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Application for Hogwarts School

Name: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine

Birthday: November 8th, 1928

Hometown: Dresden, Germany

Bloodline: Pureblood

Magical Strength (pick one): Charms

Magical Weakness (pick one): Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): 4th Year / 3rd Year

↬Remember what they're singing
On their way to the sea
"Goodbye fare thee well, goodbye for me"↫

The trunk was worn and travel stained, its threadbare curves and corners revealing the sturdy oak base which had allowed it to survive all the blows thrown at it by boat, carriage and car across half of Europe. It bore battle scars gouged into the wood, and wore a handful of scratched initials like badges of honor. It was one of those quaint pieces of furniture that needed no charms to tell of the many stories locked tight beneath its lid and locks.
It crossed the English Channel with Amaranth Oliveroot, in what became the early 1920’s. The Oliveroots, a proud and deeply planted pureblood family in England, were not pleased with the intrepid’s wandering. Amaranth arrived on the coast of France with not only the smell of the sea clinging to her coat-tails, but the rumor of a distasteful engagement left as far, and quickly, behind as humanely possible.
Her family bemoaned, loudly, her refusal to acquire a male protector in her travels to Paris, where she planned to stay with distant relatives. Her family bemoaned even louder when the news of her arrival was followed shortly with the announcement of her engagement to one Darius Leontine. But as investigation disclosed Leontine to be well established, well liked, and most importantly – of good (if French) pureblood family – within the Paris wizarding community, and Amaranth herself seemed happy enough, the two were eventually wed with minimal outrage and all the flair that society could bring.
Carrying her trousseau, the trunk and the newlyweds embarked on a honeymoon tour eastward across Europe.

 ↬Because all I have left is the voice of the wind
Blowing through the doors of our house↫

Felix was born 1928 in Dresden, Germany, where the happy honeymooners had settled as Amaranth entered the final months of her confinement. Staying at first with a close friend and business associate of Darius’, the Oliveroot-Leontines soon purchased a comfortable home of their own in the city Amaranth had fallen in love with.
Ah, but on the subject of love, that infamous bite of the proverbial apple – “l'amour fait les plus grandes douceurs et les plus sensibles infortunes de la vie.”
By 1934, the Oliveroot-Leontines had quietly withdrawn from society. The once handsome, welcoming couple declined, politely but firmly, invitations and callers. Society matrons and gossip vultures tutted that they had seen the boy child, running wild as he pleased. He wasn’t particularly troublesome, but it was something of a scandal to let a child of such family run around unattended. The hushed tones deepened as observers noted, with critical eye, Mr. Darius Leontine hadn’t been seen in his establishment for some time…
In 1937, Amaranth, her son, and the lightened trunk made their way back across the English channel.

↬I've come here to express myself 'cause I'm tired of these chains
I'm tired of the strains, walking 'cross the plains take me in your arms↫

Their arrival back in England was little remarked upon, for a betroubled wizarding society on the island had long forgotten this small root of the prestigious Oliveroots; Amaranth was far from a prodigal daughter. The family enfolded her back into the flock, nonetheless, presumptively to scrub away any tarnish, left on her like the spray of sea salt from her travels.
Felix found his introduction to his mother’s homeland, and family… less than palatable. The war that had been an undercurrent when he was a child had now erupted into a storm that was looking ever more like a squall, with himself stranded in foreign waters. When his mother’s second engagement was announced, and it was proposed to ship the boy off to Hogwarts, he tried to make a break for it back to Dresden. Unfortunately, to his frustration, Felix found the borders by 1938 had been closed; it brought a closer scrutiny on the Oliveroot-Leontines that caused society to eye them slightly askance, even despite their pureblood status. And it was this last little stunt that sealed Felix’s fate to join the roster at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

↬Lord, I'm only human
I'm tired and I wanna go home
Let me ride on the devil's back,
But save my soul↫

Now Felix finds himself walking a precarious line, clever enough to be aware that the question of his family’s loyalty is a question hovering just beneath the surface, as treacherous as any iceberg. And the most able, and obvious, weapon at his hands isn’t any weapon at all – but a shield, or in this case – a badge. When you  start throwing things from a sinking ship, sometimes you might just lose something important among the flotsam and jetsam…

House Request: - ///

Personality: A bright and astute boy, if somewhat… insolent. This latter is exacerbated by hostile bravado, Felix’s default response to finding himself cut off from his old life, and unsure about the new one. There’s also his carefully hidden homesickness; kept close to his chest, for obvious reasons, its weight only seems to get heavier than lighter.
However, Felix is not innately malicious. In his interactions with muggleborns, there’s an awkwardness to the eggshells he walks on. It certainly might not win him any friends, but it doesn’t often provoke enemies either. Perhaps it might disappear altogether if he were finally to drop his guard. Far from having a chip on his shoulder, Felix would like nothing better to feel at ease, and throw himself into exploring his new school. In a way, it reminds him of Dresden – not quite, but almost home. As close as he can get.
It’s hard to say if Felix is just used to sinking beneath the parental radar often enough to do as he pleases, or if he was cursed with a daredevil of a guardian angel. But he’s one of those children which have the knack of charming trouble, and eyeing rules slantwise. Despite Felix’s current best behavior, it’s an attribute that he’s trying to wrestle with as best as he can.

Appearance: Pale skinned, dark haired, and dark eyed, Felix's features are evidence of what society likes to call "good breeding"; fine, symmetrical, aristocratic and the product of wizard eugenics. If not conventionally handsome, it's nonetheless an attractive face. It can be an expressive face as well, the sort that warms when it smiles, and look cool at rest, but very rarely neutral.
His eyes are what usually people pick out as his most attractive feature: a brown that's warm even when the rest of his face isn't, lively beautifully shaped. His hair, whether short or worn longer (where it tends to acquire a natural curl and wave), almost invariably looks slightly messy and mused.
As most his age, Felix's frame is at the thin and lanky, slightly awkward stage. He does, however, manage to carry it with a certain grace - tinged, just a hint, with that teenage bravado called swagger. Despite the long boned delicacy of his frame, the teen is unexpectedly durable, as Felix seems to get into more knocks and tumbles than most. He can carry bumps, bruises, and scars just as easily. In fact, he can tell the story of most on prompt inquire: one along the arch of his right foot, where he sliced it open on a seashell - one above his elbow, involving an unlucky dare involving two broomsticks - and so on and so forth.

Option 2:

“Hey! Wait up! It’s for the paper!”

Felix didn’t just slow, he stopped. In a split second, his shoulders stiffened, the turn of his head deliberate and sharp as he looked over his shoulder. He had stopped without even really processing exactly what he was stopping for. It was some miracle that he hadn’t tripped over himself… though maybe that would have given him an excuse to escape. The sing song tone sent a warning shiver down his spine. It made him think of those witches or wizards you would pass in the shops, begging for just a minute of your time. And your wallet.

His eyes met Astrid’s, or rather, met her smile. And… despite everything that said this stranger’s smile was way too large and she was way too happy to see him, it pulled a quirked smile from his own lips. It was a nice feeling, since Felix didn’t really know many people at all in the castle. He was pretty sure, though, that making friends wasn’t what she had in mind.

Turning on his heel, shifting his weight to one leg, Felix surveyed the tall blonde as she belted her question at him. In the time she took to catch her breath, he cast a subtle glance over her, the roam of his eyes quick and almost nervous. As if he were looking for something.

“Delicacy is all in the eye of the beholder, hmm?” He replied, seeming to relax a notch. Raising his brows, his smile crooking a fraction wider, he continued, “If you close your eyes, it all ends up in the same place~”

He leaned in closer to the girl, hands in his pockets, his voice lowering. His eyes, and his grin, widened further. “Though, you really don’t want to know what’s in the pudding…”


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