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Nadine Kinsinger

    (10/08/2017 at 14:01)
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Resident lurker here. Not to be that guy, but I want to address some concerns about the present state (or lack thereof) of the Hexenreich. Specifically, this response:

There’s a few problems I have with this, the first and foremost being using phrases such as “all known members were recently tried in the Wizengamot and sent to Azkaban” insinuates that all of our characters are now in Azkaban. That’s a really major choice, and power playing. If that’s what happened, I feel like the remaining active Hex members would prefer to be “on the run”. Saying “most members were sent to Azkaban while the others fled and are in hiding” is much more reasonable and doesn’t pigeonhole us.

This brings me to my second point— did these trials even happen? As a Hexenreich, I can’t find any evidence of being informed OOC we were going to trial or being sent to Azkaban. It’s a pretty surprising thing to come back to. I’m sure some people would have liked to thread the trials and such, but it’s pretty demeaning seeing the outcome without our consent. (Nikolaus and Nadine are definitely not in Azkaban, and I’m sure others might want to retire their characters there if you ask them.)

I guess what I’m asking for open language concerning the Hexenreich, or any group comprised of multiple characters in order to avoid the feeling of power playing. A lot of these characters are insanely important to us, and we don’t want them to be thrown around.  Additionally, much more ooc communication regarding site plot, especially when hex hasn’t been updated in over a year, would be fantastic. Even just a pm or something would be rad.

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* Martin Hawksworth

    (10/08/2017 at 23:06)
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Hey Nadine! So sorry for the confusion here, there was simply a mistake in words applied to the application response. Remember though, for this plot, that it is absolutely safe to say ‘most’ of the Hexenreich members unlucky enough to get captured are now in Azkaban. We had no intention of implying that absolutely all of the awesome characters roleplayed within recent months and years are now locked away in Azkaban, yet the situation isn’t entirely friendly when it comes to the previously known members of the group.

Chances are, during conversations amongst the public, Hexenreich are being classified as imprisoned. Period. Because that is what people tend to do when attempting to grab at normalcy once again. Those that somehow escaped the judgment for a lesser sentence will be distrusted, and of course there are those that stealthily slipped away, out of sight, before the Ministry was able to put all hands on the situation.

Again, apologies! But also, remember that during the application process, we tend to be forced to generalize as much as possible knowing that a member, both new and returning, simply want to set up base and begin learning the ropes or grooming their new character. Some of our responses can become pretty daunting as it is without making sure to remind or present detailed historical information within a reply. Because of this, the occasional ‘oopsies’ happen, but usually a quick conversation with other players or a quick read through our information pages lead a person toward the greater complexities of Hoggies history.

I will do my best to start filling in the government side of the Hexenreich story so that it can serve as information to newcomers as well!

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