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A Quick Note on Internet Safety.


Theodore Beauchamp:
a note about internet safety... is a friendly, all inclusive and close-knit community, but like elsewhere on the internet, there is a degree of anonymity which is the right of our members.

This extends to:

Personal Details:

It is your choice (and it is by no means recommended by site staff) as to whether you disclose your first names on the site. It is unwise to reveal full names to anyone on the site - no matter how much you feel you can trust them.

Your age and location is your information. If you don't want to tell people how young you are - don't. It's as simple as that. It is not wise to share addresses with strangers - this is why Secret Santa is organised by Site Staff only.

Emails, personal tumblrs, websites facebook urls, etc. must not ever be shared in the Main Chatroom. If you chose to share these details, please do so over PC or PM only. Please be aware that site staff are not responsible for the consequences of any off-site communication, but we expect all members of the site (including staff) to keep all communication age-appropriate.

Lying about any personal information will not be tolerated. Lying about age or gender raises red-flags. It's as simple as that.

If you're confident enough in someone to meet them offline:

• Only do so in a public location.
• Take a friend!
• If the above isn't possible, tell a few other people where you are, who you will be with, how long you expect to be, and where else you expect to visit. Make sure you have a working phone number of the person or people you've arranged to meet (and test it, first).
• Keep your phone/cell charged and on at all times.
• Make sure that you have taken enough money to be able to get home.

Remember, it's your choice what you share and what you don't share. If you are uncomfortable, please let a member of the admin team know asap.


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