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Archived Applications / Mia Green | Magical Games & Sports
« on: 31/07/2022 at 23:14 »

Character name: Mia Green

Previous and/or Current Character(s) if applicable: Adam Hoying, Aphrodite Foxe, Joseph McCormick

Character age: 29

Character education: Hogwarts - Gryffindor, class of 1955

Strength and weaknesses (details please): Mia has endured much and emerged stronger on the other side. She’s always been good with kids; she enjoyed mentoring younger students in her Hogwarts days and talking to young fans as a professional Quidditch player. She knows when to challenge them and when to be kind, and for someone who lived such a different life than most of them will, she can relate to many of them, especially the determined underdogs and those who have been through a lot.

However, she hasn’t regularly interacted with kids in a long time - or anyone but her friends and boyfriend for a couple years. After removing herself from the public eye for a while, switching career paths will take some adjustment. She expects hard work and discipline - visible effort, at the very least. Her physical weaknesses are obvious.

Physical description: Mia is still pretty young, but her age shows. She has shoulder-length brown hair and tired blue eyes, but her smile still shines. After a brutal Quidditch injury in 1964, she walks with a cane and moves a little slower than a regular walking pace. Her legs are always covered, even in warmer weather.

Personality (nice, rude, funny etc. Paragraph please.): Mia is kind at heart and always has been. She may seem more intimidating than she really is, as she was a famous Quidditch player and doesn’t hesitate to challenge those under her tutelage, but she will look out for people and dial it back if need be. She’s not as naturally outgoing as she was in school, but she’s had time to rest from the exhausting demands of the press and fans and has retained those professional Quidditch social skills. It’s harder to get close to her now, as those years got her used to keeping people at arm’s length, but she’s friendly and receptive, especially with time. Put in effort and gain trust, and you’ll gain a friend for life.

Hopes and dreams. Why are you teaching at Hogwarts?: After laying low and rekindling her connections for the two years following her injury, Mia is looking for a new path in life. What better career path for a former pro athlete than a coach? She may no longer be as able-bodied, but she has plenty of knowledge and creative ideas to make up for it. Returning to the school she loved so much is the perfect opportunity to do what she loves and misses: make new friends her own age and be a helpful, positive force for the next generation.

Biography (500 words minimum. There is never such a thing as too much.):

Mia Green’s life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. From an early age, she was more of a caretaker than she had any right to be. With a war-worn father with a missing arm and a mother enduring a prolonged case of dragonpox and a downward spiral mentally, Mia learned to handle life as well as she could on her own. It was only when she came to Hogwarts that she realized she didn’t have to.

She wasn’t a Ravenclaw like her mother, but the Sorting Hat knows best, and there could be no better place for her than Gryffindor. The house of the lions gave her kinship, the sport she quickly came to love, and a home. Despite her mischievous instincts for pranks and troublemaking, she took to the many aspects of Hogwarts life and became a well-known figure. She met and adventured with a whole host of friends, the closest of which are those who have stayed by her side to this very day - Marina Lamont, Aiden Duncan, and Calvin Sharppe.

It was Rina who introduced her to flying and saw her sign up for Quidditch during her second year. Mia spent her first few years as a Chaser until Zak Weiland trained her to be their next Keeper when he graduated. After a seventh year as Gryffindor Quidditch Captain and co-Head Girl with Rina, she chose that role to audition for in the professional world.

It was Aiden who was there for her through the best and worst. From races through the fields to mental breakdowns, he was always there to catch her when she fell. When her mother died the summer before fifth year, she ran to him and he held her. Maybe that was the beginning of something new, or maybe it was the million other little pieces that made up a dynamic no one else could replicate, but she found herself falling in love. They started dating during her sixth year and haven’t stopped since. A twelve-year relationship is no easy feat, but he’s the one. That’s one of the few things she’s completely sure of.

It was Cal who lightened things up and stood by her side when she needed a friend. From pranks to punishments to Prefects, he’s been a steadfast supporter and rescuer when she needed it most. It’s the people she met and the lessons she learned that defined Mia’s Hogwarts experience and who she became at the ripe old age of seventeen.

In nine seasons of professional Quidditch, she almost lost it all.

She chose the Montrose Magpies, and for a good few years, it was an excellent decision. She pushed herself to rise in the ranks and demonstrated some of the league’s top Keeper talent. The talented team achieved victory after victory, no small part thanks to Mia, but there were unfortunate side effects to doing what she loved. She was in it for the passion, not the fame, but that was all people seemed to see. She loved greeting fans, but too many were overwhelming, and the social events she might’ve loved when she was younger scratched at her last nerve.

Still, she pushed herself, even as she aged and could feel the team’s opinion of her slipping. Extreme injuries, even through injuries, forced her closer to a dying career and further from the people she loved. It all culminated when she faced a devastating, career-ending injury in the final game of her ninth season, just hours after her ten-year anniversary date with Aiden. It took a forced stop sign to get her to slow down, and she hated herself for it.

The past two years have seen her try to rebuild herself and her relationships. It’s been no easy task after nine years of distancing herself from the people she loves and the person she used to be, but she’s trying to get to know herself again. A return to the place in her fondest memories might be the perfect next step.

(Please respond to to this in third person past tense. Do not write the other characters' reactions. Only your own.)

It was the largest office in Hogwarts and, perhaps to students and newcomers, the most intimidating. The shelves were filled with various odds and ends, with a place of honor for the Sorting Hat, and the walls held all the portraits of past Headmasters and Headmistresses.

In the middle of the room sat a large desk. Everything was in order, for the current occupant had always despised a messy desk. It was the sign of a messy mind, and she had always favored neatness.

A clock sat on the desk, which currently showed the time to be 2:05. The meeting was supposed to begin at 2:00 precisely.

Along with order, Anneka valued punctuality. She was a very busy woman these days. Even during the summer, she had a number of matters to attend to. Interviewing and hiring staff was only of those matters. The newest potential member of her staff wasn't making a good impression.

She paced the room, black heels clicking against the stone floor. When the door finally opened, Anneka turned, her expression reminiscent of a Russian winter. "You are late."

Explain yourself was what her face said.

Roleplay Response:

She’d nearly forgotten the risks and pitfalls of daily travel at Hogwarts. The staircases moved at the exact wrong moment, some portrait had far too many questions about her long silver wand, and she was lucky said “wand” hit a trick stair before she did. Perhaps it wasn’t that she forgot; it was just different now. It would take time to adjust to an old-but-new scene, but she would adapt and improve eventually. She’d gotten better at learning how, and this was nothing more than a new challenge.

If she got the job, that is.

Honestly, it was entirely possible she wouldn’t. Mia had given herself plenty of time to spare, but it seemed it wasn’t enough. One look at the headmistress’s face was enough to know she lost track of too much time. Mia frowned and made her way inside, cane tapping against the stone ahead.

“I am,” she acknowledged with a nod. And this was where she could explain. She could apologize, nod to her cane, use the premade excuse. Mia knew by now it would give her a free pass. She might get some guilt out of it…but it wasn’t worth it. She wouldn’t use it as an excuse to not own up to her mistakes. She couldn’t let anyone give her a free pass if she had any hope of challenging these students and earning their respect in return.

Mia leaned on her cane only as much as it took to stand tall. “I apologize. I will aim to avoid it in the future.” She gazed right back at that steely cold expression, her face the picture of calm confidence. “Where would you like to begin?”

In addition to posting a completed application in this forum, we also ask that you submit a PM to Anneka Ivanova with details of your class and with the lesson plans for that class (include at least a minimum of 4 lessons). Also, please be sure to check the Available Positions thread located in this forum to make sure the class you want is available before applying.

Archived Applications / Student Application- Mia Green
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Application for Hogwarts School


Mia Green
April 22,1937
Godric's Hollow
Muggleborn / Halfblood / Pureblood / Unknown

Magical Strength (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning
Magical Weakness (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning
Year (pick two): 1, 2 (preferred 1)

If you are applying to be a first, second, or third year, your biography must be at least one hundred words long.
If you are applying to be a fourth year or above, your biography must be at least three hundred words long.

[img width

Mia Green was born to Melissa and George Green on April 22nd, 1937 while George and Melissa were on holiday in Orlando, Florida. She grew up and lives in the wizarding village Godric's Hollow. Mia is a halfblood, her mother is a witch and her father is a Muggle. Her father knows of magic, of course, but he is still bewildered by it. Mia was afraid she would be like her father and she would not have magic. To her great relief, though, on her sixth birthday she fell off her house after sneaking up to watch her father work on the roof, but she wasn't injured and landed quite softly on the grass. Mia is an only child. Her family does a lot of traveling and she's been to Paris, Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and New York City, among other places. When Mia was eight her beloved grandmother on her mother's side, who inspired her and told her wonderful stories of her days at Hogwarts, passed away due to cancer. It's best not to mention this to her as this ensures her being in a bad mood for a few days after. When the Muggle war started George Green was drafted to fight, he is still fighting and Mia and her mother live in fear of horrible news everyday. Mia is excited to go to Hogwarts for a change of scenery and to get relief from it all.
Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request:
Mia is a very bright girl and her current dream is to be a Ravenclaw like her mother. She adores Quidditch and wants to be a Chaser. Mia is kind to all and adventurous, she is always up for a good prank unless it involves snakes, which she has a deathly fear of. Yes, even small snakes, garter snakes, and not poisonous snakes. All snakes.
On a good day Mia always has a smile on her face, is always talking about how the world is so wonderful and people are good inside, and goes out of her way to help everyone and say a kind word to everybody she comes across. She raises her hand to answer questions in class often, perhaps a bit more than is necessary.  On a bad day Mia is quiet and shy and doesn't say much of anything. She never answers anything in class. It is very unlikely to see her cry. Her favorite weather is rain, she adores running and playing in it.
Mia has long, smooth light brown hair with cute black square glasses that look great on her. She has a couple of light, almost unnoticeable freckles on either side of her nose. Her hair is often tangled and curly. She has blue eyes.
Please reply to one of the Sample Roleplays below.

Mia walked alone on the grounds. She was feeling quite down, and the grounds and gardens were one of her favorite places to go when she felt that way. Mia had just gotten an owl from her mother, saying there had been a big battle in the Muggle war and that Mia's father might've been in it and neither of them had heard from him in several days. Mia was alone with her worry as she walked the grounds, or so she thought.

Suddenly, she heard loud sounds coming from the flower beds a ways away.
"You blasted rat! Where are you?" An impatient voice yelled. Mia, curious, headed over to the gardens to see what was up. As she got closer, she heard a huge sneeze and finally found out who was making all of the ruckus.
It was Hugh, a burly fifth year who Mia barely knew. He caught sight of her as he wiped his nose along his robes and told her haughtily, "Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."
"Sorry." she said cautiously. "Is something wrong?"
Just then, she felt something on her feet. Wait. It felt like... paws?
Mia looked down and snatched up the culprit. A little gray rat. She patted it for a moment and looked at Hugh.
"Oh! This must be your rat. Here you go." She handed it to him. "Good luck keeping track of him."
Mia left him standing there holding the rat, who was squirming around looking quite eager to escape.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):
This is my first character. So, Mia Green!
How did you find us?:
Browsing Harry Potter roleplays.

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