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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Althea Vega Smallweed

Birthday: 10th February 1934

Hometown: Hackney, London


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two): Fourth (preferred) or Third


There was once a little girl who was a queen. Well, she wasn't really-

There had always been countless things Althea didn't know  - like the exact number of stars in the sky, the seventh digit of the pi number, Jane Austen's birthday or what happened to Mozart - a baby sparrow she found in the streets when she was six that one day mysteriously disappeared from the cage she had built for it ('it's in a better place now, in a heaven for birds' - they had said - six year old Althea had not been able to find that forsaken bird's heaven in any map).

But there was one thing she was completely, absolutely, undoubtedly sure of - she would never settle for a mediocre life. She was destined for greatness.

Outstanding. She had to be outstanding, great, remembered - it would be a waste, to live without achieving perfection and leaving a legacy behind. And there was nothing she was not willing to do to achieve that goal.

August, 1939

"Alfie." She tugged her brother's sleeve, delicate fingers wrapped around the cloth as if they were claws. "Alfie!" The tone of her voice increased, clearly demanding as once again she tugged his sleeve.

"I want a tiara." A frown, she could not achieve greatness without one, couldn't she? "Now."

A dichotomy, reality versus dreams, a never-ending war inside her head - that was what she was.

July, 1940

It was late - undoubtedly pass her bedtime, but Althea took rules very lightly. "Alfie." A soft murmur as she crawled on her brother's bed. "I just had a dream," She began as she nudged him on the side. "About the stars..."

"It felt so real I could almost touch them."

Althea had always been the living proof that to dream, you didn't need to be asleep.

She chose to ignore all the ugly things in her life she didn't like, creating a whole world just for her - she liked to imagine she lived in a palace, with pristine marble staircases, impossibly tall roofs, fancy bedrooms and gold embedded everywhere. There were so many things she would like to change about her life... others though, she would not change them for anything, like her siblings.

And she spent so much time dreaming that it was sometimes difficult for her to tell wether something was real or a figment of her imagination.

- but she didn't want to stop dreaming.

She couldn't.

There was once a little girl who was a queen. Well, she wasn't really, but she believed it, and so she was.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin

Personality: One all Althea's more characteristic traits is without any doubt, her dreaminess - she's always dreaming not matter wether she's comfortably asleep on her bed or walking in the middle of the streets, as if she's wearing a pair of glasses that change her perception of the world - a different perspective, a different reality she prefers over the true one. At the same time, her ambition knows no limits, she knows what she wants and how she wants it, she dreams big - about greatness.

Overly dramatic, or at least that's what she's been told, she always exaggerates things, even some of the most meaningless events of her daily life  - another way of transforming and manipulating the reality as if it was a piece of clay she can shape over and over again. On the inside, perceptive and sly, an avid manipulator that will try to do everything it takes to archive the impossible goal she has set for herself.

Appearance: She has a slim complexion, walks lightly and smiles freely. Her eyes are brown, although if you ask her she'll describe them as of an 'exquisite, deep chocolate brown' and her hair mahogany with 'subtles hints of a reddish shade under the sun, if you look closely'. The bridge of her nose is covered in freckles she carries with pride, like little stars scattered all over the sky.


While Althea was a fervent supporter of daylight a being outdoors, she claimed there was something comforting in what probably was one of the darkest areas of the castle, the dungeons. One would expect the wannabe princess to prefer the highest towers that offered a panoramic view of the castle's grounds and that resembled more her dreamt palace than that place.

Still, there was something pleasant about them.

Maybe it was the quietness that seemed to have taken over the place at that hour, she glanced at her watch - truthfully, she was not sure how had she ended there, probably the result of one of her mindless strolls.


Quietness that was soon interrupted. A frown adorned her features as soon as the words awoke her from her daydream, inquisitive brown eyes scanned her surroundings until they fell on a Gryffindor girl, she stopped walking - her hands cocked on her hipbones, right hip jutting outward.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

"I think it's pretty obvious," She began, eyes examining the girl with a bored expression before she continued. ", that we're alone here." She stated, firmly, confidently - until her eyes fell on her pair of old shoes, on a stain of dry mud she had forgot to clean that same morning more precisely.

Eventually, she looked up again - not sure anymore wether they were as alone as she had claimed only a few moments ago.

"... I think."


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous): Travis Watson, Artemis Watson, Bianca Carstairs

How did you find us?: Google

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