s plain gross.”

He flinched.

"I think it's gross! Like your face!"


Previous Characters (if applicable): Ursula Nonpareil and company

How did you find us?: You were just around the riverbend!

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