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Darby Dobbins:
the dobbins family
want you home in one pece now

Meet the Hobbitses - sorry, I mean Dobbinses.

The Dobbins family has run a farm in the Rumbling Valley for generations, and the bountiful children are no exception to that when at home. They are a family of modest means, a mixture of blood types and heritages, and are generally known to be hard workers (many Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors on the family tree) and experts in their craft, which includes growing rare plants that are only found in Rumbling Valley. Also because of the rarity of things and with ever growing financial constraints, Perry Dobbins, the current head of the farm, and his brother Bernard have resorted to some less than official business deals. These are kept as quiet as can be. The children are certainly aware.

As of now, Perry and his wife Tina's flock of children are playables from the family. Almost all names, FC's, houses, personalities are open at this point as the supplied information is suggestion only! I am very flexible.

Message Scotty Flickinger on site or Brax#1782 on Discord with inquiries!

Martha Dobbins
 16/17 | haley lu richardson| hufflepuff

Not the first born child, but the first to survive past age 1, Martha was brought into a home filled with caution and care, and her blooms followed those supports as the attentive, responsible, risk averse oldest child. She loves to share and to teach. Closest to Rudy - not the best of friends, necessarily, but understand when to give each other space. Interested in nursing or education.
Rudolph Dobbins
 15/16 | luke volker | gryffindor/slytherin

Rudy came in the world hot and never let up, a menace to his tame older sister before settling in as second in command once the others came along. He understands that work comes before fun, and so he knows how to be efficient in his duties - because Rudy does love fun, a pretty standard teenage boy and jock to boot. Fierce protector of his siblings, though not typically warm with them excluding a soft spot for Malcolm. Understood to be the farm's primary heir.
Cosette Dobbins
 11 | abigail breslin | hufflepuff

Cozy has never managed to make much noise in the family pandemonium, a good example of put your nose down and work. She harbors insecurity in relation to her taller, slimmer, more charismatic siblings, and still loves them with all of her heart. Tries to tag along with Darby even though she's no good at dancing, but probably closest to Malcom. Shows kleptomaniac tendencies and is never suspected. Biiig collector.

Malcolm Dobbins
 9/10 | asa butterfield | alone at home

Malcolm relishes the youngest child title and is always looking for ways towards leniency when it comes to farm duties. Equally parts lazy and driven, he shows an immense fondness for animals. Prefers his brother to his sisters but usually ended up stuck with Cozy and Darby. Likes the attention of getting dressed up, made up, etc. Allergic to almost everything.


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