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Global Moderators

Other Staff

  • Mentors
  • Professors & Prefects
  • Site Promo Team
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Who Works Where?


Headmistress Anneka Ivanova
Head of Gryffindor Merryl Midthunder
Head of Hufflepuff Florence Olivewood
Head of Ravenclaw Pythagorea Proud
Head of Slytherin David Leighton
Duelling Karina Ivansko
Prefects Merryl Midthunder
Quidditch Benjamin Orellana Sr.
Spellbound Willow Foxglove


Ministry of Magic Atticus Rivera
St. Mungo's Atticus Rivera
Plot-Specific Institutions

Camp Loki

Camp Director Dylan Duckheart

Special Teams

Gringotts Exchange Sylvia Renn
Mentor Program Sylvia Renn
Site Promo Team Dienne Orellana
Site Support Nathaniel Ross
Viola Ross