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Cleo E. Fawcett:
Hey, loves!

I was just wondering if the tab Shops & Shopkeepers under Rosters could be updated? Someone else was asking about an owner in the Discord chat, and I couldn't find it.

Thanks <33

Calypso Ross:
Hi, Cleo!

Thanks for your suggestion. Just so you know, we update the shops and shopkeepers roster every time a new shop application is approved, so it's always up to date.

The reason The Hag's Head has no owner and isn't included in the shops and shopkeepers roster is because this is an original IC location on the boards, not a player-run shop. It's specifically designed to give people the freedom to write within the forum without conflicting with the more rigid canon players implement for their own personal shops. The shops and shopkeepers roster is designed to keep track of player-run shops only. Hope this makes sense!

Cleo E. Fawcett:
Whoops, I only saw this now!

Yes, that makes perfect sense, and I'm sorry for not checking if it was player-run or not. Thanks for the reply, Yas!


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