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Robert Carter:

I posted Robert Matthew Carter's app in all caps - that was unintentional. Could I get the title change to proper caps, please? And there's a link that I have in there that was supposed to post an image for my own reference (in Gdoc), but it's scrolling the application unnecessarily on the site. I don't mind it remaining in there as a URL - but I haven't claimed the face yet! Could you please remove the link?

I found a small typo in the magic rules under divination:
Sensing the Otherworld
A - You can talk to invisible spirits (if you know theyre there!), but you cannot see them, or hear what they say back

Robert Carter:
I found a small typo in the Era Guide: Women:

How does this play out? Times are changing, but not that quickly. There continues to be an emphasis on homemaking magic for many women, though many witches will find they have increasing opportunities to branch out. An inherent gender bias may also be present throughout threads e.g. your boyfriend asks you to med his Quidditch uniform.

Calypso Ross:
Hi, Robert!

Your application's been accepted now, so you don't need to worry about the app title or the FC link!

And thank you for letting us know about those typos, I've edited them now.


Robert Carter:
Thank you, Caly! I hope none of my helpfulness is coming across nit-picky or anything. ><; I love the organization of the site!

I've found another small one, the height/width measurements look like they've been switched in FAQ: Avatars:

These instructions are for Microsoft Paint, as it is the most basic of image-editing software. (Many players use more advanced software, such as Photoshop.)

1. Find an image that you would like to use.
2. Open Microsoft Paint.
3. Right click on your image, press copy.
4. Move to the Paint window, click Edit --> Paste.
5. Use the Sketch/Skew attribute to shrink your image.
6. Go to Attributes; enter 200px for the height and 300px for the width.
7. File --> Save. Be sure to save the image as a .jpg or a .png -- not a .bmp.

Calypso Ross:
Fixed, thank you!!


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