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HSNet Guest:
I have one major question before I register as it affects the name I use, since Students open up in April (From what I read) should I wait? Or can I have an Elsewhere character and a student? If I can have do I go about choosing a username?


Calypso Ross:
Hi, J!

You can apply as an Elsewhere character as soon as you join, and then submit a student application for the character when student applications open on 1 April. Alternatively, you can also have both a student character and an Elsewhere one — there’s no limit on Elsewhere characters, though we suggest you only apply for as many as you can handle.

When choosing a username, you should choose the full name (most use first and surname; some use first, middle, and surname) of one character you wish to apply for. You can create more characters as subaccounts once you join.

Hope this helps!

HSNet Guest:
Thanks! One last thing. When attempting to Register it's asking for a 'secret phrase' but I haven't been able to find one (I know it's probably something glaringly obvious I'm missing.) - J

Calypso Ross:
I think you might have figured it out already(?), but if not, you'll need to read through our Registration Agreement to find the secret phrase.


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