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Name: Thomas Sincade

House Request:

Year: 6th (first choice) or 5th (second choice)

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one):Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Divination

Thomas learned at a very early age that information was an important thing to have when it came to his mother's family. The Carlisles, are an old pure-blood family, with money and influence. There is very little scandal in the family, and they work rather hard to keep it that way. Either paying off those they need to, or silencing others, the Carlisle name is clean when it comes to those looking at their family history. Their reputation is everything, and his mother had used that to her advantage to be accepted back into the family after her failed marriage to a muggle-born wizard.

It had been a whirlwind romance, which a young Melissa Carlisle had begun out of rebellion and had turned into love. Love became marriage, and soon after Thomas was born, with most of his features resembling his father's, but having the green eyes of his mother. The marriage did not last, because of the Carlisle's. They had done all they could to sabotage the relationship, and in the end Kenneth Sincade left his wife and child. Melissa, looking towards the future of her then five year old son, had done what she could to keep herself in the family. If not to have the name, then to have the money needed to support her child. It took a little social blackmail, but in the end her son had not grown up in poverty.

Not overly liked in the Carlisle household, he still made it to reunions and family events. Seen as the black sheep, he really did not share that much in common with the family except he knew he had to be cautious around them. His cousins at first used him as a guinea pig for practical jokes. He learned quickly where to go to avoid them. Once he got too big to hide, he found other ways of keeping them away. When he was eleven, he got information to keep his cousin's away from him. Threatening to expose rather embarrassing information, if they did not "act nice" to him. His oldest cousin at sixteen, did not stop bullying him until he dislocated his cousin’s shoulder, and also gave him a broken nose, when Thomas was only 14. The Carlisle's now simply tolerate Thomas, and he is fine with this.

Truth be told, he rather not be associated with the Carlisle’s. It is not his name, and they are not his family. Although they have influence, Thomas wishes to make his own imprint on the world, and he would rather it be his accomplishment.

Personality:Thomas is an introvert, in the sense that he likes solitude. He does his thinking better in an enclosed environment, and he generally avoids crowds whenever he wants to relax. He is not shy though, he will speak his mind when it comes down to it, and he will defend himself if someone attacks him (physically or verbally). If Thomas likes you, he will not tell you. If he dislikes you, then he will definitely make it known at least once verbally. He does not seem all that studious, usually sitting in the middle of the classrooms, and his gaze drifting off distracted from his textbook during lectures. Still he is smart, and gets surprisingly good marks. He acts polite even to people he does not like, and will smile even if someone is yelling at him angrily. Prides himself at being able to open almost any lock, along with being able to get information and use information to get what he needs, or accomplish a goal. He does not like rudeness, and he has a habit of biting the inside of his mouth whenever he's thinking. He can be seen as apathetic at times, along with manipulative, having started fights on purpose at times for his own reasons.

Appearance:Black hair and green eyes, he wears a pair of black glasses for reading, along with looking at things at a certain distance. He is 178 cm tall (5'10"), and his fashion sense usually falls in line with dressy casual. Although he acts rather laid back, he thinks his appearance is rather important when it comes to impressions. He does not like to wear anything too flashy, unless there is a reason why he wants to be noticed.

Option I:

Blimey, the Great Hall was packed. It seemed like everywhere a guy looked there was some clown waving around a House banner or yelling about the game.

'Can you believe it?' 'No way!' 'This must be the biggest upset in Hogwarts Quidditch history...'

Stupid Quidditch.

James flopped into an empty seat at the end of the table, shoved an empty plate out of the way, and let his head sink onto his crossed arms, squishing his freckled nose down flat against the tabletop. He wasn't sure why he'd even bothered to come here, since he definitely wasn't hungry. He'd probably never eat again, in fact. He didn'tdeserve to eat. He hadn't stopped in the locker room to change out of his muddy, sweaty uniform after the game either, because he was pretty sure he probably didn't deserve to be clean too; and anyway he couldn't stand to see the looks on his team mates' faces after he blew their chance at winning one of the biggest games they had ever played.

Just one lousy shot. That's all it would have taken. If he could have just got that one stupid foul shot to go through that one stupid hoop, they could have won and he wouldn't have been the biggest blockhead in the entire school.

As if to prove the point, half the people at the next table suddenly broke into a loud victory chant. James pressed his face further into his arms to hide the bright red blotches he could feel creeping up his cheeks. That was it. He was just going to have to run away and move to Nova Scotia. He'd just cost the three-year-in-a-row Champions the Quidditch Cup! How do you ever live that one down for crying out loud? He was only a second year and he was going to spend the rest of his life as 'that dumb cry-baby kid who dropped the Quaffle!'

It felt like every set of eyes in the room was boring into him, and James couldn't stand it anymore. He jerked himself back up from the table and stomped right back out of the Hall the same way he had come in. As he stormed into the quieter hallway outside, he could hear footsteps somewhere behind him. James rounded on the sound and began to shout, his brown eyes shining with tears. "WHAT! Haven't you ever seen a loser before? Why don't you just take a picture!"

Sample Roleplay Response:
When it came to being yelled at angrily in the hallways, it was nothing new to Thomas. Usually the person yelling at him was behind him though, and he had done something to deserve being yelled at.  His usual reactions to such occasions were to give a smile, an infuriating quip, and get ready to either run or fight, all in that order. This was different though, considering he could not think of a reason why he was being yelled at. He had only gone to the great hall, planning to get something to eat but decided against it once he saw the crowd along with hearing a few victory cheers. House spirit was all well and good, but it a boisterous crowd was not something he wanted to deal with today. This was why he had been heading back to the common room, which for some reason had led him to this moment of being yelled at by someone he did not know. Still, after the initial shock, Thomas felt himself going with the usual procedure of how to deal with this situation.

"Well a good day to you too," Thomas gave a tip of head, a smirk on his face replacing his surprise from earlier. On anyone else’s face, there would have been confusion and perhaps fear at suddenly being yelled at by a stranger in the hallway. Thomas though, simply was amused. Tilting his head, he gave the second year a grin as he rocked back on his heels. His book held lightly in his hand as he began to study the rather upset looking boy. With the celebration in the Great Hall, the dirty Quidditch uniform, and the tell-tale sign of tears ready to fall in James’s face, it was enough for anyone to put two and two together.  The kid had been on the losing team, and felt at fault for the defeat that had been handed to them.

Thomas could understand that feeling. There had been times where he had been angry at himself for making a mistake, or for allowing himself to be made a fool. It was no excuse though, at least not to Thomas. He was not going to feel pity for this kid. Neither was he going to allow James to be angry at him, unless Thomas had actually done something to deserve James’s ire. Pushing up his glasses back onto the ridge of his nose he gave a wave of his hand, "Now... If you’re done feeling sorry for yourself, I believe an apology is in order.  It is rather rude to yell at a stranger, when all they did was just walk down the same hallways as you."

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Would like to change magical weakness to Summon and Conjuring

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Mr. Sincade,

Congratulations, your application to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been accepted.

Term begins 01 January. Currently, students have gathered at the Summer Campus. Your admission is joint for both the school and the summer campus, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies. We look forward to seeing you at the Castle.


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