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Merlin's Order of Defense

Character Name: Kellen Robert Douglass
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hufflepuff, Class of 1936
    Advance Guard Training 1932-1934
    Quidditch Captain 1933-1936
    Dueling Ref 1935-1936


33rd Infantry Division, 81st Brigade: After having death follow him for most of his life, Kellen isn't one to wait around for others to die while he does nothing. He wants to fight, to protect those who can't, to be proactive about stopping the war, instead of just hoping it will come to an end.

Sergeant: Starting during his time at Hogwarts, Kellen has been involved in many team activities, trainings, and in leadership positions. For two years, he trained with the Advance Guard, a school program instituted in order to train the students how to better defend themselves against attacks, and ultimately train them to be Aurors. They trained physically, mentally, and magically, to make sure that the students were at their best and could counter whatever surprises may come upon them. He also was involved in dueling, working alongside the referee to help moderate and ref the duels himself. Perhaps his best display of leadership was shown during his three years as Quidditch captain, for the Hufflepuff team. During that time, he helped lead the team to win the school Quidditch Cup, all three years. Since his departure from school, Kellen still runs and stays in shape, when he has the time. And he has used his leadership and skills of independence to start and run a successful store in Hogsmeade.


Requested Magical Levels:
  • Charms: 6
  • Divination: 4
  • Transfiguration: 8
  • Summoning: 8

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Type your response here. Tegan Owensby, Francis Turin, Damien Andrada, Rowan Stann, Nicole Ouellet.

Biography: (300 words minimum.)
Death seemed to follow Kellen Douglass. Physical and metaphorical.

When he was a child, his brother left. Bryce followed the call of his mother’s family, who wanted him to become their next heir. Kellen was left behind with his parents. Shortly after, his father left home as well, leaving the small boy with only his mother. With no hope of ever seeing those two again, they were all but dead, in his mind. He had no choice but to grow up very quickly, accept the fact, and try his best to keep his mother from falling apart.

Magic had been dead to him once as well. His mother was a squib, his father a muggle, and Kellen didn’t even know of their magical heritage until the Crow family came to take his brother. Kellen blamed the magical community for taking his brother, and subsequently, for his father’s departure as well (due to the fact that his mother kept that all from him). He wanted nothing to do with magic or that part of the family, even though he soon began to show signs of his own abilities. Eventually he agreed to his mother’s request for him to go to Hogwarts and actually strengthen those skills.

Even in the magical community though, death followed.

During his third year at school, Kellen discovered that his once-dead brother was alive and well, and attending the same school. He went by a different name, Orion, but he couldn’t fool Kellen. The young Hufflepuff remembered his brother’s face well. Things weren’t as happy between the two boys as they used to be, but at least he was there again. For a little while.

The school year had not even ended before Death brought his gift once more to Kellen’s life, this time taking away his newly-found brother. This time, Bryce wouldn’t be showing up somewhere in his future. His brother was dead, the true death, and there was no way for Kellen to escape from that.

He put his energy into school, and into training with the Advance Guard, so that the next time Death came by, he would have to put up a fight. Unfortunately, that time was just one year later, and Kellen was ill-prepared for the people Death had chosen to do his job. The attack on the Advance Guard, and the castle, was too strong. The attackers were powerful, in ways Kellen had never seen. One spell, which he later learned was an Unforgiveable, had been too much for his body to handle. When he woke up, he was in the hospital wing, the students and professors were picking up the pieces from the battle, and once again, Death had taken some for his own.

Kellen was defeated, unsure of how he could escape from the grasps of something so powerful. He spent his next years, not trying to defeat the inevitable, but to be able to accept it, and handle whatever it brought. While physical Death seemed to be taking a break, emotional Death still ran strong. Right before graduation, he lost the only girl he had truly loved. He tried to escape, running off to Australia to forget about the pain and to find distraction, but nothing could cure that wound.

Eventually, he returned to home soil, and tried to make more of his life. Things were going well for a while, and then Death decided he was overdue for another visit. Kellen had been in the area when it happened, ushered into a shop and forced into lockdown as the Ministry tried to figure out how someone could sneak in with muggle weapons and end the lives of two young adults. It didn’t take long for the names of the dead to spread around, and Kellen was once again faced with the deaths of people he knew. Closely. Ellerie St. Auxpris had been a friend to him. A co-captain. She gave him advice, even taught him how to drive. And now she was gone as well.

As war loomed on the horizon, and the call for volunteers came through the area, Kellen made his decision. He wasn’t going to stand by and wait for Death. Or train so that he was prepared if Death came again. No, Kellen would bring the fight to Death himself. He would join up in the fight to protect those he loved and cared for, so that Death would know he was no longer welcome in their community, in their lives.

Kellen was going to follow Death, and show him that Kellen Douglass was not going to be defeated. 


Option 2: Kellen crouched down in the trench, back to the wall, facing his squad. Behind him, the sounds of growing battle crept over the embankment, flooding into their protected space. He could see the looks in all of their eyes. Fear, anticipation, uncertainty. But he also saw the determination, courage, and motivation which he had watched develop during their time in training. This was their defining moment, to prove their worth and accomplish their goals. A lot of emotions ran through a man right before battle, but the ones they chose to embrace, that was what determined the measure of the man.

“This is it, men! No more training, no enemy dummies, this is the real deal. Some of you are scared, and that’s okay. Hell, I’d be worried if you weren’t. Fear, when embraced correctly, makes you stronger, more focused. Just remember the training, and you’ll be fine. Protect your brothers in arm, and listen for my orders. The enemy is strong, but we’re stronger. They’ll soon see that we are not a force to be reckoned with.”

He didn’t know how he came about all of this courage, once a shy boy who could barely breath without assistance. But Kellen wasn’t scared, because for once, he was in control of what was going on. No surprise attacks, no hidden enemy. It was all laid out before them. Intelligence had guaranteed just a moment before that the approach route should be clear until the came to the front line. They would go out, overtake the enemy-controlled building, and take it for their own. One more step in moving their control of the territory forward. 

“Today, men, we earn those badges we wear, and we send Germany running back to their little homes!” Hand held up, waiting, Kellen listened for the signal, the triple sound that would tell them to make their move.


There it was. “Okay, move out!” Weapon in hand, he rose from the trench, eyes open for the enemy, as he lead his men forward. It would not be an easy task, but he was determined to succeed. He was ready for the fight.

Elsewhere Accepted / Kellen Douglass-Shop Permit
« on: 01/01/2013 at 21:46 »
You must have applied as an Elsewhere character before completing this permit.

Shop name: Kellen's Komics
Shop Type: A comic book store
Location: Hogsmeade

Short Description (50 words max): The right place for all of your comic book needs!
Long Description (200 words min): Stemming from an inexplicable fondness for comic books, Kellen Douglass started the business after returning to Britain, needing something to occupy his time. He figured that if he loved them so much, surely there would be other people out there who shared that love, and would be interested in a place where comics were easily accessible. Kellen's Komics includes local comics, as well as imported ones from America and Asia. Comics are separated into two main categories, muggle and magical. From there, they are then sorted by style and storyline. Prices are clearly displayed on all books, as well as a sign stating that comics could be exchanged or sold to the store.

The design is very simple, bold colors which line the walls, and shelves to display comics. Each comic comes with it's own plastic sleeve for safe-keeping. In the front of the store, there is a display case for the most popular (and most expensive) comics. The right side of the store has a small room, visible by large glass panels. This is Kellen's workroom, where he working on creating his own magical comics. Private drawing lessons can be given by appointment only.

Store hours are Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm, with extended hours during Hogsmeade Weekends, for the students.

What purpose will this shop serve other than selling things and being the home of your character? Why would people want to RP there just for fun? Historically, 1938 begins the "Golden Age of Comics" for the comic industry. Starting with the introduction of Superman, the comic industry goes through a major boost, due largely to the connection of good defeating evil, when people are dealing with WWII in real life. Students would definitely be interested in comics, and I could see this as a place for Hogwarts students to gather on the Hogsmeade weekends, as well a place for adults to purchase what will be a popular gift for their children/relatives. As comics become more popular, I do plan on hosting events there as well, comic book parties and events of similar nature.

Archived Applications / Francis Turin
« on: 14/12/2011 at 14:21 »

Character name: Francis Turin

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Frannnnnnny. And Kellen, and all those others. :P

Character age: Iiiiiii'm fifty!!

Character education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Ravenclaw, Class of 1940

Strength and weaknesses (details please):
If you were to ask Francis, he would tell you that he has no weaknesses. That weaknesses are for fools who don't know how to control their own lives and can't keep a firm grasp on who they are. Francis isn't weak. He's accomplished too much in his life to be 'weak.' He's a linguist. At the age of 50, the French man can translate texts from seven different ancient languages, converse in more than fifteen modern languages, and mimic an accent with astonishing precision. Not that he could accredit it all to himself, because Francis could do none of this without the magic they have unlocked.

Speaking of the magic, that's his other greatest strength. With the research SM has accomplished, Francis has been able to access magical strength beyond what the Ministry would allow for regular witches and wizards. Silent spells and wandless magic are as easy as waving a hand. And with the ancient spells they've unlocked, his magic is unparalled (with the exception of his colleagues), simple due to the fact that he knows spells which haven't been seen for hundreds, even thousands of years. Yes, magic is definitely his strength.

Maybe the only thing he might admit to being a weakness is his fondness for perfection. Francis will not persue a task without having meticulously planned out every detail, so as to guarantee it's success. Because of this however, his goals and plans with SM have not come to fruition as quickly as some members would have liked, because Francis wanted to make sure everything was perfect before he would submit his research and projects to his colleagues.

While Francis' lists of weaknesses are very small, you might get a different response if you spoke with one of his colleagues. Surely, Spencer Malthus might tell you that Francis is too sensitive, and cares too much for people. He forms attachments to those he mentors, and would consider them almost like family. For this reason, Francis gives them more grace when mistakes are made, and tends to has, in the past, overlooked complications, creating problems for their group. In short, his fondness for relationships tends to blind his perception of what is best for the group. Also, his attachments tend to drive him to drink more if one of those connections is severed.

Physical description:
Standing at 171 inches and 65kg, Francis is does not portray strength or intimidation from his frame. His hands are not calloused from manual labor, and his face is clean shaven at all times. In attire, Francis is always sharply dressed, with polished shoes prefectly pressed clothes. Growing into his age with acceptance, Francis has let his hair grey, with some of the natural brown still found on occasion. His jackets will at times, smell faintly of cigar, although Francis is usually careful to get rid of any smells after indulging in tobacco. He is a scholar, and maintains the appearance of one at all times.

Personality (nice, rude, funny etc. Paragraph please.)
At first glance, Francis is probably one of the more likeable figures in SM. Well, probably even at second glance. And third. Instead of quickly dismissing a person, he wants to see their potential, and will take tim to have conversation with anyone who is willing. That's not to say that he necessarily makes friends easily, because Francis is careful as to who he lets into his group of 'friends'. But in the interest of research and learning, he will take the opportunity to engage in discussion with those who appear to have some sort of intelligence. Unfortunately for those who prove themselves unworthy in Francis' opinion, he has nothing to do with them after an initial meeting. Because Francis believes that there is too much going on in his life to have to bother with people who obviously have no potential for growth and learning.

Francis is a thinker, and he likes to encourage those around him to do the same, to see what their lives could be outside of the boundaries that they've known. He knows how to push people to be different, and will do whatever necessary if he thinks it will force a person to see the truth. He might come off a bit as pushy, but Francis doesn't see it that way. If a person can't deal with his way of doing things, then they aren't worth his time.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?:
(This is better explained through Francis' point of view.) Hogwarts is failing their students. At least, in my very self-educated opinion. For years, they have been 'teaching' the children, yet enslaving them to a life of never reaching their full potential, always trapped behind their wands. They say that Hogwarts is a great place for wizarding education, one of the best. But I have personally learned more about magic since I graduated than I ever did within those castle walls. Sure, they teach spells, and history, and morals and all of that. But they never teach the students how to learn for themselves, how to seek out the real truth.

The truth that the Ministry has been holding everyone back, keeping us from accessing the magic we were born to develop. There are all these rules and guidelines about what we can and can't do with our magic. These rules are first imposed on the children as they start their education. So all of their lives, they are never even aware that there is more for them, something better.

Well, that is about to change. Now that we are taking control of our own futures, finally grasping onto our destiny, it's time for the children to prepare to do so as well. I understand that it won't be an easy task, but I'm willing to take the time to help them learn, to wean them off of the wand and onto the cup of life that is unrestricted magic.

And I still don't fully trust the staff of Hogwarts to fully see that it happens, which is why I think it's important to place myself within the walls of the castle once more, to better assess how well our goals are being achieved concerning the education of the children.

Why do I want to teach at Hogwarts? Because the teachers and the students are both in desperate need of education. And there are only a few people in our community who can do that. I'll give you a hint, Marilla Selwyn isn't one of them.

Biography (500 words minimum. There is never such a thing as too much.):

The Ouellet's were a strong family. Among the wizarding world in France, they were at the top portion of the social ladder. Pureblood, rich, socialites, it was practically impossible to be a French witch or wizard and not have heard of the Ouellet family. They were a proud family as well, and made sure that others knew of their accomplishments and their social standing. They stived for recognition, wealth, and accomplishment.

Every generation followed the same pattern, and Armand's parents were no different. Since the moment they were born, him and his twin brother Jean Claude were given the best caretakers, and the best tutors that money could buy, once they were old enough to begin learning. Their early years were spent gaining their education from the confines of their home, until the boys reached the proper age to attend wizarding school.

As proud as the Ouellet's were to be French however, they would never fathom sending their children to Beauxbaton's. The school focused too much on the arts, and not enough on education and success, in their opinions. No, their boys needed to have the best chance for their success once they graduated. Of course, the Ouellet name was enough to guarantee their success, but the boys needed to learn to keep their success, and for that, they needed education. Without much discussion (because it had been decided long before the twins were born), they both started at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1933.

Being sorted into the Ravenclaw house was no surprise for either of the boys, and Armand quickly fell into the role of being 'studious'. He wasn't involved in any extracurriculars, and spent all of his time learning as much as possible. The boy couldn't get enough. He always felt like there was more to learn, and that he wasn't getting enough out of his education. During their school years, Armand chose to stay in his dorm and study while his brother made friends, and got a girlfriend, when they were older. But none of that concerned Armand. Because anyone that he met never wanted to focus on the advancement of their magic to the extent that he did. So they were useless as friends, and quickly pushed aside.

Until he met Patrick. Here was a boy who shared his ambitions, his dreams, and knew the importance of them as well. If anyone would be considered a friend to him, it was Patrick. Together, they studied, they pushed boundaries, and found others like them who wanted the same thing as well: more magic, more abilities. Because they all felt like they were being limited, and knew that there was something better for them.

Graduation and came and went, Armand too involved in his studies and research with his group of 'friends' to even realize that everyone was changing around him. His brother fell in love, got married. Armand studied more, dove into research, remained secluded in his study at home. He would only travel around when research demanded it, and to touch base with this colleagues, updating them on what he was discovering. Because they still hadn't reached that breakthough yet, and Armand couldn't take a break until they did.

And then, one day, it all became clear to them. And Armand's group of colleagues knew what had to happen in order for them to fulfill their goals. It was only then that he began to take in things around him. Because he knew that soon, he wouldn’t have them at all. His brother had a child, a daughter named Nicole. And while Armand loved his niece, she was a reminder to him that he would never have a child. Or get married. There were other goals for him, another destiny, that would only begin to take place once he was gone.

In the spring of 1949, Armand Ouellet was no more.

Summer, 1972

Francis Turin poured over the books in front of him, matching lists and writing down notes beside names. It was almost too good to be true, that their hard work was finally bringing about their goals. Not that the work was over; there was still a long way to go. But the years of research, the experiments, the successes. This was greater than all of that. Because they could possess all the power in the world, but it would mean nothing if they had no control.

All of that was about to change though.

There would be no more needs for attacks, for chaos, for causing confusion. When you were at the top and in control, you could do whatever you wanted. And there would be no Ministry officials to get in their way, because they could just sack the ones that didn’t agree with them. With their new political power, SM wouldn’t have to worry about doing things ‘underground’ anymore. And they could finally bring about the changes that they had been striving for this whole time.

Twenty-three years ago, Francis would have never imagined it would take this long to arrive at this mark of their work, but he was glad that it as finally there. And Francis didn’t have to hide out anymore. He could see his brother, his family. All these years, he sort of missed them. Francis stared at the name on the sheet, taking the address quickly to memory. He’d have to pay Jean Claude a visit soon. The Ouellets already had connections with the Order, but Francis hadn’t been permitted to reveal that he was part of the leadership, because things had to be kept secret. Now though, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Francis closed the book in front of him and summoned a glass of wine. Soon he would have everything. Power, magic, and his family back. The only thing missing was her, but he couldn’t afford to think about that right now. There were other things on the horizon and SM needed his full focus.

Very soon.

(Please respond to to this in third person past tense. Do not write the other characters' reactions. Only your own.)

The Headmaster of Hogwarts was typically a firm, but reasonable man in most regards. His years as an educator had taught him no small amount of tolerance and patience in dealing with the turbulent teenage years of the most hot-headed, rebellious witch or wizard to grace the castle halls. He was quite scholarly and knowledgeable, albeit a bit eccentric on surface appearances, and his laid back manner usually had an effect on even the most savage beast- err student. In fact, for all intents and purposes, he was the voice of reason in a sea of calamity.
Except in one very particular regard.

Today was the day he was scheduled to hold conference with the new professor who had just been hired. Normally, such trivial things like appointments didn't hold much sway over his daily activities as he marched to his own drummer - sometimes literally when the house elves were feeling musically inclined. However, nothing delighted him more than to engage in conversation with a fellow educator, espousing the virtues of their shared profession along with the rewards of learning in general. And in preparation for a most delightful chat, the tea tray had been polished to glistening radiance while a separate pot of his own beloved kaffe was set off to the side.

To top things off, as no detail was left unattended thanks to his ever faithful caretakers, all sorts of tasty treats had been arranged to curb the hunger of even the most finicky of faculty members. The centerpiece to all of this was a bowl of scrumptious, salty licorice treats to which the Norseman had been looking forward all throughout the morning.

Alas, as luck would have it, just before the start of the meeting Einar had been called away from the office due to reports of excessive owl droppings being sighted in the corridors. It had been a dreadful mess to square away, causing his return to be delayed. Yet upon his arrival, he stepped into the room with a smile to offer his greetings and apologies when suddenly it caught his notice that things were entirely amiss upon his desk. Someone had started the festivities without him!

His glance straying back and forth between the empty bowl and his new employee, a dark scowl is visible on his features as he asks, "First, it was McStingy and now this! What in the name of Odin happened to my lakrits?"

By the expression on his features, it is quite clear who he suspects to be the culprit of this dastardly crime. After all, who doesn't like salty licorice?

So how exactly does one handle an irate Headmaster?

Roleplaying Response:

He had tried the lakrits. They were sitting there, so why not? Francis had also helped himself to some of the Headmaster’s kaffe, because tea did not appeal at Francis at the moment. The kaffe was wonderful. The lakrits, not so much. Without thinking of it, Francis had promptly tossed them out the window. They were not a suitable snack and he didn’t have to accept them being there. Francis did not regret his actions at all.

When he saw the angry Headmaster though, Francis knew that he needed to at least explain himself. The last thing he needed to deal with was a rebellious Headmaster at the school. That just wouldn’t do at all.

“Now, now, dear Headmaster, let’s not get too upset.” Francis strolled around, taking it upon himself to sit in the chair behind the Headmaster’s desk. It was much more comfortable than the other ones in the room. “I disposed of them. Dreadfully unhealthy, those things are. Don’t you know that all of that salt is bad for your cholesterol? I’m not just invested in the health and well-being of the students, you know. Your health is also my concern. Don’t you worry though, I’ll make sure some suitable treats replace those salty things you called lakrits.”

Francis stood again, straightening his suit jacket and approaching the Headmaster with an outstretched hand. “Francis Turin, sir. I’ll be attending to the Hospital Wing this term, and helping to assure that all of you are in the best of health. Shall we sit? I’m sure there’s many things to discuss.”

(HW plans are in the works and will be landing in a PM box sooooon!)

In addition to posting a completed application in this forum, we also ask that you submit a PM to Professor Tibble with details of your class and with the lesson plans for that class (include at least a minimum of 4 lessons). Also, please be sure to check the Available Positions thread located in this forum to make sure the class you want is available before applying.

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