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Fiorella Caruso:

the caruso family
la famiglia e tutto
(family is everything)
Based out of Verona, Italy. Parents are Marcello and Anita. Frequent trips to see them are cannon. Failure is not allowed, nor is disobedience, according to Marcello. The children are very close to one another, and hold their parents at arms length.

CarusoD.O.B. (29) | Michele Morrone | Slytherin | Hit Wizard | Open Aless is the eldest child, and he feels the weight of that title. He knows what's expected of him and lives up to that reputation. He has begun the courtship of trying to find a wife.
CarusoD.O.B. (26) | Luca Marinelli | Ravenclaw | Lawyer | TAKEN The second eldest boy is far more carefree than his brother. He's very much the sibling that tries to not take anything too seriously, despite the situation calling for it. Though he knows courting needs to start happening, Raff is dragging his feet.
CarusoD.O.B. (23) | Lorenzo Zurzolo | Ravenclaw | Auror-in-Training | Twin | OpenFrankie is Fia's twin and it shows outwardly. Though he is incredibly close to Nica, so much it caused sinister rumors. He excels at his job and enjoys it very much. He's not interested in courting, but what their father wants he gets.
CarusoD.O.B. (23) | Benedetta Porcaroli | Ravenclaw | Junior Healer | TAKENFia strives to be the best she can be when it suits her. Though she has a good heart, some things can be misunderstood on her behalf. The sudden announcement of her engagement has left her torn and lost.
CarusoD.O.B. (21) | Matilda DeAngelis | Hufflepuff | Junior Healer | TAKENNica is the baby girl through and through, the typical pureblood princess. She has expensive taste, and that shows. But she also has a closet full of skeletons.

rules for adoptions
Please send me either a site pm or a pm on discord if you're interested! I am very open to switch some things up for the most part. I encourage creativity and I'm here to have some fun!
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