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Calypso Ross:
Retirement ProcessA How-To Guide
A retired character is a character that has been played previously on this site but the creator has no intention of playing them any longer. They may be referenced in posts and included as general characters in larger plots, but the player has no intention of utilising their account again -- and thus, it can be deleted.

Please note that retirement of a character is irreversible. If there is any chance that you may wish to use the character again in future, do not retire them. You will not be able to recreate a character that you have retired.

The character must meet the following requirements to be eligible for retirement:

* They must have been played (i.e. have an accepted application) for at least one term (i.e. at least four months) on the boards;
* They must have a complete wiki page;
* They must be one that you will not play again.
Step-By-Step Walkthrough
1. Create a wiki page for the character if they do not already have one OR update the existing wiki page for the character using the Retired Character Template. Wiki pages must have content in the main body of the page (e.g. a biography) for the character to be eligible for retirement.

If you're unsure about how to create a wiki page, see this how-to guide for more information. Please note that you will need a wiki account before you can create a wiki page. This is not the same as your site account. To get a wiki account, please open a helpdesk ticket under the 'Wiki' category, and include a valid email address and the character name you wish to use as your account name (most people use their main account's character name for this). An admin will create your account, and you'll then be able to log in and create pages.

2. Make sure that the character to be retired is set as a subaccount if it is linked to other accounts. To set a different account as the parent account, go to 'Profile' --> 'Modify Profile' --> 'Manage Subaccounts'. If you need more assistance with this, please contact a staff member.

3. Submit a helpdesk ticket under the 'Retired Character' category. In your ticket, you must include a link to the character's profile and a link to the updated wiki page.

4. Sit back and relax! A staff member will take care of the rest.


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